Oh Me, Oh my…

… Friday already! And a rainy one, at that. I suppose I shouldn’t complain – it was supposed to rain all week, but we really lucked out with some gorgeous summer-like weather, for the most part. It was almost too hot!

Rainy-Day Set-Up.

Ever since seeing these beautiful blackberries on sale in the store yesterday, I’ve been thinking about how good they would be in oats! I was a little bummed upon waking that the weather didn’t necessarily scream “Spring!” as much as they did – but I went with the flow, nonetheless.

The Base:

Le Toppings:

  • pomegranate-blueberry-vanilla (!!!) chia-acai icing
  • slivered almonds
  • chopped dates
  • Wilderness Poets Rumi’s Hempspread
  • and a compote of fresh blackberries and some shredded coconut in almondmilk.

Remember those Barleans samples I picked up from the co-op the other day – the flax oil? I decided to use one packet in my yogurt icing! Verdict? Love. It. Tastes soooo good, and I love the texture way more than mixing flax into my oats. Because, well – it doesn’t turn my oats into a sticky mass, it just mixes into the yogurt, haha. They have a bunch of awesome flavors. I’m thinking I might order a small bottle, or see if the co-op sells them. Vanilla would be heavenly, but I think that’s the only flavor they don’t make!Β Does anybody else use flax oil? I wanted to mix it directly into the oats, but I wasn’t sure if that much heat would be bad, since I know flax oil is extremely sensitive.

Being re-united with coffee options was also delightful. I enjoyed some Green Mountain Southern Pecan with some almond milk. Southern Pecan is, hands down, one of my favs.Β Annnd, this was my first Rumi’s in oats experience! It was okay – but I think I prefer it on a sandwich πŸ™‚ On the one hand it was a nice almost-savory balance to the sweetness of the berries, but on the other hand – I think some coconut butter would have done this bowl well.

The thing I hate about blackberries, raspberries – fruits of that nature? The seeds! haha. But, they really added so much flavor to the whole bowl. I find some fruits definitely make the whole bowl taste like them, and others not so much (nectarines, pears). Blackberries definitely spread their deliciousness throughout the bowl, even though I didn’t use a ton!

I grabbed a banana and anΒ apple-date oat bran breakfast muffin for my morning snack. Yum! I am loooving these muffins. So, so good, and they stayed moist, too. I hate how sometimes, something will be amazing fresh out of the oven, but then the next day, or even a couple hours later – not so much. Not the case with these babies. Same goes for the cooookie cookies! Not to mention, full of good-for-you deliciousness…I didn’t feel bad swapping nuts out for one because I knew it would keep me just as satisfied until lunch time.

On a separate note – has anybody ever walked around with chia seeds stuck in their teeth? No? Oh, uh…me neither. I would never do something so silly!!

…okay, maybe I would. Yeah – totally that girl today. I brush my teeth before I eat lately – and for the most part am paranoid about having stuff stuck in my teeth (hah – isn’t everyone?!) and remmeber to check before going to work…but not today. I was in the middle of working with a customer when I felt something…and if you’ve ever had a chia seed stuck in your teeth – you know it’s a chia seed because of the gel. Yeah – so embarassed. I don’t think it was noticeable too much. One can hope. It was off to the side. Humiliating story of the day.

Do you have any funny/embarrassing foodie-esque stories?

Lunch today was a slice of that heavenly bread that I toasted in the toaster-oven at work and spread with some of the fig and chevre sandwich spread that I made yesterday. Guys, this spread is so. dang. good. Gahhh! Sorry you can’t see the final absolutely gorgeous and delicious final product – but just take my word for it…I almost died and went to heaven. It’s a super simple mix of dried figs, scallions, goat cheese, and a splash of milk – combined to make something truly heaven-sent went enjoyed on a warm, toasty slice of thick, hearty multi-grain bakery bread.

Enjoyed with the leftover kale and apples from last night, as well as a mix of cottage cheese, plain greek yog, and strawberries – which was doused in cinnamon once at work, and rounded out the meal with a lovely fruit and nutΒ truffle for dessert. Okay, so I just grabbed the last two out of the freezer. In my defense, one was for a motivational truffle so I would stop and clean the office after work rather than having to go into town this weekend πŸ™‚ That, and – they’re not exactly your typical truffles. I need to make more tomorrow! (and, apparently more cookies, too!)

Washed it all down with the last of this High Country Honeysuckle Kombucha:

Just discovered this company also has a chai kombucha. Must. Find. STAT.

I saved some boredom with a perfect plum shortly after lunch. Okay, and because I was craving it as soon as I remembered I packed it.

Perfectly ripe and delicious – this plum was the reminder as to why I was obsessed with them all last summer.


…and tried a new Gnu Bar flavor as the afternoon progressed, too. Once again, this company did not disappoint.

impressive from ingredients list to taste buds.

Being the cinnamon-raisin junkie I am, I hoped this bar would knock my socks off just as much as the rest of their flavors I’ve tried. And oh, man – it did, a hundred times over! I don’t know why these bars aren’t easier to find in stores. They are easily among the best I’ve had, and you seriously can’t argue with the ingredients, nutrition, and taste. They’re also pretty unique – sure, you can find boatloads of protein bars – but fiber bars aren’t quite as abundant! Even if you don’t need so much help getting all your daily fiber, they still have more protein than your average snack or granola bar that I’ve compared them to. Can’t wait to keep trying all the flavors – and you better believe I’ll be placing an order online as soon as I’m out!! They are having an amazing deal right now online – so I suggest you do, too – if you don’t win my giveaway, that is!

I was able to leave work a bit early, so I stopped and cleaned the office on the way home. Glad I got it out of the way to enjoy my weekend, and didn’t argue with being let out early, either. I was printing, mounting, spraying, and cutting prints for a photo competition for half the day, which gets extremely tedious. The other half was spent unpacking a massive load of shipping supplies and other random stuff. Maybe not my favorite activity – but I actually quite enjoy printing and mounting prints, so it was still a good day πŸ™‚

You guys might hate me, but dinner was yet another showing of beans and bread.

Hey – what can I say?! It’s just that good…not to mention, when I’ve got bread that fresh and delicious at my disposal and a serving of beans left to use – girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! Guess I’ll have to find a new obsession soon. I’ve got my money on that fig spread.

I haven’t had asparagus in ages! So naturally, had to see if I still liked it πŸ™‚ I sauteed in some Smart Balance and garlic, and drizzled with a greek-yog nooch sauce. They were alright – but I remember them as being one of the only veggies I liked as a kid, so I was sort of surprised they didn’t rock my world. What’s your favorite way to prepare asparagus?

I enjoyed a cookie for dessert along with a mini hot-applesauce mess. It’d been a while! I’ve realized that I consider my “job” as a foodblogger over once I’ve eaten dinner. I’ll have to have a “Jess: Behind the Scenes” post with a compilation of all the snacks I have from dinner until bed time, haha.

I realized tonight, I think for the first time – that I may look into seriously considering a food-related career. Coming home, cooking, prepping veggies, hearing the sizzle of fresh veggies sauteeing in the pan, the aromas, plating – everything, really – just brings me so much relaxation and contentment. I love letting my mind run wild. With food, I can do anything I want. Sure – that doesn’t mean it will be good. But that adds to the fun. Who really can say something will work or decide what’s good when they haven’t discovered for themselves? I think part of the fascinating thing about food, too, is that everybody loves different things. It’s such a huge sense of uniqueness. I think that could be just as equally frustrating. I feel bad saying some sort of food is awful on here, because one of you may very well love it! Not only that, but to me – it’s an art form. I can play with my food again! I don’t remember if I ever delved into it on here, but a major push for finally starting a food blog is the fact that I started viewing all my meals as an art form to photograph when I hadn’t been taking many photos lately. I just needed to hear that shutter click on a daily basis again! From there, it kept encouraging me to play, and I think really brought about what is now just plain adoration of new recipes, new food, and new flavors. I am wondering where it will take me – is this what I want to “do” with my life?

How did you get into foodblogging? Were you already a huge foodie, or did blogging enhance it? Similarly, I feel like doing too much of something you think you love, can make you turn against that love. Are there any ex-bloggers reading, who maybe quit because they found it destroyed their love of food experimentation?


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18 responses to “Oh Me, Oh my…

  1. Katherine: What About Summer?

    The weather has been great but recently the pollen has been overtaking! I was grateful for rain yesterday to wash it away!

  2. Oh my goodness I NEED to make that fig spread!!!

  3. I often dream about a food/health-related career in writing! What are you studying? By the way, what do you put in your yogurt icing? It looks great! And, if you haven’t tried it, hollandaise sauce is just about the best condiment for asparagus! Have a great night, girl! You have a beautiful and interesting blog!

  4. I’m really glad that blogging has helped you figure out a potential career. You have a knack for putting together amazing combinations so I think you’d do really well in this industry!

    I mainly blog to improve my writing skills and I’m slowly learning I should have chosen a career that required excellent sarcasm skills instead of finance!

  5. I loooove asparagus! I saw some at the grocery store today and almost got some but my splurge veggie was a bag of peppers instead! Next time!
    I think I’ve been a foodie for a long time. I think the blog sort of solidified it to the world though. I would love a food-related career. I’m not sure what that will entail since I am interested in policy as well. But either way, I’ll keep lovin’ food!

  6. *Andrea*

    chai kombucha sounds beyond amazing! need to find that asap.

    i found food blogs through my interest to lose weight after a bad period post-anorexia where i binged/restricted. i also have always loved delicious foods and baked goods, especially but i have zero cooking skills so blogging has helped me with that too!

  7. Pam

    Love Gnu Bars, PB is my fav! It hailed in Ohio this morning!


  8. First of all, that fig spread. Oh my dear Lord girl… See, I’m slightly obsessed with figs. I’ve loved them ever since I was a little girl and would pick them in my grandparent’s yard (yes, they had a fig tree…um a dream come true?!) so that spread… yeah, I’m so trying that. Sounds amazing!!!
    As do those blackberries. I used to refuse to eat raspberries and blackberries because of the seeds but I recently tried raspberries again and it was pure unadulterated love. I’m really not sure why I hated them in the first place.. so I’d really like to give blackberries a second shot too.
    I’m not too big of a fan of asparagus. Maybe I haven’t had it cooked the right way? It’s not bad roasted though.
    That Gnu bar flavor is my FAVORITE!!!! It tastes just like a cinnamon raisin cookie to me…

    And as for a career in food, YAY!!!!! Me too! That’s where I’m heading.. it took some trial and error but it’s my passion and thus I must follow it. I definitely think that cooking is an art form, for sure. Everyone has different styles of cooking and everyone also has different tastes that they like. Which is cool to me. And I’ve recently discovered that I really love the whole photography/food styling/plating aspect too. So i’m not sure where that’s going to lead me in the food industry but I’m up for anything!

    Love you!

  9. As always, I TOTALLY can relate. I started blogging last summer when I started working for the bakery. I have always been a huge foodie and loved cooking and the foodnetwork. It was my first summer away from home and I was really trying to learn how to make more things. I always went to the farmers markets and cooked “fresh” items but I wanted to get creative with it. When I go home I love cooking for my family because of the thought behind a meal. I always try new things and love going out to cultural food restaurants to experience different flavors and styles.

    At school I am a Political Science and Health and Society (aka Public Health) double major with a certificate in Management/Marketing. I knew after working that summer that I had to work in the food/wine industry (I’m also really interested in our local Finger Lakes wines). I loved sharing my ideas and bringing people together through food. I always had a sense of pride when people would buy a bread or cheese with my recommendation, knowing that it would be something that they would share and enjoy with good company. It sounds silly but I found that this industry was more than just an interest and a hobby; it was what I wanted to dedicate my life to.

    Sorry for rambling but this has been on my mind a lot too. I think I want to work for the marketing department of a food company and do advertising/promotions of healthy and sustainable foods. I also want to promote “buying local”. I also have dreams of eventually owning an organic cafe. The yoga studio I have been going to has a crazy menu filled with gluten-free baked goods, homemade granola (they even have an acai-bowl which is milk blended with acai, topped with fresh banana and homemade granola), sprouted grain breads, sandwiches, salads, organic smoothies, wheat grass shots, fresh juices etc etc. I have been inspired by them to make wholesome and balanced food.


  10. have you ever had synergy? how does that compare with high country? too bad we don’t have the honey suckle flavor! I believe it’s original and goji.

    • I have had Synergy and GT’s – I think they’re the same company, but two separate “lines”? I prefer the Synergy and GT’s! Especially GT’s Gingerade. I’ve only had the Honeysuckle flavor for High Country, and it wasn’t bad – but in a comparison between the two, I prefer the Synergy. They also have JUST the kombucha and the fruit juice – no added sweeteners what so ever. Loved the tartness of the cranberry and gingerade flavors! I’ve got some more High Country flavors sitting in the fridge, so I’ll be sure to review I’m sure πŸ™‚ I found that even though the Synergy line is a bit more tart in flavor, it’s also more pronounced and noticeable, and the effervescence isn’t quite as “hit you in the face” as High Country. (Which is strange, since High Country does have sweeteners, haha)

  11. I have totally walked around with chia seeds in my teeth but it wasn’t for that long because I’m kind of obsessed with checking my teeth after I eat…it’s one of those things my mom did to me by watching her obsessively do it! haha

    That apple bar you sent me was amazing, I enjoyed it so much! I got into blogging because of my mom and sister, they encouraged me to write down all my recipes and tips I was giving to them. Also my sister would called me for a recipe and then call me back 10 times to ask me questions. It was SO much easier to just blog about it and have her refer to that. I want to take up a food related career also, but for now I’m living the life of a teacher. At least I can cook and bake on my off time. Eventually I think I would like to switch careers or make some type of move to do something with food and nutrition. Have a great weekend!

  12. Love the red placemat with the oats! So vibrant and it really makes the bowl pop!

    And I’m dying to have a bite of the beans and bread dinner! It really looks like something I would go gaga over!

    You need to be a food stylist, a photographer at the very least! Your recipes are not only spectacular, but your eye for placement, color, and texture is like no other. I totally believe in your future and your success.

    I love blogging because I love cooking and food. I do it as a creative outlet and to show that it’s possible to lose 135lbs and still eat well and live a balanced life. I hope people get at least a little of that from my blog!

    Have a great weekend, love!

  13. It definitely looks like you’re meant to be in the food business. Your meals are so pretty and creative! You could probably open a restaurant JUST for your oat dishes and it would be a huge hit, haha. πŸ˜€

  14. Hey it’s Kelli reporting duty from my new Blog(me so corny..)! Send me your address because I am making your package πŸ™‚ Cinnamon Raisin GNU is by far one of my favorite bars.. I just tried the banana walnut one a few days ago, but I really have come to the realization I really do not like bananas.

  15. Pretty much after every time I eat, I either check the mirror or ask someone if I have anything in my teeth. I literally will ask someone that I just met…heck, maybe even a stranger! Because I know that the ONE time I don’t check, I’ll have a huge piece of something stuck right in the middle of my teeth, Ace Ventura style πŸ˜›

    And I totally know what you mean about your “blogging job” being over after dinner πŸ˜› I generally try to squeeze my dessert/evening snack into my last post of the day, but sometimes I just don’t feel like it!

  16. Le Toppings on your bowl of oats look oh so good. Chia seeds in the teeth..how about flax seeds. Those things are sneaky! My kids love the flax seed oil. They eat it on a spoon or in their oats. As you know I love the food blog universe…..It has opened up my life so much. The best creative outlet and “career” choice I have made in a long time. Have a great weekend πŸ™‚

  17. Great mix of fruits and nuts, thanks for sharing.

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