I Forget The Titles

Ahhh – so enjoyed reading your “this grosses me out but I love it” woes. I’m glad I’m not alone in my…welll…loopy-ness. Hey, as I say often – us foodies aren’t the strange ones, we’re the normal ones. Why doesn’t everybody savor oats – or, at the very least, breakfast in general – on a daily basis?!

I never could understand why my mother is not a breakfast person. I live for mornings like this. Well, every morning, really, but this morning’s blueberry-cherry-almond bowl was especially wake-worthy.

En La Base:

  • 1 T. oat bran, 3 T. Bob’s 5 Grain plus Flaxseed, 1 T. wheat bran
  • 1/2 c. brewed coffee, 1/2 c. almond milk
  • trail power
  • 1/4c. ea: frozen blueberries, frozen sweet cherries
  • few chopped dates
  • 1 T. chia seeds
  • almond extract

On the top:

  • strawberry-banana chia-flax icing (!!)
  • toasted slivered almonds, toasted coconut
  • crystallized ginger
  • Dundee’s ginger preserves
  • Naturally Nutty White Chocolate Cherry Almond Butter
  • and some frozen blueberries and frozen sweet cherries, simmered in some almond milk

Enjoyed with Green Mountain Coffee Roaster’s Rain Forest Nut. I like to save the rain forest while I eat my breakfast! Their Wildlife Blend does the same. I love that Green Mountain supports wildlife, fair trade, and organic processes.

I caved and picked up some of the Barlean’s Omega Swirl Flax Oil at the co-op yesterday. I don’t think it’s as beneficial as true flax oil based on quick comparison – but it’s still got enough omega-3s and nutrition that I opted for flavor over function 😛 I was surprised that it doesn’t taste artificial at all – I’m usually really sensitive to overly sweetened, incredibly artificial-tasting food, especially when it comes to strawberry flavored things. But this just tastes like fresh strawberries with a hint of banana! Being able to sample this really sold me – if those sampes weren’t available from the co-op, I never would have bought it. And I think you can get some, too – from their website, here! In addition – I did the icing a bit differently today – I just used chia seeds, milk, and flax oil – and omitted the greek yog. I probably won’t do it often, since I enjoy the little bit of extra protein I get from the greek yog, but it does still work! And you get more “chia seed per square centimeter” 😉 I am a dork. Will you consume something that doesn’t taste good, just because it’s good for you? I believe that healthy doesn’t need to be painful – so if I don’t like something that’s good for me, I won’t force myself to have it. Rather, I’ll find other ways that I do enjoy.

A cinna-raisin date ball and another cup o’ joe later, I was on my way…do, do…to start another day…

…and a long one, at that. This morning dragged by! Honestly, I can hardly even remember what happened at work this morning. It feels like forever ago.  Anybody ever have those days? I prefer fly-by work days. I managed to keep dreaming about horseback riding, and getting some deja vu. It was so gorgeous out today!

Being rendered banana-less, I opted again for a caramel Oikos and a banana-date oat bran muffin for my mid-morning snack. Once again, this combo owned. I try to eat it when no one else is around though – I am not ashamed of the ugly muffins, since they taste so good…I just get tired of getting what on earth are you eating?! comments…and ugly muffins are likely to generate many 😉

Half of this didn't really happen.

I was also looking forward to trying the sundried tomato & pepita pesto I processed up yesterday, and put it to good use, if I may say. I almost packed two slices of dakota loaf with some shredded almond mozzarella cheese, spinach, tomato and tempeh to panini at work. Did I mention the other day how psyched I am that someone finally cleaned up their mess of the panini maker? Yeah, I am. All the butter/dried grease what-have-you started to mildew. Normally, I don’t have a prob cleaning up messes. But it would have been a pain to bring upstairs, find a clean sponge and soap, and it wasn’t any of my doing. Uh, anyways – once I put the whole dang thing together I realized how ridiculously colossal it was, especially paired with all my other snackage. That being said, half was left for the madre. Thank heavens – half was plenty! Do you ever get eyes bigger than your stomach? I did allll the time as a kid – now I’m pretty good about it, though!

Here’s a shout-out to George Foreman grills, though – definitely prefer those types of grills over a panini maker because they lock in the heat and are more apt to thoroughly heat and melt the cheese. Just throwing that out there for anyone waffling between a Foreman-esque grill and a true ‘nini maker. By the time my bread was perfectly golden, my cheese was hardly melted, and I actually had to nuke it. No me gusta.

I paired this lovely combo (these past two work lunches have made me wish I had my camera at work – they’re been masterpieces!) with a plum and some cottage cheese mixed with some Oikos plain greek yog, frozen blueberries, and a little bit of the flax oil, as well. Not sure if the yog-cot cheese combo grosses anyone out, but I actually like it, hah. Not sure if it’s weird or not. Rounded out, of course, by a date ball – this one was of the non-messy variety 😉

I grabbed another Gnu Bar for mid-afternoon snack. I was browsing through all the flavors I have left to sample, and peanut butter immediately jumped out at me this morning. I love when there is no indecision, you just know. It was incredibly difficult to package it without sampling this morning, I will say that! I honestly cannot get over how fresh each and every single one of these bars has smelt and tasted. And you can find that out for yourself, too – if you enter for the chance to win the killer giveaway! But back to the bar – gotta say, I was expecting more peanut butter 😦 I always do this with peanut butter flavored things, though – I pretty much expect pure peanut buttery taste, when really; that rarely happens. But, it makes sense – there’s not actual peanut butter in the bar – just peanuts! So – if you don’t like a strong PB flavor, this is your guy. If you’re like me, you may prefer the banana walnut or cinnamon raisin, which are both equally astounding.

Somtimes, I wonder if my co-workers/bosses wonder where I store all this food. They must think I never stop eating. I think I’m the only one who snacks throughout the day. Although, I take that back – I make it a point to stop and snack now, whereas they are prone to just mosey back to the candy & choco bin and grab handfuls of m&ms…

Finallly it was time to go home – and saw a bunch of foxies while driving, too! They are too cute. And random – I never see foxes, and all of a sudden, three different spottings in one night?! The babies were awwwwdorable. Uh, end of random fox story. How about some eggplant naan pizza? I love me some naan pizza.

AKA – the perfect reminder that there is nothing wrong with simple and quick – and that simple and quick is almost always paired with delicious!

On half a whole-grain naan, I spread some tomato paste and garlic hummus, and sprinkled with some nooch. Imagine a cheese ravioli. Now imagine that sandwiched between naan and red pepper, spinach, and eggplant. Uh, that’s a lot like what the tomato paste-hummus-nooch combo tasted like. It was heavenly. I also used some shredded almond mozzarella and topped with some crumbled garlic and herb feta. To. Die. This really hit the spot! While I sauteed the eggplant, pepper, and spinach in balsamic and garlic, I also panini’d the whole thing after.

Dinner: Accomplished! (side note: can anyone say “pahsta” after watching dinner impossible, or do you have to say “paaaasta” like robert irvine?)

And for some general bloggy housekeeping – I’ve been getting lazy with posting “recipes” lately (well, for dinner at least) – does anyone want me to go back to giving a general recipe, rather than just a name listing the main ingreds? Or are you like me, and you start developing ideas from just a picture? I’d love your thoughts – I’m happy either way! Part of me thinks I should be more descriptive, just so I have a log.

And – I’m trying to get better about including helpful nutritional tidbits & stuff – but lately, it just hasn’t been happening! Forgive me? I’ll try to get better about it. Additionally, do you guys find it better for one mass post, like this – or should I break it up into breakfast and then a lunch and dinner one? I have time in the mornings to blog (I actually write everything until dinner while I eat breakfast) but don’t know if I should bother breaking them up. I personally prefer reading one mass post – otherwise I’m apt to miss stuff! But, I realize I talk pretty excessively, heh…Thoughts welcome 🙂

Buttt – I’ve got some quick schoolwork I should do just to get out of the way. I hope everyone had a great day and has an equally great night!



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14 responses to “I Forget The Titles

  1. Ok Jess, could you just like come be my personal chef? Puh-lease?
    Those oats. Oh wow. I’ve been dying for some cherries and you are not helping matters! That sounds SO heavenly, yum! And I don’t get how people don’t eat breakfast either! Even before my crazy foodie blogger days, I’ve always eaten breakfast. I think I would gnaw off my harm in hunger if I didn’t.
    I used to get questions from my co-workers about my strange eats too, especially the day I brought in a massive container of Greek Yogurt (it was mostly empty, I was trying to conserve dirtying another dish!). The looks I got with that one.. And my family would use to constantly ask me where I put it all because I used to eat like all day long. What can I say, I get hungry every 2-3 hours when I’m going about normal life.
    The strawberry banana flax oil sounds really interesting! I’ve never heard of anything like it!
    And yes, my eyes are totally bigger than my stomach. Still are!
    As for the recipes and the blog posts, it’s your blog dear! I like it the way it is. But it’s up to you, whatever you want to do! I’d love to hear some of your recipes but I can also get ideas from pictures too 🙂
    Love you girlie! Have a great night!

  2. i reallly like your one giant post. keep it!
    it’s hard for me to keep certain blogger’s days in order when they post 230984039 times a day, not to mention it pisses me off to open google reader and it laughs at me i’m so far behind on posts.

    and i kinda like how you don’t preach nutrition from your blog – you just live and eat really damn good food. that’s real life, girl!
    ps – did i read somewhere you’ve never been in whole foods/trader joes!??!

  3. We have too much in common (besides the fact that I STINK at making oats), I eat all day long too. Luckily my co-teacher does too so she doesn’t think I’m weird, but when people walk into my room I always have food out and am munching away. I like recipes in general so I’d like to see that, but I don’t think you need to break up your posts, but just my opinion!

  4. great sammy girl …i would have eaten it all..i’m horrible

  5. Your photos and words are always so entertaining! I love it. As for recipes…sure, who couldn’t use more recipes, right?! Last year we had foxes in our back yard. So, weird and random since we live in a neighborhood, but with 10 acres of green space in behind our house and the city developing property behind that, the foxes had no where else to go. Kinda sad, but really neat to see them!

    My husband’s family calls the too full plate…having alligator eyes and a chickadee stomach. I get on to my kids all the time for that!

    Good luck with the school work!

  6. The more I get teased about Clif bars, dried fruit and oatmeal, the more I’ll eat them! Three cheers for foodies!

  7. Love your blog, I’m glad I found you. 🙂 I especially love your photos, they rock. I probably enjoy reading shorter than longer posts, must be my ADHD or something.

  8. I just picked up the banana walnut bar after work today! Can’t wait to try! My eyes are ALWAYS bigger than my stomach, and then I always question if I need more etc. Good thing I really love food! The more the merrier!

  9. Nicole

    Work today dragged for me too! Glad today’s over.

    Caramel Oikos sounds soooo good. (As does that eggplant naan pizza!)

    The other day I actually bought fresh ingredients for making pesto sauce. 🙂 I haven’t had pesto in a while– can’t wait!

  10. your food always looks so much nicer everyday!

  11. You seriously make the most delicious looking oats I have ever seen!

  12. lovely breakfast bowl!
    I have been searching EVERYWHERE for that caramel yogurt since I heard it came out!
    the pesto sandwich you made looks ESPECIALLY tempting. I just love pesto SO MUCH but usually never eat it because of the high calories. 😦

  13. oh my goodness you take amazing photos.. I love that coffee mug. I also love your bfast 🙂

  14. Such a lame first comment – but seriously your photos are gorgeous! Especially breakfast! Cant wait to read more!

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