Did everyone catch Food Revolution last night? I must confess – I’ve been rather dodgy about watching this show from start to finish. I love it, yes – but I am awful at watching any sort of television show/movie/that sort of thing from beginning to end. I just start to get antsy. That being said – I did catch most of it, and think it was the best yet. I am scared for what’s to happen next week, though. And how awesome was that teacher who told the kids to take the white milk, and the kids listened?! I also loved what Jamie said during the nachos section – about thinking “nachos”=bad…when really, just about anything can be made healthy when it’s with good food – be it just plain substituting with real food, or making healthy substitutions. Thank you, Jamie! I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts as they watched, too. I laughed when he mentioned he wasn’t pulling a “healthy hippie vibe” (or something) but just “good, homemade food.”

And then I watched the majority of the 20/20 that was on after and got so chilled. Can’t believe the nerve of some people – my heart goes out to Somer and her family. I am bummed I fell asleep before the end of it (I was exhausted!) but on the same note, glad I did. Usually I have the hardest time getting to sleep after watching something so intense – my thoughts just keep running wild – but I was flat-out beat.

dreary-day placemat

All that said, this morning was dreary as ever and I laid in bed for a bit just listening to the pitter-patter or rain…which turned into a roaring rain and finally I moseyed on into the kitchen for some raspberry-blueberry oats. And by “finally,” I mean it was still only 6:30. Go figure. My brain knew I had lots planned for the morning – so luckily it was a bit easy to wake up! I hate feeling rushed.

In the base:

And topped this lovely shade of pink oats with:

  • strawberry-banana chia-flax icing
  • toasted coconut
  • toasted almonds
  • fig preserves
  • Naturally Nutty White Chocolate Coconut PB
  • and a mixture of some frozen blueberries and red raspberries, simmered in a bit of almond milk with a drizzle of agave

this isn't even a beautiful mess - this is just a mess.

Okay, the fig preserves were sort of random. I grabbed them at the co-op the other day and only gave them a trial-run on a slice of toast. Needed another trial! They are amaaaze. Why can’t I become obsessed with normal, inexpensive jams like strawberry or blueberry? No, instead it has to be fig and ginger. Difficult to find to begin with…and expensive to buy once you do. Around here, anyway.

I enjoyed some Timothy’s Irish Cream with this bowl while bloggy-reading and looking out the rainy window…and thinking about grocery shopping!

Okay, I wasn’t really thinking about grocery shopping, but it was a good lead-in to what I did this morning, don’t you think?

My fridge is nearly empty when it comes to fresh produce, and since I had to go into town to clean my office today, what better way to spend a rainy Saturday morning than in the grocery store? Thats what I thought. Or, better phrased – “why not go freeze in the grocery store rather than relax under a down blanket at home?” Yeah, yeah – I’m glad it’s climate controlled so the produce stays fresh and I am a wimp. Getting to my vehicle proved quite the challenge, however.


I felt like a typical backwoods Vermonter. Thanks, mud.

In case you're wondering - I remembered the "sw. pot." and "alm. ch."

I made sure to print some coupons first (redplum.com, coupons.com, and smartsource.com – does anybody know of any others?) and behaved myself quite well, even if I did still purchase more than my body weight in veggies. I also like to scope out company websites before shopping – often times, there’s always at least one coupon available for consumers! Today I only thought to check out Silk’s website, but I’d rather save 75 cents than no cents! What are your money-saving techniques? It gets difficult for me, because the majority of my expense is good, fresh produce. Other than that, I really don’t splurge too much! That being said – coupons aren’t out there for fresh produce, so I try to just buy what’s in season and on sale. Unless they’re really gorgeous red peppers like there were today. $4/lb – yikes! Alas, I love me some red peppers.

it's a bulkstravaganza.

And the bulk bins. Hey, I’ve got a new fruit & nut ball habit that I’ve got to support, you know. At least I finally wisened up and went the bulk bin route. Do you peruse the bulk bins, or tend to go with the prepackaged goods? I used to like the pretty labels. Now I like my wallet being just a little bit thicker than if I were to buy the pretty labels, however.

Super smoothie.

Since grocery shopping is quite possibly the one activity that makes me seriously hangry – I was certainly ready for a snack when I got back to my car, and had brought along another Odwalla Superfoods Smoothie from home that had a best-by date of April 17th. Fancy that! Who am I kidding…by the time it’s 10:30, I’m hangry no matter what.

This Pink Poetry smoothie was really, really good! The plum really stood out, and I love the calcium and iron. It made me realize that I should probably put more thought into iron consumption. I think I’m sort of a slacker in that department – no good! I love that Odwalla doesn’d add any form of sugar, and just lets the fruit do the talking. That and, it’s actually got the consistency of a smoothie. I hate buying things labeled smoothies when it’s just juice!!

click to enlarge if you feel so inclined.

I made it home to see a surprise waiting!!

Pardon the mess - packing peanuts & paper.

mmm - vanilla!!

Kelli has totally got me pegged. She knew I have no access to TJs or WFs, and thought I should have some TJs in my life!! I have been dying to try sunflower butter and Crofter’s jams – and I don’t even know how she knew!! The banana chips are also pure amazing, and the taste I had of the sunbutter was so delicious. Can;t wait to break into the jam, “popchips,” and PB&J bar, too. Oh – and protein powder!! Give me protein powder ideas, people – I know you’ve got ’em! I am wicked excited to try this, and it’s wayyyy more tempting than the plain-jane hemp protein sample I’ve had. Can’t wait to put this to use. Thanks, Kelli! (P.S. – everyone should check out her awesome recipe that involves kale pesto! And throwin’ a vote her way couldn’t hurt 😉

After I settled everything away into their respective locations and I calmed down from the excitement of TJ’s, I consumed a delicious lunch of panini, parsnip fries, and apple dippers.

LOOK at all those fries.

For the panini, I spread one slice of bread with fig jam and the other with goat cheese and a tiiiiny tiny bit of homemade pesto. Layered on a bunch of spinach, some tempeh, and chopped walnuts before sandwichin’ her together and grillin’. Yum! The fig spread mixed with the spinach was killer, espeically with the crunch of the walnuts and seedy bread. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I really like goat cheese in the fig spread I made and like this – but otherwise, it’s no knockin’ my socks off.

I finished up some almond mozzarella by sprinkling it on my parsnip fries, and paired an apple with a dollop of cinnamon-raisin PB. And don’t forget about dessert!

The last raw cinnamon-raisin cookie. But not for long!

And then I got to work!

I am perpetually baking. Perpetually baking ugly muffins.

…and by work, I mean a couple Pumpkin muffins. Followed by some date balls and raw cookies, with an “oh the sun is trying to shine lets go play horse” intermission.

These ended up working pretty well! I pretty much winged the recipe – but, I like! I also made cherry-walnut date balls and peanut-raisin raw cookies. They won’t last long…but I like it that way. I always think up fun flavor ideas and then lose them when I got to make them – I need to write it down!

the other half of my "taste tester" muffin - along with a date ball & cc.

I got some schoolwork jotted down, and snacked on some cottage cheese, the other half of a muffin, and a mini cherry-walnut date ball while thinking about dinner.

get a loaf'a me.

Enter: Portobello Burgers. Or, “buhhhhguhhs,” if that’s what you prefer. I’m a lean, mean, grillin’ machine lately – okay, that’s an exaggeration. You know what else I am lately? A carby, bready freak. Yeah, hello – what happened to my wrap affliction? I’m not sure – but ever since that amazing veggie sandwich from the depot that day – I cannot get enough of good bread. This Multi-Grain Whole Wheat from Kilinger’s that I snagged at Hannafords definitely qualifies for good bread, too! Delicious 8-grains, but I’m pretty sure the decision wouldn’t have been so easy if their cranberry pecan or maple walnut loaves were available, too. I guess all these times I’ve complained about the lack of good bread in the area, I just haven’t opened my eyes. I am still jealous of all of you with a Great Harvest, however!

That's definitely not beef.

Uh, yeah – back to dinner. Sorry about that carb-loaded tangent. It’s probably because this dinner made me die and  go to heaven. I know I say that all the time lately, but everything has just been that good. I apologize. This was the best portobello-pesto burger of my life. In fact, it was also the first portobello burger of my life, but  I can also say with 100% certainty (about as certain as I am that it’s going to be miserably rainy tomorrow) that it will not be the last. Holy cow. I first marinated a portobello cap in:

  • balsamic vinegar
  • olive oil
  • minced garlic cloves
  • fresh basil
  • homemade sundried-tomato basil pesto
  • salt
  • pepper

and then grilllllled. I did the same with some red pepper. I sprayed two slices of bread on one side with non-stick spray, and grilled as well.

This was a balancing act.

…and then layered with more pesto, garlic & herb feta, spinach, and tomato before adding even more to the tower by carefully balancing the grilled ‘bello and roasted red, topped by the last piece-a bread. Based on how stacked this is, I’ll leave to your own imaginations how it looked goin’ down. I’ll give you a hint: I’m a “bad eater”, and this was especially un lady-like. I may or may not have had balsamic dripping everywhere:

My mom: “oooh, that looks good…”

Me: “try some?”

Her: “cut me a tiny piece off.”

me: “mom! honestly, I can’t cut this thing. Just hold tight and hope for the best.”

And then we had dessert and I still have more pesto than I know what to do with. I hope you all don’t get sick of seeing it.

Less than 24 hours left to enter my Gnu Bars Giveaway! Trust me, you’ll want to make sure you get all your entries in – this is a good one to win!!


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12 responses to “Pitter-Patter

  1. Susan

    I just got your package today love! You are amazing – thank you!

    I’m the worst with watching tv/movies/reading books. I can never finish or I get distracted!

    I’m still in awe of how creative your sammies are and how beautiful your photography is. You should soooo follow your dreams when it comes to photography – you are amazingly talented!

    Have a good Saturday evening booskie!

  2. I love bulk food bins!! I usually go there for my grain, bean, nut and dried fruit needs!

    I WANT that portabella! NOW!

    Have a great night!

  3. Nice package!!! I LOVE Crofters! I have the same problem with over priced jams…ugh. Crofters is so good with peanut butter on my oats! HEAVEN! Mushroom burger = amazing!!! My husband grilled some for me the other day when he cooked steak…it was so good!

    Your muffins looks delicious!

  4. Mo

    I’ve been watching Food Revolution since day one. I love it, and I’m kind of hoping maybe Jamie might do it again in another unhealthy town…. maybe.
    The teacher who told her kids to drink plain milk was great. And the fact that the kids were okay with taking the white is just proof that you can take away the crappy milks and they’ll be FINE. Most kids are raised to drink milk anyway so they’re used to it and probably even like it.
    And I totally agree about the nachos thing. Cookies can be healthy (cookie dough, too ;)), spaghetti can be healthy, chips, pizza, pancakes, fries… anything can be healthy if you mind what you put into it and how it’s prepared.

    I’m OBSESSED with the bulk bins at Whole Foods (just wrote about my adventures there on Thursday), and it’s far cheaper than going down the aisles. It really doesn’t break the bank to go to Whole Foods if you just get most of the stuff in the bulk section. I also love getting bulk almonds at a Middle-Eastern store which sells them pretty cheap.

    As for the pesto, I’ve heard that adding pesto to cottage cheese and spreading over toast is good. Never had it before so I can’t vouch for it, but worth a shot. 🙂

  5. you are way too sweet!!!! happy you enjoyed it. I tried that protein powder but bad idea…since I don’t tolerate milk well…it really upset my stomach :(…whey = not good for my belly. I hope you like it it is vanilly! Love your dinner aswell. I went to costco today bought a boatload of mini bell peppers and mini portobello mushrooms and spinach (seriously the bag is humongus).

  6. Jessica! Are you a witch? I was just thinking about you today. Why? Well, when I was laying out that oatmeal into the bowl for my granola, I thought ‘that cute little Jessica would like this with her oatmeal fetish and all’. Then, I just saw your comment on my blog. Maybe your’e a psychic sorceress and don’t know it???
    This food all looks so healthful and good by the way (like always)…

  7. Ok Jess, how about this, you come to South Carolina and make me some oats, balls, cookies, and delicious sandwiches like that and I’ll hook you up with all of the Great Harvest you can carry back home? Deal? Haha if only. If only…
    Fig jam is the BOMB. For real. It baffles me why I have never had it on a sandwich before… duhhhhh. And I now have a serious craving for a panini.
    And girl, go on all the carb tangents that you wish because as a fellow carb-a-holic, I don’t mind one bit 🙂
    And I’m for bulk bins all the way!!!!!!!
    You are going to LOVE the Crofter’s!!!! And Bourbon Vanilla Protein powder?! Wow. I’m insanely jealous. Of course you could just go with a plain smoothie… if you really want to taste the flavor, i’d probably go that route but keep it simple to make the flavor shine.
    Have a great night!
    Love ya girlie!

  8. I love the date balls. They look like Larabars, but probably a lot cheaper.

  9. Fig jam basically makes my life worth living. With goat cheese, on anything? Heaven.

  10. I really wanted to watch Food Revolution this week! I even called my boyfriend and asked him to record it. Somehow Wife Swap got recorded instead 😦

  11. So many healthy choices, what a tease!

  12. that’s too funny – i was just at trader joe’s thinking about sending you something! and i just finally broke down and bought that crofter’s for my mom and i… i haven’t opened it yet! you dig?

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