Oh, Food. I Love You.

‘eeyyyy, lovebugs. How are your days going? Anything new and exciting?

Raspberry-Nectarine Oats

Before I forget – did anyone else catch American Idol last night? I’m not a consistent watcher – but I was seriously cracking up at Lee’s performace. Okay, I love Hey, Jude. But where in they hay did that bagpiper come from? I wasn’t sure if I was just finding humor where it wasn’t intended to exist, but when Ellen critiqued and started cracking jokes, I totally lost it. Anybody? Anybody?

In addition to that – I did not want to sleep last night. I kept waking up just ready for it to be morning…and at one point, there was a late night show on (the one after David Letterman with the Scottish host) and there was an Adam’s Family performance going on) Last night was like, not even real. I mean – The Adam’s Family? Whaaa?! Where did that come from?! After all this craziness, I sort of woke up thinking “Uh, was all that even real?” If anybody caught either show, let me know. Hopefully I’m not crazy crazy.

Waterlogged table.

That being said, I was more than ready to get up this morning, and a ripe nectarine was calling for me. Actually, I had a prickly pear lined up, but after a taste-test, lets just say that got chucked. Anybody ever had a prickly pear before? Verdict? Sorry I keep showing the same ol’ oat combinations. But they’re tried and true for a reason, folks!

The base was super-fun this morning, and oat-bran less!

And of course, Le Toppings:

  • vanilla chia-acai icing
  • Dundee ginger jam
  • crystallized ginger
  • slivered almonds
  • shredded coconut
  • Naturally Nutty White Choco Coconut Almond Butter (or peanut butter? I can’t remember!)
  • and a compote of the rest of the diced ripe nectarine and some frozen red raspberries, in almond milk and a drizzle of agave.

I think I’m going to give myself a challenge for the rest of the week: No more ginger jam, no more crystallized ginger. No reason. Just because it’s made an appearance in, oh, I don’t know, every single breakfast I’ve had for the past eternity? haha. Does anybody else have a food that they find constantly working its’ way into meals? Not like – chia seeds or supplementary things, though. And – how have I totally forgotten about that white choco almond butter for so long? I totally let Artisana rule my life for coconut cravings – but I am still enamored with Naturally Nutty. Loving the Grains and Seeds cereal, too. You can definitely use it in place of oat bran if you like oat bran for its’ texture. – though I think oat bran may have more protein?

My oats are always defying gravity.

After battling some gigantic ants that decided to raid my cupboard overnight (whoops – agave spillage. But while we’re on the subject – how do ants just multiply out of no where? I mean, human babies don’t all of a sudden appear in your cupboards.) I packed lunch for the day and grabbed a snack. Because, obviously, I couldn’t leave the house without a fruit and nut truffle. These things are addicting. SO making more tomorrow. Maybe I’ll make them bar-form. Inexpensive Larabars, anybody?


I still had the other half of my twice baked sweet potato, that I left alone yesterday thinking it’d be easy to grab for work today. No, it does not gross me out one bit that that means it is three and a half days old. Not to mention, I’m stuck with bunk hummus. I made my mom a hummus wrap for lunch today last night (I warned her the hummus wasn’t so hot) and made sure to use a little more than usual. Hey, she’s probably not as picky about her hummus as I am. Verdict: she’s not, she didn’t notice a difference. I did, however, get a little sad thinking that I wouldn’t be able to use that amazing bread in a delicious sandwich.

A ripe pear and a fruit and nut truffle were lovely additions to my sweet tater lunch. This morning, I was thinking “Okay, what can I have for a veggie? I need more veggies.” before then thinking “Jess, what is wrong with you? You’re eating a sweet potato.” I know, I know – no such thing as too many veggies, but the ants took up so much time that I didn’t have time (or enough spinach, says the girl who went grocery shopping yesterday) to make one. Hah.

This pear was disappointing. I think I’m over pears. Used to love ’em. Lately they taste like…mealy water.

This may seem random, but it’s not really because the song just came on MTV: I really hate Lil’ Wayne’s new song. You can hate me for that, but I still love you. Just not a huge rap fan, anyways.

Back to the subject at hand, though. I snagged a Larabar for my afternoon snack. Yes, you read that right: I, Jessica Exposures, who used to complain Larabars are “too big!” snacked on a Larabar. But – I was skimming through my ginormous bar collection yesterday before hitting up le grocery store, and realized I purchased many without necessarily scoping out the ingredients.  “Hey, it’s in the organic, health food section – can’t be bad!” was my thought. But I just never realized how many bars in my collection have many ingredients, and many with soy protein as the primary ingredient! Luna Bars primarily. Sure, I’ll still eat them – I bought them, and it won’t hurt me that much! But, I think the diet mentality snuck into me when I would chose bars at times. “Lower calories in the Luna, I’ll grab that.” But now – I’d far rather have a Larabar, Clif C Bar, Gnu Bar, or something of that nature – with hardly more than five ingredients – than a lot of the bars I have that rely on soy proteins and the like. yes, I realized I promised yesterday that I would stop spieling about soy. But – look at this not so much about spieling about soy so much as spieling about diet mentalities and sometimes opting for foods that aren’t quite as whole and healthful. I’ve said it before – I’d rather have more of a whole food like sugar or legit sugar substitutes, than a large amount of some sort of diet food that has been processed beyond belief – aspartame, splenda, etc. I’ll take a real jam any day – sure, the sugar content may be rather high on some – but pretty much any reduced sugar or sugar free products are loaded with chemicals, at least in your typical grocery store. Same goes for breads, milk, butter – anything!

I’m not bagging on processed foods – don’t get me wrong! I eat my fair share of them. Pretty much everything is processed, when looked at from a technical aspect. I’m talking moreso about food that is more geared towards dieters – as in “low fat! reduced calories!” etc. where rather than consisting mostly of real food – it’s been pumped up with chemicals. No me gusta.

Coconut Cream Pie!

And after remembering how dang good these babies are, I don’t think I’ll be going back any time soon. Actually, I will be. I have a ton of bars in that big ol’ collection.

Nanner nanner

A ripe banana, Sahale Snacks Valdosta Pecans, almonds, and dried apricots made up the rest of my day’s snack-age. I like food.

To go with my afternoon Larabar, however, was a long lost friend that I realized is no long what I consider a friend:

The return of iced coffee.

Today was ridiculously warm out. The weatherman totally lied to me, and it was sunny and warm all morning. I was expecting rain, clouds, and mid 50’s! Not fair. But, I was sent on a mission for ink and paper towels, and an iced coffee run, too. I bought a coconut iced coffee and added some coconut milk I had in the fridge when I was back at the lab. I used to be a coconut iced coffee addict two summers ago. I turned to iced mates last summer – and today was my first in eons. I didn’t care for it, actually. It’s a habit I’m perfectly fine without, too.

Driving home, all I was chanting in my head was “Cheesy toast! Beans and cheesy toast! Toasty cheesy beans!” Yes. Moosewoods, I love you. Food, I love you.


I love that they have something this simple, yet this good in the book. I just sauteed beans, tomatoes, spinach, fresh basil and minced garlic in some olive oil while toasting a slice of fresh bread spread with a wee bit o’ butter and sprinkled with some garlic powder. Mashed up the bean mixture a bit, seasoned, and stirred in some leftover shrimp that were sitting on the counter from my mom’s dinner. Couldn’t resist! Sprinkle some cheese on that delicious bread, pop back in the oven to melt, and top with le beans.

so, so yum.

I kept saying over and over “gah, this bread is so good.” It was crunchy yet chewy, and lets not even get into the taste. But the meal was delish as a whole, too! Moosewoods knows what’s up. Seriously love. I need to buy all their cookbooks!

If you’re wondering if another truffle went missing afterwards – you’d best belive one did. Paired with a caramel oikos, this time. Divine.

Day off tomorrow! I think I’ll be baking up a storm 🙂 Hope everyone has a lovely night, as well.

Anybody else have any added wisdom on real food versus foods geared for media/advertising that seem to be healthy – when really, they’ve just been socked with chemicals to make up for the food that’s been taken out? Or – have you ever looked back on something and realized “Wow, I think I had a diet mentality sneaking in there,” when you opted for one food (that was likely more whole & healthful) over another? I almost hate to admit that I think that  is what affected my bar decisions at times – luckily, not much otherwise 🙂

Stay posted for a giveaway I’ll be posting tomorrow morning-ish!



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16 responses to “Oh, Food. I Love You.

  1. I try to avoid processed foods, mostly because I feel like I get my fair share of crap from baked goods I make (always have to try at least one, right?). As a rule of thumb, I try to avoid bars. I like them a lot but honestly I think of them more as a dessert than a healthy snack, but that’s just my opinion.

    What Lil’ Wayne song are you referring to? You can probably imagine with my taste in music that I’m a fan haha! His ridiculous lyrics make me laugh every time!

    Also, I think you pretty much sold me on the Moosewood cookbooks! (Not that I wasn’t sold after my many restaurant visits but I think I officially need one now!)

  2. ahhh girl i love yo eats, as always! i honestly eat processed AND non processed food-its really whatever i want! haha, nobody ever died from eating some processed foods! i dk why ppl freak out over it, ya know ? HAPPY HUMP DAY BEAUTIFUL

  3. Hi Love! I am so enjoying your blog! You are a girl after my own heart. I also love larabars…and used to never think I could eat a whole one…boy was i wrong! I eat one everyday. Apple pie is my favorite. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  4. I try to eat non-processed foods as much as I can. I agree with you with the whole larabar, luna bar thing. I try to have them less and less but I still enjoy them every once in awhile. Have you had pure bars?? same type of raw idea as larabars, really good! When did you make those truffles? I think I missed that! and you need to make a twitter name asap!

  5. processed foods–yes I eat twix and sncikers hey get stressed…oh that iced coffee looks divine!! omg little wayne….never


  6. Ok girl, do not apologize for your oats because they are the bomb, you are like the queen of oats 🙂 I personally can’t wait for some fresh nectarines to put in oats… yum!!!
    I like Larabars, certain flavors. Some are pretty meh to me but the PB & J is out of this world!! I haven’t tried the coconut yet though. But I do love the ingredient list. And I also adore Cliff bars (ingredient list, not so much) and Gnu bars. I’m a bar addict, it’s true. Some of the ones I eat are pretty processed and have some crazy ingredients but some are better, I think moderation and balance is the key. And I’m not planning on giving up my Cliff bars anytime soon…
    Yeah I was an iced coffee addict as well. I’m not that bad anymore but I do enjoy them now and again. But my favorite way is just plain coffee with some real half and half and real sugar. YUM! And no freaky scary chemicals to be found…
    Your dinner sounds awesome! Sometimes the simpler it is, the better 🙂

    Have a great Thursday and thank you for your comment on my blog, I really appreciate it!!!
    Love you!!!

  7. Thanks for reminding me it’s iced coffee season again!

  8. you know, i had the same theory with luna bars — ok 180 calores, not too bad…the clif bars and lara bars SCARE ME with all those calories. i’ve never even had one…i guess i could always break one in half…got any flavors in particular that i need to try? i have a carrot cake clif sitting in my cabinet. it’s been in there for 2 weeks but i’m afraid of it…yeah that’s really weird sounding isn’t it..oh god haah

  9. haha and lil wayne? oh you crushed my heart. that’s my ghetto ass boyf. actually, lately, i’ve been thinking about breaking up with him for gucci mane. holy f i’m ghetto. every person that reads this is going to be really afraid of me….i swear i’m not scary!!!

  10. Your breakfast looks SO good, love the raspberry and nectarines! I try to eat non-processed foods but do eat some, I think it’s all about balance!

  11. Your food photos are amazing! The cheesy toast doesn’t look too bad either 😉 I used to eat a lot of diet foods that were perceived as healthy. But honestly, I only ate them because I didn’t know any better. Before I lived in Sweden, I had no idea what real food was. I can’t believe the crap I used to eat all the time- a lot of granola bars, sugary cereal and rice cakes. Unbelievable. I learned so much when I moved abroad since they don’t have “fake foods” there. Only fresh, wholesome REAL food. Love your blog! xoxo

  12. kelli!

    Hey I love the moosewoods cookbooks!! I recently got the low-fat one on ebay and it is LOVE. I also am getting the extreme courage to make my own blog, even though my photography skills are SERIOUSLY lacking. If I ever do decide to get a blog this weekend, I will totally send you a trader joe’s package since you always talk about it and never have been! Today I saw they have their own version of popchips ahaha

    Keep on Shining!

    oh and about the adams family comment, it is a new show on broadway (which i recently saw) and it is awesome, so it wasnt so random being on tv after all

  13. I never watched A.I all the way til the last bottom 3 haha. I’m not sure if I’ll be catching it at all this season though! yum, i love everything on your toast, sounds tasty. love the photog once again.

  14. I love food too. haha! The colors in your oats are FANTASTIC! I love it. Lara bars are for sure my favorite (I’m a Larabar and KIND bar freak). They are packed with nutrition and hold me over better than any other snack. I hate when I have a “snack” and it doesn’t satisfy me. I MUST MAKE THOSE TRUFFLES. I also MUST get a food processor. I read the Clean Eating and I have to say…totally agreeing with you. I feel like the focus was a bit off, from what I like to read.

  15. Girl everything looks great! 🙂 And your photographs are just phenomenal!

  16. This past year I became really hung up on eating “whole foods”, all of the time…except recently i’ve realized that I’ve always been an extremely healthy eater–just raised that way, and was perfectly fine after some chemical-laden crackers or yogurt, etc, etc. My sorority house always has our fridge stocked with those yoplait yogurts, and I went an entire semester without having one! All because I would only eat “whole foods”. But you know what?, I see so many girls eating these foods that aren’t the MOST pure and healthy, and they’re totally fine! We’re young, we’re healthy, we’re aloud to eat things that aren’t always made with the best ingredients. It will not affect us in the slightest! However, I do still refuse diet-y foods! There’s just no need 🙂 I always prefer what’s more filling and delicious in the long run, but hey–if i’m craving yogurt or i need syrup and i’m only offered the kinds filled with a few chemicals…i’ll take it! Plus, we do eat SO well most of the time that our bodies are pretty dang healthy as it is and can definitely handle a little extra “junk” from time to time, haha!…ya know?! 🙂

    But seriously, that iced coffee and the toast-y dinner both sound equally delicious right now!!!! I just had some toast with cottage cheese and cinnamon, actually! It’s the besttttttt.

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