Movin’ and Groovin’

Holy cow – where has the day gone?! It’s disappeared into a sea of fun, I think – it sure was a great one over here. What about you all?

First matter of business: Thank you all soooo much for the congratulations – made my day! I honestly don’t know anything about the magazine – I don’t think it’s anything major, and I’m not getting my hopes up until all is said and done – but I was pretty flattered, nonetheless πŸ™‚ Although –Β I realized I may have to just re-shoot something anyways, because I’ve committed a cardinal sin when it comes to photography: saved over my high-res files with the low-res. Hey, I figured – I’m not going to need high-res files of my food photos, why take up the space on my computer?! Oops. But, oh well. At least eating is something I always do, hah. Not as severe as, say – a once-in-a-lifetime event πŸ˜‰

I reverted to old times this morning with a simple bowl of whipped banana oats with dates. It was good – I always forget how much sweeteness banana adds to oats! It’s been quite a while since I’ve had banana in oatmeal – this bowl was almost too sweet! I still enjoyed it, though. You can’t go wrong with traditional! Although – I think the sweetness came more from the chopped dates in combination with the banana. I do love me some dates in oatmeal!

Le Base this morning:

Dressed Up With;

  • honey chia-acai icing
  • chopped cashews
  • chopped dates
  • Dundee ginger preserves
  • PB & Company Cinnamon Raisin PB
  • and some chopped banana sauteed in some almond milk with a drizzle of sizzurp and cinnamon. And a few random nectarine chunks. (nectarine oats was the intent – bad nectarine!)

Paired with some Green Mountain Southern Pecan.

Dates are easily my favorite dried fruit. I love figs, too – and what I would give to try a fresh fig! What’s your favorite dried fruit? And your favorite nut? Sorry – random question, but I’m curious! I love dried fruits and nuts, and am thinking about the plethora of them at the co-op…[which, I went today.]

Jess’s Tangent of the Day:

Does anybody have a food that thinking about itΒ  kind of repulses them, yet they love it anyway? Weird, I know. For me? Tuna. Cottage cheese. Sure, it’s not the taste that weirds me out. It’s the thought. Like, just saying tuna, I think “tuuuuuuna!” and “here kitty, kitty,” to which my cat comes galavanting across the room to lap up the spare tuna juice. Therefore, my mind says tuna = cat food. Therefore, I eat cat food. Cottage cheese? You all know how long it took me to get over that issue. And now I love it. But just saying cottage cheese makes me cringe a little bit. I can’t think of anything else at the moment (I guess the fermented part of Kombucha and Tempeh doesn’t get to me? hah) but what are your foodie woes? This probably seems really random, but I just read Jennifer’s post [can we just talk about that delicious red pepper spread for a minute? k, thanks.] and it made me think how awesome it is that everybody likes something different. Funnily enough, the same way I may think “oh yum!” to something I don’t even like but feel I should, I immediately thought “yuck tuna,” when I read tuna.

That being said, all of that is said in good nature – I try not to blatantly bash on a food in case one of you love it, haha. My friends always used to bash Β on tuna. I stayed quiet. I don’t want you guys to feel you need to stay quiet!

I confess - the fact that they call this mo' beta is what really sold me.

I grabbed this Mo’ Beta Odwalla Smoothie to take with me to class. Since it’s a 9:30 class and my hunger bells start chiming at 10:00, I get pretty distracted with hunger thoughts pretty much immediately after sitting down. Sad, I know – that I get just as hungry whether I’m sitting all day, or running a marathon. Okay, slight exaggeration. Anyways – that being said, it’s a class where eating would be relatively disruptive, so I thought this would be the perfect solution. And I was right! It was also really, really good! I was concerned it’d be too orange-juicy once I got the first whiff, but it was really more the mango, peach, and plum purees that stood out. Loved it! Not stellar by way of protein, but that’s fine for my purposes πŸ™‚ Will definitely be having one of these again.

After class – as mentioned, I boogied in to the co-op. I needed tempeh and wheat bran. I purchased more than that, but I was pretty well behaved πŸ™‚ We’ll touch upon that in the coming days. Regardless, I hustled home because I had a horseback ride and a sweet potato panini on the brain. Lucky me, I had just about none of the essential components for a sweet potato panini. Regardless, I made it work, but that doesn’t mean I made it look pretty, at the same time.

No pita? Hmm…don’t really want bread – wrap? check. No tomatoes. Tomato paste? Check. No maple-dijon mustard. Maple syrup? check. No onions. Scallions? check. See where we’re going with this? Luckily, I had a sweet potato. I threw it all together with a plum and a couple pretzel crisps, and lunch was served. In a sloppy, messy, ugly but yummy manner. No shame.

I am a little ashamed of how fast I wolfed it down, though. I was still in “rush! rush!” mode from driving home and just having horses on the brain. I am one to slowly savor meals. Thats why I love oats so much. I can spend half an hour eating those big bowls…and do. I love just leisurely relaxing with them! Otherwise, I feel too full and uncomfortable, too. I think that’s why I haven’t had pancakes, French toast, etc. for breakfast lately. And cereal? Not a chance.

Of course, I made sure dessert followed

cinna-raisin date ball. Not the first of the day. Second?

But not before sampling two types of apricots

Organic wins for taste, turkish wins for looks.

There was a huge difference, actually: and I stand by my previous statement that organic dried apricots are simply the best. The end.

I went for an awesome horseback ride with my Mom this afternoon, who has the week off from work. I took Jiggy – a little more my speed!

Although - you wouldn't guess that from this photo.

We had a blast. Can’t wait to go out again. Definitely reminded me of how much I love it!

After our two-hour excursion, I browsed through my new Moosewood‘s book and noshed…

new Sahale Snacks!

I grabbed these from Hannafords last I went, and just today got around to trying them. I looove, loved the Valdosta Pecans – and these sing buri cashews don’t disappoint, either! Although, I will say – they are much more peanutty than cashew-y. Fine by me! I love the peanutty taste, as well as the mild chili.

Confirmed my belief that Sahale Snacks know what’s up.

I laid to rest my beloved fig and chevre spread, too. So long, delish dip/spread. You will be seen again.

OH! And date ball #3.

…made some pesto with sundried tomatoes, pepitas, basil, garlic, and kale

pesto n00b.

…and more date balls, too. Except – done differently! I upped the amount of nuts, and also decided to just process the dried fruit without boiling first. These are muuuch easier to handle, but I think they each have their “perks”! I ran out of dates, so this batch was mostly golden raisins, and I flavored with cinnamon, ginger, and glove. And used mixed nuts. I was going for the ginger cookie feel, but once I realized I was going to have to use more raisins than dates, they turned into cinnamon raisin again.

old vs. new

I have a serious addiction. These are so fun to make, and so easy and delicious, too! I need flavor ideas, though! I have so many rolling around in there, that when it comes time to make them, I can’t think of any! Frustrations. hah.

Anyways, while I was forming those, dinner was a-simmerin’ and a-boilin’.

I tried my hand at Moosewoods’ Mushroom-Barley Risotto. Mainly pearled barley with a bunch of mushrooms, red peppers, garlic, and onions and I also mixed in some goat cheese towards the end. In addition, I cut up the rest of my sweet tater from lunch and had low and slow sweet potato rounds and a couple of parsnip fries. My mom requested some – so I had what was left.

While this was good, it didn’t personally rock my socks off. My mom enjoyed it, but I simply prefer a mix of sweet and savory, even when it comes to dinner. (Quinoa and apricots, for instance! Apples and kale, you know the drill.) This was pure savory with all of the mushrooms, red pepper, onions, and barley. Can you recognize when a meal is good, just not for you – or do you immediately classify anything that’s “not for you” as bad? Does that make sense? Like – seeing why someone might like a fashion trend, but not necessarily liking it yourself, nah’mean?

I made up a lovel dessert, though. Usually I’m too lazy to grab my camera, but I was in go-go-go mood still, and this was super good, so I figured why not?!

What number is this?

Banana soft-serve with a small spoonful of cottage cheese, and the ground nuts that were left in the food processor. So good, and creamy! Topped with some crystallized ginger, of course – and an old version cinna-raisin date ball. I can’t decide which I like better – sloppy or neat and convenient!

Ahah…I love re-reading my posts…because it puts into perspective how I ate for the day. apparently, I was carb-loading today? I’m going to go have some protein now πŸ˜›

Annnd, that’s all from me! I hope everyone had a stellar day – and has a grea tnight!



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15 responses to “Movin’ and Groovin’

  1. I love those date balls too! I made a batch over spring break and I think I still have some in my freezer…hm…dessert tonight should include those. Have a great night, girl!

  2. haha when i was a kid i HATED veggies only liked corn and peas :P. Love your eats especially the oats…nd you used cinnamon raisin pb today too go us! and that moosewoods cookbook I have [from el pic]. I have a plan to make a green smoothie in a bowl for lunch tomorrow.. I hope it turns out how I’m thinking..ahaha. i’m making date balls/bars asap!!! try different dried fruits. I just got some amazing grass green superfood, and madagascar vanilla protein powder packet [never used protein powder before] gonna try it in my green smoothie tomorrow. Love how you had a carbylicious day! gotta listen to your body. I wish I had someone to have an oatmeal party with!

    later gator

  3. I can’t even remember the last time that I’ve had oats without bananas and I totally just realized that you don’t usually haha I love bananas. Definitely my favorite fruit!
    Oh I sooo have the foods that repulse me if I think about them. Eggs.. love them but if I think about them I can’t eat them. My mom is the same way. I just think about baby chicks!!! Even though I know there is a difference between the eggs that baby chicks come from and the eggs we eat but still. And I’m with you on the tuna and cottage cheese too. When I open a pouch or can of tuna, my cats go INSANE. And calamari. Love the stuff but I just eat it and don’t use my brain to think about it, works for me. Same with about any meat really…
    Oh I LOVE figs!! Dried, fresh, what have you. And apricots. Dried strawberries are really awesome as well! And dried apples. As for nuts, I like cashews the most I think. Unless you count chocolate covered almonds..
    I have to have a sweet potato panini soon… for real. But I’m all out of tortillas and any kind of bread but regular wheat loaf bread. But I guess it could work with that…
    Those date balls look really good but do you know that I’ve never actually had a date? I think i’m missing out!!

    Thank you for the tweet earlier girl, you’re the best!
    Love you!

  4. I, now and always will, hate crusty fried egg.

    I’m dying to try banana soft serve but I feel like I always find another use for bananas. I’ll put some aside next time I go to the store!

  5. oooooy!

    that horse looks so soft haha.

    I found that kombacha flavor you’ve been searching for. There were two brands. One flavor was gingerberry and the other, gingerade. haha and I thought of you!

  6. I love fresh figs! Last summer I discovered that my boyfriend’s grandma has a fig tree. I actually got sick of having so many at one point – It was unlimited figs!

    My favorite dried fruit? That’s a hard one. Either raisins (I know, I’m boring), plums, or pineapples!

  7. Favorite dried fruit = apricots
    favorite nut = almond or pistacio

    Foods I like that sound gross = egg salad and I’m with you on the cottage cheese. A lot of people look at me like i’m an old woman (not the 29 year old I am ) when I say I love cottage cheese πŸ™‚

  8. do you grill your wraps like a panini??

  9. My favourite dried fruit is a toss up between dried prunes and banana chips. And my favourite nuts are almonds because they’re the only ones I’m not allergic to, haha.

    Yeah the texture of cottage cheese kind of grosses me out too. I guess that’s why I’ve never tried it! Also, I’m not really sure how to use it… πŸ˜›

  10. Those oats look so good!!! Love the coffee cup too! I need to do the sweet potato wrap. I bet that has a nice chew to it. Everything looks so delicious! I carb load often and then have to go back for more protein! have a great Wednesday!

  11. ok 2 things:

    i despise onions. if i see them on my sandwich or salad, i flip shit. especially if they’re in a tuna salad, egg salad, pasta salad, potato salad, etc…omg i will run. BUT i love onion rings, onion straws, and onions that have been sauteed for like, hours…..weird right? i mean they have to be realllly cooked for me to like them. but just the sight of raw onions on something makes me cringe.

    on a tuna note…
    yesterday at the gym, i noticed my trainer had a can of tuna on his desk. i said “oh, is that your tuna?” and he goes “yep, gotta get my slice in somewhere.” WHAT!? of course i took this in the most perverted way possible. i’m still not exactly sure what he meant, but if you saw the look on his face you’d think he was being funny too. please keep in mind that we hang out every weekend – he’s not a creepy old man trainer, promise!!

    and more tuna…one day last year i was typing my name into my friend’s phone…christina…well the I key is right next to the U…i definitely typed CHRISTUNA! so for the past year, they’ve called me christuna, tuna, or….XTUNA! (they normally call me xtina) hahaha. gross right?

  12. Your wrap looks 100% better than most of what I eat. You’d be very, very afraid if you saw some of the scary things I cook up. Love the sweet potato wrap idea!!

    Tuna kind of grosses me out. The smell…I just can’t get past the smell!

  13. had a successful green siab .. yum i used 1/2 frozen banana, cinnamon, 1/2 cup water 1 amazing grass green superfood packet, 1/2 packet madagascar vanilla protein powder and spinach & 1 tbsp vanilla almond butter. I think i made it a little to sweet…but i really am not a sweet person. but it did not taste spinachy at all yay way better than when i made one with kale.

  14. I really like the idea of adding coffee to your oats; neato! I share the tuna water with my kitties too πŸ˜‰

  15. Jen

    It made me so happy to see this post and to see that you enjoyed my tuna rant! Ha! My mom called me after I posted that and she was like “Jennifer did I really scar you for life with that tuna?” “Yes, Mom. I love you, but you did.” Anywhosers, love the post as usual. I’m starting to get really curious about chia seeds, though. I’ve heard of them, but would you mind sharing exactly what they are and why you like to include them in your delicious looking oats every morning??

    Oh, and Green Mountain Coffee is my favorite ever and there is none on my campus and it makes me so sad. 😦 Rainforest Nut and Wild Mountain Blueberry are the best everrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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