Bring the Sun

I’m just gonna throw this out there: Sunday nights are the worst. There you are, wide awake because you’ve done nothing all day, just trying to will yourself to sleep at a reasonable hour since tomorrow’s Monday and you’re back to the routine of getting up early. (Okay, so I always wake up early…but isn’t there something so different between having to be up early and just waking up early?)

Anyways, that being said – it’s always a relief when you finally doze off and all of a sudden it’s Monday morning.

And the promise of breakfast. More importantly, Oats. And most importantly of all, mango-cranberry oats. Because you know what? Sometimes you’ve just gotta go there.

The Base:

Topped With:

  • flax-chia icing
  • toasted macadamia nuts & coconut
  • crystallized ginger
  • Naturally Nutty White White Choco Coconut PB
  • and a quick lil compote of mango & cranberries in almond milk and a drizzle of honey

Ohhh, because if the sun’s not shining through my window, at least it can shine in my kitchen. Accompanied by the one and only Green Mountain, of the Rain Forest Nut variety. I felt it went with the tropical vibe, you know? This was also accompanied by an article entitled “Help! My Mom’s a Cougar!” My mom’s not actually a cougar, but who doesn’t read an article with that headline?

I’ve had this insane craving for peach oats lately, but the nectarines & peaches in the store are really bad lately. I had to stop buying the nectarines because every time I’d bite into one, it would be bruised on the inside, even if it looked fine on the outside. Mangoes haven’t been so hot lately, either. Bummer. What’s your favorite fruit? Likewise, I love peaches but only once they’re peeled and cut. I hate biting into the fuzzy skin. And I just got reminded of fuzzy navels at Denny’s. I’d always laugh because I’d think of fuzzy bellybuttons. I think it’s actually called a fizzy navel, but that’s no fun. Sometimes it’s more fun to remember things as they are in your head. Sort of like pepitos vs. pepitas.

I know, I know. Where am I going with this?

If you stayed with me through that, here’s a Pumpkin-Raisin Brekafast Muffin for you, the same as the one that I had for a snack today along with a banana. Oh, bananas, how you steal my heart and I haven’t shown you near enough love lately. You know what else has stolen my heart as of late? These muffins – whether they’re apple-date oat bran, banana-date oat bran, or these whole wheat pumpkin-raisin…I’m sold.

Work was super busy today, since my main boss is out. It was nice. So was my leftover lunch.  Yeah, I knew dinner was going to be so good that I planned to make leftovers. Fancy that! A part of me was pained, however, as that beautiful loaf of 9-grain bread stared at me as I packed a lunch sans bread. I just gave him sad eyes and said I’d make up for it at dinner. (What, you don’t talk to your food? Okay – maybe that was a lie.)

Sometimes I feel weird eating something that hits everything I need. Protein? check. Grains? check. Veggies? check. I always feel like I need pieces-parts. Do you like one meal that takes care of everything, or a meal that comprises of a couple parts to get your protein, fiber, grains, etc? I paired it with just a plum. A honkin’ big plum.And dessert, of course. And a new Kombucha: Katalyst Kombucha ginger power.

This may just be my favorite yet! I think I really prefer the Ginger-flavored Kombuchas. I haven’t tried too many others, granted…but each ginger one I have loved, whereas the others have been good but not ginger great. Actually – I forgot about the cranberry one…That one was really good, too!

You know what else I did today? Cut a mango properly for the first time. Apparently I took the long route previously, by peeling then slicing. After seeing everyone do the nifty “turn the skin inside out so you get funky cube things” I finally tried it. Is it ironic that I was finally motivated to try this after watching Food Network last night, and seeing someone cut themselves using this very method? Luckily, I didn’t cut myself, but I did cut time. Although I feel it’s a bit more wasteful. Do you ever find yourself making things more complicated than they need to be? I’m so guilty.

For le snack de afternoon I continued on Operation: Weed Through Bar Stash and grabbed this Bear Naked granola bar. Chocolatey Cherry, in fact. From my easter basket! Probably not a bar I’d actually pick out for myself to begin with (sorry, mom – the others were a success, though!) just because (and I hate to say this) it’s pretty…full of empty calories, shall we say – and not much protein to speak of. It’s also got a lot of added sugars. Granted, they’re all natural – date paste, honey, maple syrup, etc. But, still – if you read the ingredients, I’m thinking it’s a little overkill.

Sure, it didn’t taste awful. Luckily, there was no chocolate flavor to speak of (yes, I realize it’s best-by date was in February) but it didn’t have much flavor to begin with. It just sort of…was, I guess. That being said, this did nothing for my afternoon appetite, and I was more than ready for dinner an hour later. Which meant I snacked on some almonds I had in my car since I still had two+ more hours until dinner.

Mango made a second appearance in tonight’s dinner, and I went with a Tempeh-Mango Curry salad, paired of course with that bread. Lightly toasted for just enough “crust”. I’d also chopped up some carrots and parsnips this morning, and as I was leaving work phoned home to kindly ask my wonderful mother to pop ’em in the oven for me. By the time I got home they were perfecto!…if by perfecto you mean burnt. Hah – apparently, 45 minutes is a bit too long. My mom felt awful – which made me feel bad! I was able to salvage half – and she only did what I so kindly asked. no biggie! We’ll know better for next time!!

By the time afternoon rolled around – the skies were giving way to a beautiful blue, and sun was shining. It went perfectly with a fresh mango curry salad 😉 And earth day tomorrow! Our campus is going to have tons of cool vendors, apparently! Can’t wait to scope it out. Is anybody doing anything for Earth Day?



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21 responses to “Bring the Sun

  1. I’ve never seen that kombucha before, looks really fancy schmancy. I tried grape for the first time and that is my favorite asof now, soo good. Awesome awesome eats!

  2. loved your comment w. the perspective on mondays 🙂 embrace it!
    your eats never fail to look AMAZING!!! boo about that bar-i hate when bars dont fill me up!

  3. Jen

    First of all, I love your new header! I’ve been trying to fiddle with the layout of my blog lately but with finals and all the jazz around the corner I’ve been doing my best to try and get important things done with (sad face) minimal blog fiddling. I intend to give it a makeover after graduationnnnnn!

    Second, date balls. I will be making them soon. The only thing stopping me is my lack of food processor. I have a blender,it just kind of sucks. But I think I’ll get over it. 🙂

  4. Woohoo for Earth Day! I share my birthday with you Earth, gladly 🙂 But you know other day is also otherwise known as April 20th? National Pot Day. You got it, I share my birthday with pot. Woo! I’m sure proud of THAT little known fact 😉 Well I guess it’s not little known for some people.. anyways, moving on from the subject of pot now…
    Nectarines not so good this time of year 😦 Boo. I hate them from the grocery store usually anyways though. Once you have had a fresh nectarine or peach right off the tree, there is just no going back..
    Your dinner… is gorgeous. Freaking beautiful!
    Have a great Tuesday love!

  5. Love the new header! I’ve been a bad blogger lately 😦 .. My fav fruits are APPLES!! grapes, watermelon, clementines. I’m not a fruity person. I like making sure I eat a balanced meal but it doesnt need to be all one thing like pizza..etc.

  6. Yep, Sundays pretty much blow… Luckily you had mango to make it all better!
    I love mango! Probably my favorite fruit, but bananas are also up on that list.

  7. I’ve found that a lot of Bear Naked products are just full of empty sugars…so frustrating! I want something that tastes good AND fills me up!

  8. I, too, always get up pretty early, but agree it is different when you have to vs. just do. I love getting up early on weekends and having nice quiet mornings, but the same time on a Monday morning can be torture!

    Your oats always look so pretty! I need to add more color to mine.

  9. i totally agree about the peaches and nectarines! i’ve been craving them like crazy but there are no good ones to be found. oh well, maybe soon! i love meals that have everything i need in them, but i also like little parts and pieces. for some reason, no matter how many veggies i get in during the day, i still want a side (or really a BIG bowl) of steamed plain cauliflower and broccoli. go figure.

    have a lovely day!

  10. nice banner..wish I could figure mine out..great dinner….I love apple, bananas, mangos, pineaplle..forget it I love them all


  11. How do you make your oats look so beautiful!!?? I read your oats page…I actually think Kath has some SERIOUS rivalry – yours are stunning!
    I like to have bits in my meals – it’s more fun to eat! A lump of protein, a lump of carb, a lump (or 10) of veggies…that’s where it’s at!

  12. You know, I have never tried Kombuchas. I think this one sounds good though. I am not doing anything for earth day. I don’t know of anything around that is doing anything. Everything looks delicious! Have a great day!

  13. awesome pictures, as usual!

  14. Hey Jessica, the top photo on this post is my favorite oatmeal photo of yours yet-good composition and lines! Hey, do you ever submit your photos to FoodGawker? I hope so-they’re good!
    By the way, i notice that Bear Naked bar isn’t organic. I bet they charged like it was though…I love the way you always show labels (you know that though)…
    Hope you have a witchy good day! Your Witch, Stella

  15. Aaah can’t believe how badly I want that tempeh mango curry sandwich! It is so so beautiful! I’ve never had kombucha, but I really want to because I’ve heard nothing but good things! I’m going to get me some!

  16. *Andrea*

    i love the header! i know i say this a lot but you are so artistic and a great photographer!!! not sure what my campus has going for earthday but last year a farmers market came and free bread tastings were there. so cool.

  17. Another thing that I love about you and your blog…Kombucha! I got into an expensive but delightful habit earlier this year. I just love how I feel after I drink one.

    Also…I’m not a big oats girl, but seeing your pictures day after day has inspired me to give them a try. I’ll let you know how it goes! I usually just do yogurt, fresh fruit, flax seed and granola for breakfast, but your pictures are just too pretty for me not to give oats another go!

  18. That tempeh-mango-curry sandwich looks phenomenal! 🙂

    I think I tend to have a lot of meals that combine everything into one. Like stirfries, sandwiches, pastas with veggies, omelets… I love how it allows me to mix tons of different textures and flavours together!

  19. I always wake up early too, the last couple of days I’ve woken up before my alarm. There is a HUGE difference between having to get up and just waking up. For earth day I plan on having a huge discussion with my students about it and talking to them about ways we can help the earth. I’ve been peeling/cutting mangos wrong too apparently btw! 🙂

  20. girl we are straight up twins. i did the same thing with the mango today after watching fn… lol. were we separated at birth?

    and i haven’t tried kombucha yet because i’m cough*tight*cough. but when i do i will def try ginger!

    and your tempeh-mango salad looks HEAVENLY! i want to make that!

  21. What is my favorite fruit? Hmm thats a toughie… I love bananas! And apples… and grapes! I love all fruit really but those are at the top of my list for sure.

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