I Have An Obsession. It’s Not Going Away.

Hey babycakes. If you’re a guy and you’re reading, take that as a compliment, or pretend I said studlycake.

Look at how GREEN everything is getting!

Quasi-Apologies for the repeat nectarine oats for breakfast. But you know what? I read Katie’s post on foodblogging and how it can affect intuitive eating, and realized – it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to see the same breakfast two days in a row – it’s my stomach and taste buds and I’ll feed them what they wanna. Meant in the most affectionate of ways – of course I still care about you guys!

It’s a really great subject that she wrote about – definitely check it out! As far as myself, I can say that for the most part, my meals are based on what I’m craving or want to try, not a “I’ll make this because it’s pretty and I need to come across as healthy” affair. Blogging has also been a huge help in getting me to try out new foods and see new ideas. Remember when I had leftovers all the time?! Now I don’t want leftovers – I want to keep experimenting in the kitchen! And today, experimenting I did.

Look, Ma! No ginger!

After this lovely bowl, of course! Le Base:

Le Toppings:

  • vanilla chia-acai icing
  • chopped macadamia nuts
  • slivered almonds
  • Naturally Nutty White Chocolate Coconut PB
  • and a monster compote of 1/2 of a diced nectarine and some frozen cranberries in some almond milk and agave nectar.

y cafe.

I have no idea why this bowl is monstrosity sized today. Maybe I was spacing in the kitchen and added an extra tablespoon of oats, but I really don’t think I did! haha. Maybe because I used so much nectarine? The first one I cut into was bruised on an entire half, so I ended up just using half and grabbed another whole one, too.

While eating (mind you – I eat slower than death, so that’s why my oatmeal starts to “gel”, haha) the past two days I’ve had to laugh at myself – look how I eat!

I was going for the "peace and love" vibe - a peace sign!

I wasn’t lying when I always say I love those last melty spoonfuls of PB ๐Ÿ™‚

I was up ridiculously early and didn’t even realize it until I had left to make a quick trip to the bank to deposit a check. I was wondering why on earth they were closed – and then realized it was only 8:30. Yeah, college kid on a day off from work and school, is up, has had breakfast, has cleaned up breakfast, quickly thrown on some clothes, and left the house before the bank was even open. Okay, Jess.

Luckily, Price Chop was just a minute away and I still needed spinach, so I figured I’d go grab some. Uhm, they were all out of spinach. Well, the kind I typically get – they only had the bagged Dole kind, which I dislike because it seems they spoil so fast. That would happen. Hopefully I don’t have spoilage problems.

I had a partner in crime riding in the car with me – otherwise known as Kaia – which was a good way to keep me from finding too many goodies ๐Ÿ™‚ I did have some cottage cheese to replace, though. For future reference, nobody get “Vermont Style” cottage cheese. Ever. I don’t know if it’s because it’s 4% and the first kind I tried was 1% or what. But I switched back to 1% today until I solve the mystery. Anybody have any cottage cheese suggestions for me? Namely, brands & milkfat/curd size hooplah? I’m not kidding, I want to know. I realize many of you probably don’t much care about my cottage cheese woes, but I would think 4% would taste miles better, so I must be doing something wrong brand-wise.

Anywho. Upon arriving home, I had some serious Suzie homemaker callings. Actually, I had these callings last night. Well, I have these callings 24/7…but that’s besides the point. Enter: half a batch of oatmeal cookies, and half a batch of ugly but really yummyย apple & date oat-bran muffins from my Moosewoods book. I’ll probably post a recipe post soon ๐Ÿ™‚ My partner in crime stuck by my side, but that’s not surprising considering the nature of the business.

You guys think I'm the chef - really, it's Kaia.

Naturally, sampling followed the baking.

My worries pre-bake turned up to be all for nothing.

Oatmeal cookies looaddded with goodies! Butterscotch chips (looove butterscotch chips in oatmeal cookies – had to do it) dried sweet cherries, and almonds. I also played with flax eggs again today. Normally I’m not a cookie junkie but the craving struck me yesterday, and I thought these sounded really great out of the book.

I told you they were ugly.

But sooo moist and full of flavor!

I hate when food tastes delicious but looks funky. Both these goodies turned out so good! I was worried prior to baking for both of them, actually – the muffin batter was far from your typical pourable muffin batter, and the cookies were difficult to stick together. I thought for sure they would be dry, and afterwards – I realized I didn’t add much sugar at all to either product. Or oil or butter or your average baked goods inredients. But they didn’t need it, just like the book says! The fruits provide everything you need – and they are far from too dry. Yum!

I took a short blogger break from breaking before getting ready for lunch, which was obviously a quasi-repeat from last night. This bread is just too good! Can’t get over it.

Bursting with color.

My girl Jessย mentioned broccoli raab the other day when I was talking about new veggies or some tangent in a post. I go on tangents a lot. Anyways – when I went to the store Tuesday I had to try it for myself! I just sauteed some beans, red pepper, broc raab, and pressed garlic in some evoo while I toasted a slice of bread in the oven that had been drizzled with evoo and garlic powder. Shprankled some almond mozz on the bread when it was a little bit golden, returned to oven until melted, and topped with the lovely yet incredibly simple bean mixture. Yum! I also made some kale chips that weren’t so chip-like do to impatience.

I absolutely love how Moosewoods includes such simple recipes. Reminds me that things don’t need to be overthunk (uh…) to be delicious! Sure, slop this on some mediocre bread and it might not be so stellar – but all the simple things work together to create pure awesome. I use such big words, I know. Lunch was consumed whilst thinking about what to make for dinner for le familia. I finally found the victim:

Tempeh-Quinoa Burgers? Hmmm - risky for the fam, but lets give it a go!

Ready for Refrigeration.

I followed the recipe to a T, so I won’t be posting it. Sorry guys! And actually I feel bad you can sort of read most of the ingredients from that picture, but I’ll pretend you all have bad eyes. It wasn’t the fastest process, yet pretty simple. I made it after lunch, and then refrigerated it until it was a more reasonable time to pop ’em in the oven. Afterwards, I rewarded my hard work with a dessert.

Reunited with 1% CC, strawberries, and a fruit & nut truffle, drizzled with Irish Creme agave, and a side of kombucha!

Irish Creme Agave, say you?!


You know I couldn’t resist this co-op temptation. Just waiting for my Irish Creme coffee to get here! Aannd, you better believe those truffles are divine frozen. granted, they don’t actually really freeze, but hey – work with me.


Not stopping there, I chose to make heavenlyย fig and chevre sandwich spread and of course, wiped the spoon clean on a small piece of toast.


Really – does anybody want to come over and have a cooking party? I just want to cook all day long! Luckily, I know to halve things, hah. I only made a half dozen muffins, a dozen cookies, and four veggie burgers for the three of us. And, considering I’m not the only one who loves the cookies, don’t think we’ll have a problem with the consumption ๐Ÿ˜‰ The sad thing is, I really wanted to make more truffles/homemade Larabars today – but hey, I’ve gotta leave something for this weekend! hah. I’m too intimidated by work to bring in baked stuff. Since the cookies were a hit, I think they’d be safe to bring, though.

A short while later my mom came home, and let me know the FedEx man payed me a visit while I was cooking up a storm. I can finally enjoy coffee other than Wild Mountain Blueberry in the morning!

In the winter, I drink coffee like it’s going out of style since I just crave warmth. Lately, I’ve just been having a cup or two in the morning, and hardly any throughout the day! I think I’ll start icing it myself…thoughts? Can I just brew a cup in the morning, and refrigerate it all day, or will it taste funny?

I was all set to snack on some berries and cottage cheese or yogurt and a cookie, and then realized it was 4:30 already! My mom likes to eat early (5:00) so I opted to just start making the burgers, and snacked on some plain berries while they baked. Love fresh berries. I can’t wait to go picking this summer.


I was so happy with the outcome of these burgers!Everyone else loved them, too. I served them on some toasted bread (that’s a lie – I served mine on toasted bread, my mom & Henry wanted a subpar roll.) with melted mozz & garlic, then the burger, then some tomato slices and left them to do what they wanted with it.

But, they really didn’t need anything! They are moist and seasoned enough as-is. Next time, i think I’ll add a flax egg or an egg white just for a liiiitle bit more binding power. They held together fine for the most part, but I don’t think it would hurt. I might try pan-cooking them, too – just for a little more crunch on the outside! Of course, I’m one of those people who just gets really impatient when cooking things in the oven.

These were really quite simple to make, and I can’t wait to try more of the Moosewoods burger recipes. Should we count how many times I’ve sang my praise to these people? If you’re not convinced yet, I don’t think anything could convince you to look into their cookbooks.

Although, my day did have an almost tear-jerker moment. Let us all bow our heads in silence, and pay our respects to the beloved Maine Maple Mustard that has stood by me and covered my bum through thick and thin.

The Last Spoonful.

His remains were used to create tonight’s side-dish of sauteed kale and apples.

(I realize I have this as a side dish just about every other night. My defense: I have a ton of kale, and it’s a side dish that everyone enjoys. Surprisingly. haha)

I hope everyone’s had a great day and got more accomplished than my lazy bum ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey – I don’t feel too badly…but I am not looking forward to going back to my already almost nonexistant school life ๐Ÿ˜‰

What are your thoughts about posting recipes online from a book that you’ve adapted? AKA – is anyone interested in the cookie or muffin or truffle recipes? I did alter them slightly, but they are still quite Moosewoods. I certainly wouldn’t post a recipe I followed exactly just because, well – I support Moosewoods and want them to stay in business and keep selling books ๐Ÿ˜› I know other people have done it, but – I just have issue with doing it myself.

Do you have any Moosewoods books, or a cookbook you just can’t get enough of? If yes – spill!!

And now, after having re-read this post, I’m laughing at myself. It looks like I just ate all day long, aha. Love it; because I really didn’t! Actually, I sort of missed out on normal snacks today!


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17 responses to “I Have An Obsession. It’s Not Going Away.

  1. apple & date oat-bran muffins!!! Those are on the top of my agenda!! Thanks so much for the recipe!
    I can’t decide which cookbook to get! I have a few on my amazon shopping list, can’t decide which ones I want!
    I’m torn on publishing recipes from books. :/

    Loooove that photo of Kaia!

  2. OK so I am seriously convinced that we were separated at birth. Or friends in a past life or something because I read your posts and I’m like oh wow that is so ME! Anyways…. I agree about the whole blogging thing. Sometimes I am craving something and then I think oh wait.. I just had that on my blog yesterday. And sometimes I will go with something different and sometimes I’ll go with my craving and end up posting the same foods several times a week or back to back (ahem sweet potato fries). But it’s ok because you’re right, it’s more important to go with what you are craving than what may “look good.”
    So I always totally save the bites with nut butter in my oats for last too.. and I thought I was the only crazy person who did that. Yay, i’m not alone! I always save the best bites for last no matter what I’m eating.
    And as one lame college student to another, I feel you. I think just by our healthy eating habits, we break the college student “code.” And then you add in that my idea of sleeping in is 8:00, well there’s just no hope for me…
    Those burgers sound amazing!!!! I NEED to purchase a Moosewood Cookbook like ASAP.
    As for cookbooks I like, don’t laugh but Katie Lee Joel’s cookbook is AWESOME. She may have her faults but the girl can cook. And I’m a Rachael Ray fan… I know, I know. But she is who inspired me to start cooking and so I’m kind of loyal. And I wouldn’t post a recipe from a book or magazine either UNLESS it’s online. But you know the blurry picture thing is ok… and I DO have bad eyes so yeah..
    And I’m glad you liked broccoli raab!!! (And thanks for the mention!) It’s so good!!! I haven’t had any in a while (or tofu or kale) because I can’t do my own grocery shopping anymore, which SUCKS, and well, my mom would have problems hunting down the tofu and tempeh and whatnot. But she knows all about Greek Yogurt now, which is awesome.
    Can’t help you on the cottage cheese front. I can deal with it in oats but by itself… not a fan. Like i’ve said, it’s a texture thing. But whipped cottage cheese is pretty darn awesome but it’s hard to find. And the brand name totally just left my mind…
    Love ya!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Your food looks delicious and amazing, as always. LOVE the photo of your partner in crime. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. can I please steal the word “studlycake” for a new term in my everyday vocab? haha I have so many things to say about your post so I’ just going to number them:

    1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures. I swear they make me so happy every day I see them.
    2. I agree about the intuitive eating. I usually eat what I want but I have to say from time to time I do eat/ make things to show off.
    3. Cutest dog ever.
    4.—this should have been number 1— COOKING PARTY!?! ABSOLUTELY! Minus my parents (not sure that counts) none of my friends appreciate food. A typical meal for them = salad composed of random things, and canned soup. Tonight my one friend goes “I was so hungry when I got home so I had one piece of broccoli and hummus….good thing I am having a “big dinner” I totally forgot to eat lunch.” ….like REALLY!? My every though moment (and sometimes my sleep) are consumed by recipe ideas and what I’m going to try next.
    5. I think if it is public access and you can provide a link than its okay. A lot of food sites have published things in them, as long as you credit the author!
    6. HOW DID YOU LIKE THE CHEVRE!? I love it paired with figs. I had a brandied apricot jam over the summer that matched PERFECTLY with. I would add some turkey and basil leaves…so YUM!
    7. Okay….I don’t really have a 7th point but I was on a roll.

    Have a great night and happy almost weekend!!

  5. HIIII BABYCAKE! i’ll be at the cooking party, just let me know when and where! hahah. i wish!! how fun would that be! your cookies LOOK GOOD! they are not at all ugly.

  6. Your baked goods look SO good, yum! Those burgers turned out amazing too – they look seriously professional! I’ve heard good things about the Moosewood cookbook, I think I need to check them out.

  7. Nicole

    What a sweet picture of Kaia! (I love that name!)

    Ahhhh. I really want to bake! I have the day off tomorrow… hmm, decisions, decisions. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Quinoa is another thing I haven’t tried– but those burgers look good! The lighting reminds me of summer.

  8. Those quinoa burgers look fabulous! I’ve been looking for some good veggie burger recipes! Lately I just haven’t been feeling like eating much red meat.

    Kaia is adorable! ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. I don’t even know where to start…everything looks so good! I love homemade bean/meatless burgers! I could eat them all the time…the options are unlimited. Vegan Brunch is probably one of my favorite cookbooks now. It really is so good! Your chef is adorable!!!

  10. Your burgers look amazing, especially with the sesame seeds on top! Seriously, delicious. And your dog is too cute.

  11. I always get nervous about posting recipes from books, even if I did adapt them. I have to change a whole bunch of stuff if I’m gonna post them!

    I looove butterscotch chips. I’m gonna have to try them in oatmeal cookies!

  12. what agreat pic of kaia..love the burgers…post the truffle recipe…love the berry pic also..cuteeeeee


  13. Your breakfast is GORGEOUS! What a sunny thing to wake up to.

    I love Moosewood! I’ve made the pad thai so many times. I also love the Vegetarian Times Cooks Mediterranean and cooking magazines (Gourmet- sniff- Bon Appetit, FOod & Wine).

  14. kelli!

    I knew you would like the recipe, because it has KALE in it! and I am working on a blog…did not know how much work it entails, props to you and everyone else ๐Ÿ™‚ And for the bloggie swap I am setting a budget and just getting a few thingys. That dinner you made looks delish I love beans! I want to go to the moosewood restaurant but its all the way in Ithaca, NY way too upstate and far from me!

  15. Katherine: What About Summer?

    Can you recommend some tempeh-for-dummy products and cooking instructions? ((I’m the kitchen dummy haha)) Thanks!

  16. eatspinlive

    I just happened to find your blog today and I LOVE it!! All of your pictures are beautiful girl and your food looks sooo good!! I really will have to find a recipe for muffins now, because yours look amazing!

  17. hey girl – the oats are gorgeous, and i love seeing them… your combinations make me swoon!

    as far as the cottage cheese (i’m an ADDICT!), they one i like the flavor/texture of is friendship brand. i like the no salt added kind, as well as the whipped kind – that’s my FAVORITE!!!
    good luck girl ๐Ÿ™‚
    – r

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