I’m On a Roasting Roll

Hey chik’lins! I hope each of you got to savor the last bit of the weekend – back to the daily grind tomorrow. And for me, no mas vacation from school. Ugh. Please, if you comment tonight, tell me to suck it up. School’s almost over, and I’m only taking three classes, for crying out loud. (cough*with two  miserable classes*cough)

I still had a couple blackberries in my fridge, and naturally knew rolled barley flakes were what nature intended them to be spooned into my gullet with. I should really get out of the habit of calling my breakfast oats when really, only half the time is it 100% oatmeal. Actually, never of the time is it 100% oatmeal. Hey, it’s easier.

In the base this morning:

and to dress ‘er up:

  • honey chia-acai icing
  • toasted slivered almonds
  • toasted coconut
  • Dundee ginger preserves
  • Artisana coconut butter
  • and some blackberries, sauteed in almondmilk and a drizzle of maple sizzurp.

Oh, yes. Maple syrup is back. I missed it. I love me some 53 grams of carbs per serving of maple-y goodness. Luckily, a serving is also 1/4 of a cup, and hardly even a tablespoon is necessary to get the full essence. Hey, Hannah Teter follows the maple syrup diet, and look at how successful she is. Maple Blondie Ben & Jerry’s, anyone? While we’re at it, though, we might as well take on the Vermonster.

To keep on keepin’ on with the maple train, I brewed via-Keurig a fresh cup of Timothy’s Sugar Bush Maple coffee. Because if it ain’t Green Mountain, it best be Timothy’s.

This is where I’m going to give a funny little blurb about something we’d like to call dialect. Has anybody noticed I use the word ain’t rather liberally? As well as other ridiculously improper grammar that only a backwoods farmer in the hills of Vermont (bless their souls – I love the produce they provide us with) would be heard saying? I have this little thing, I suppose: when I hear a funny word or phrase that is so ridiculously improper or strange that I don’t know how anybody could ever think it’s correct or makes sense, I start to use it, just out of pure irony and…well…dry humor. In a nice way. Other examples of this little habit: “ain’t got no,” said in only the best backwoods accent, as well as using a phrase that has become overly popular that I find makes no sense (is it just Vermont where saying “what’s word?” or “what’s really?”  is equivalent to asking somebody “what’s up?”) and likewise,  sometimes I’ll start out making fun of a phrase I think is stupid, but by the time I say it so much, I actually use it in daily vocab. Example? sick, legit, and wicked. I made fun of legit for weeks until I realized I was no longer making fun of it when I used it. Anybody else catch themselves using phrases that really, don’t make much sense? Hi, I’m Jess, I go on tangents about random [and useless] stuff. Disclaimer: ain’t is used exclusivley in my best backwoods accent among only people close to me so people don’t start thinking I talk like that naturally. I realized you guys may very well think I believe ain’t to be in the English dictionary.

Just to get back to subjects of the foodie nature, I’ve been doing some reading-up on flax oil, and found the following information. Some of you may know I’ve been toying with the idea of switching over to using flax oil more than milled flax, with the discovery of Barleans Omega Swirl Flax Oil. If anyone else is interested, here’s a quick little blurb, just so my food blog doesn’t become a lesson-in-English blog.

“Because flax oil contains both of the essential fats needed for optimal health, virtually everyone can benefit from taking flax oil. Essential fats are directly connected with many life-sustaining biological functions. A lack of essential fats in the diet has been associated with numerous diseases and health complications:

  • Fatigue and lack of endurance
  • Dry skin, cracked nails, dry hair
  • Dry mucus membranes
  • Maldigestion
  • Constipation
  • Weak immunity
  • Depression
  • Forgetfulness
  • Hypertension
  • Chronic arthritis
  • History of cardiovascular disease
  • And then, of course, we could probably google and find just as many websites telling us that flaxseeds and flaxseed oil will one day kill us all. Isn’t that always the case? I was hoping to find more comparison of oil vs. seeds, but couldn’t find much. One said the whole seeds were more beneficial, yet everything I’ve ever read has said the unground seeds hardly have nutritional benefits other than fiber. mreh well.

    The victims.

    After breakfast I wasted no time getting ready. If I get dressed right away, I am far more likely to wind up doing something productive (as in, not just baking all day) whereas if I just do busy-work in my pajamas, that’s how I’m likely to stay.

    The sun was beginning to peek through the trees, so I broke out my boots, saddle, and found my mom and wasted no time going for a trail ride. My mom wanted Jiggy to…uh…get some kinks out first – so I took Mel down the road and left him alone, and then she would ride him with Mel and I. This makes for an unhappy Jiggy at just the thought:

    Before we even left the driveway. I'm actually sitting on Mel.

    The view.

    we're back!

    I was stuck on old faithful – Mel. Melody, bless her soul, likes to move at an average pace rivaling that of a sloth. She is a saint, and my mom loves her and has had her for her whole life. You cannot phase her. That being said, I prefer some speed and unpredicatability when it comes to riding. Realizing unpredicatable wasn’t up my alley today, I decided to at least get my muscles back in gear, and spent 75% of the ride in half-point position. And oh, my muscles felt it. I don’t expect people who don’t horseback ride to believe that it’s actually hard work, (I’ve gotten into the argument enough times to recognize that it’s not worth it) but when you’re supporting your weight with just your calves and thighs, as when you’re in proper two point – your calves, legs, and abs feel it afterwards. I guess the closest thing I could compare it to is wall squats. But for a longer period of time, more use of ab muscles, staying balanced, and dealing with a sometimes-less-than-well-behaved equine comrade. [the latter was not part of today’s equation.]

    That being said, the best way to get in shape for riding is riding, so I’m glad I can practice on old faithful and get in shape before getting back into lessons. And I really can’t wait to! I can’t decide if I want to get back into hunters

    Burly and I, pretending to be hunters.

    or dressage:

    Cheyenne. Ages ago. Like, four.

    Since I’m relatively horse-less, I could really get back into whatever I want. If only I was 18…I’d love to show ponies. Love those little devils:

    Corona pony. Pathetic attempt at dislodging me.

    Luckily, she had redeeming qualities, unlike some.

    But, enough blabbing about horses to you guys – sorry for that tangent!

    My legs were like jelly once we got back from our 90-minute excursion and I was huuungryyy. After taking care of los caballos, I recharged:

    CC w/ sizzurp, plum, cinna-raisin date ball

    But that was all sweet, and next I wanted salty.

    Snyder's pretzel snaps, fig & goat cheese spread

    thaaaat’s more like it! That spread is so good as a dip, too.

    Shortly afterwards, I began roasting some eggplant, tomatoes, and red pepper seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic in the oven for a roasted veggie panini! This is weird, but I was proud of my pre-planning enough to use the oven for lunch, or something other than baking. That meant thinking about what I wanted for lunch 45 minutes before I was even hungry for it. I’m usually bad at that, hence why 99% of my cooking is via stove-top.

    And ohhh, my world this sandwich was rockin’. I had one thick slice of multi-grain bread from the depot left, and decided to just try and cut it in half, rather than have an open-faced sandiwch melt. On one half, I spread garlic lovers hummus and sprinkled with some grated Lisanatti almond mozzarella, and on the other half I spread some tomato puree. I added some spinach to the veggies while they roasted, and then piled them all on. Panini’d with some smart balance cooking spray and viola! Soo yum, sooo good. And sooo much food. I had to sacrifice some of the bread. By sacrifice, I mean a volunteer named Kaia helped me out with it.

    I also tried parsnip fries for the first time. The verdict? Love. Why has it taken me so long to figure that out?! They don’t quite rival sweet potato fries yet – but they’re right up there with them! What’s you’re favorite kind of veggie to make fries out of?

    And a new High Country Kombucha. It was okay. Still haven’t found one to rival GT’s Gingerade.

    Afterwards, I gave another go at date bars – this time cranberry-orange with almonds. While the mixture was chilling in the fridge, I messed around outside with my mom and Kaia, just walking all around up in back.

    I was so famished when I got back that I took a spoonful of date mixture to the mouth:

    open wiiiide!!

    …juuust kidding! Although, I did need to clean the bowl…

    better than cookie dough.

    …and thought a banana-date oat bran muffin would be the perfect vessel…

    perfect partners.

    It was. Oh man, guys. This batch is a winner. My mom and I both agree the cinnamon-raisin ones are good, but the raisin-y ness could be upped, if that’s the flavor I was going for. Speaking of the desserts I made yesterday, the banana cream pie was a no-go. It’s not bad – I mean, it’s basically bananas, dates, and greek yogurt pureed together – but I want a dessert to rock my world, and this was just “well, I could eat a banana and a date at the same time and it would taste like this. I went through all that trouble…for this?” That and, the crumb mixture on top was kind of…well, miserable. I chucked it (it was a separate bowl from the filling – and me chucking food is really say sometihng. it was painful.) but later on last night I had some of the banana filling mixed with cottage cheese and it was pretty tasty. Sorry, Clean Eating. Not one of your better recipes. Anyone who’s made it and loved it, feel free to yell at me. Though I will say, based on the fact that for dessert every single one of us – my mom, Henry, and myself – opted for a date & nut ball and/or a banana-date muffin over the nanner cream pie, the filling may well find itself in the garbagio, too.

    As the afternoon progressed, blogs were read…

    bottom of the barrel. err, bag.

    I polished off some Snyder’s in style…

    another perfect pairing

    …and lets pretend I was able to enjoy this deliciously-refreshing looking cold bowl of Kashi:

    Unfortunately, I was not. After my first spoonful I had to dash out the door to rescue Kaia from wild beasts. By rescue, I mean bring inside, and by wild beasts, I mean random neighborhood dog impeding upon her territory.

    Buttt, I was on another roasting roll for dinner, which starred low and slow sweet taters a-la Kath.

    life. changing.

    I was a sweet potato fiend before. I don’t even know what you’d call someone who has surpassed the fiend-stage by miles, but that’s where low and slow took me.

    Enjoyed with some fiiiiine mango-tempeh curry. Beyond delicious. Gah. Tempeh. Sweet potatoes. I am a happy girl. And since I really fail at wrapping up posts lately [re: wow I talk a lot, they must be sick of me by now], go check out Rebekah’s post about soy. I found it beyond helpful to me, as I try and sort through information. And she is farrr better with words than I am, yet this is what I’ve been trying to say lately, hah.

    Have a good night everrryyybahhhhdy!

    favorite google hit of the week? “rude spelt.” that got me a shocking 4 hits. why are four people feeling like spelt is assaulting them? and when have I ever done anything other than sang praise to spelt? hmmm…



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    16 responses to “I’m On a Roasting Roll

    1. Ahh your panini is making my mouth water. Can you please come make me dinner now?

    2. I am so far behind on your posts lady! I am in the vortex of finals right now so I am trying to use my computer sparingly. Oh right “Suck it up!” haha! Don’t worry, I am tellin myself the same thing. Only two more finals to go.
      beautiful photos of the horses!! How are you making the parsnip fries? Cut up and roasted? Never thought to try them. I do make sweet potato fries quite a bit (with honey mustard dip, yumm)
      Funny you mention hilarious colloquialisms, being from Philly, I use them a plenty. I used “word up” for awhile, obviously as a joke, but too caught myself using it way to frequently and had to stop haha!

      Hope all is well ma’ dear!

      P.S. all that stuff about flax is true! It’s like a miracle serum. The unground seeds are useless because your body can’t break them down and hence you don’t get the benefits. They just pass right through ya!

    3. Also, is that the Moosewood Cookbook I see in one of those photos? 🙂

    4. Those are some great-looking recipes! I’m impressed that you can ride horses too! It always looked so difficult! Have a great night!

    5. Oh girl, I’m from the South. South Carolina. And live around VERY southern people, if you get my drift without using certain descriptive words. To just explain the full extent of the backwoods that I live in, at the store at I work in the summer, I saw a family come in and they all, ALL, a mother, father, little girl, and little boy ALL had mullets. I kid you not. So let me tell you, I hear phrases and words that make me cringe every day. But I will admit, I do use the words “y’all” and “ain’t” if I’m not watching myself but it could be worse…
      Riding sounds fun and yes it DOES sound like a workout! I’ve never ridden a horse before, shame.
      I’ve never had parsnip fries. I almost, almost bought them one day but didn’t. Sweet potato fries are my love but I’ve been wanting to try carrot fries.
      AHHH I made those sweet potatoes tonight too!!!! You know what they say, smart minds think alike… or maybe just us strange minds. Whatever, they were out of this world.

      As for the school, tell you what.. I’ll trade places with you, I’ll go to school for you if you take my injury and crutches and lay around all day and watch tv .. haha just kidding but seriously girl, you are almost done! You can get through!
      Have a great Monday! Love you girl!

    6. I would tell you to suck it up but that would make me a hypocrite! Love the looks of those date bars!

    7. I love the reference to the Vermonster. I live in Michigan but one of my friends has actually had one. She went to a rowing camp in Vermont and the winner received a Vermonster. She said it was good :). Your panini looks SOOOO good. I love roasted veggies in a warm sammie. And my take on flax seed/flax oil is flax seed all the way. I’m a golden flax seed girl and figure that although I started eating it for its nutritional value, I’ve really taken to the taste. If you’re not in love with it, then I’d recommend playing around with the oil, but otherwise, I see no problem with it. Eat what tastes good :).

      Have a lovely day!

    8. Haha I know what you mean – I used to say “legit” and “ballin” because I was making fun of them, and then I realized they just slipped into my everyday vocabulary.

      That panini looks awesome! I actually had something kind of similar for lunch, but it didn’t look anywhere near as pretty as yours. 😉

    9. ah girl i feel the same school…is taking over my life…i can’t suck it up….i hate it…but wow you post everyday…i could never do that…hey you won..my giveaway…


    10. i love parsnips! i always baked them with sweet potatoes and eat them together. yummy combo!

    11. Love roasting, infact I roast all the time ❤ And isn't that a great combo for a panini I made a tortilla pizza like that today, yum! And I totally can see how horseback riding is strenuous, I am so gonna need to make some homemade lara bars soon! I hope I win my contest because I need a waffle maker, juicer, ice cream maker, breville k cup coffee maker, pressure cooker…. although my mother insists I don't! I don't know the difference either between flax oil/seed I have only used the seeds but have seen alot of the oils in whole foods. I also want to try kombucha but i don't think I'll like it, it is worth a shot though. Those rolled barley flakes sound yummy, I'm gonna need to look out for them. And your tangent, I always talk about the most random things ahaha.

      p.s. sending your package tomorrow, hope you enjoy it…it was so fun picking out things for a fellow foodie and making a new friend.

    12. Aww, this post makes me miss riding so much! I haven’t taken in almost 4 years. I would love to start again but it’s just so expensive since I have no horse 😦 I understand you though, riding is most definitely a work out!

      I remember the weird ‘what’s up’ alternative phase here in New York. “What’s (really) Good” was really big when I was in HS. Maybe it still is and I’m just not hip enough to realize it lol

    13. I’ve never had a parsnip in any form, but sweet potatoes are my favorite “fry”. I pretty much like sweet potatoes any way.

    14. girl – you are the best. i seriously look forward to your blog everyday.
      thanks for the shoutout! i think soy is one of those things everyone just takes for granted is healthy… no matter what form, quality, or quanity. i’m so glad we’re on the same page!

      and i see you got some more cottage cheese… i guess you figured the brands out!

    15. I really still am waiting for you to come make me some of your oats! 🙂 they always look so amazing. I know what you means about words that sounds funny, but then you say them…a lot of people here say legit, and phrases like “I’m not gonna lie”, and that one kind of drives me nuts for some reason haha. and those muffins look So good too! glad you joined twitter btw!

    16. I hope you had a good day today! My boys went back to school dreading it too! I need to try parsnips! I had a conversation with someone about that yesterday. Too funny. I always wanted to try them out, now that you give them high marks…I will do so! I screw up every phrase that comes out of my mouth. My husband is always warning me to not use them in public!

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