My Inner Pollock

Heyyy there bloggies. As always – hope everyone’s chuggin’ along and 2/5ths of the way through their work week with no forseeable drama. And, hopefully, your day went like mine, which involved food so good I almost want to shed tears of triumphant joy.

I honed my inner Jackson Pollock with this morning’s oats! Okay – so it didn’t work quite like planned – but just trust me when I say that the icing was drizzled in a pretty cool, pollock-esque fashion 🙂 If you don’t know who I’m talking about, it’s this dude. I’m not typically one for abstract art (c’mon – “White on White”?) but Pollock is the man when it comes to abstract paintings.

This morning called for blueberry-cherry oats. Second time in 4 days for this lovely blue bowl – I knew the calling for it would come! Le base:

Le toppings:

  • vanilla chia-acai icing
  • crushed up Yogi Blueberry Granola Crisps (the last of my bag, almost! Luckily, Strawberry is waiting)
  • crystallized ginger
  • Dundee ginger jam
  • Naturally Nutty White Chocolate Cherry Almond Butter
  • and a quick compote of frozen sweet cherries, chopped pitted dates and blueberries in almond milk with a little agave.

See the drip on the left? Total Pollock.

I tried this new Bob’s Red Mill cereal today – peep the goods! Love all the protein nuttiness and seediness. I thought it would be a neat addition to oats – and I enjoyed the chewiness it added. Almost similar to steel cut oats! I think tomorrow, I’ll use half the Grains & Nuts cereal, and half oats, though. It was similar in texture to oat bran, but had a pleasant chew to it as well.

Bob, why are you so genius?

After throwing on my face, I left the kitchen in distress and boogied in to Rutland to shop! Introducing:

Jess’s Ways to Spend Way too Much Money at the Grocery Store:

  1. Scope out,, and product websites for coupons. Print any that are even remotely interesting, so you’ll end up spending more money by purchasing something you may not have originally, even if you are getting a good deal.
  2. Purchase close to your body weight in fresh produce. Sure, the prices look low. But, $2 here and $3 there all add up.
  3. Decline purchasing necessities like tissues, moisturizer, toilet paper, and the like so that you can increase your already larger-than-life collection of whole grains, jams, and other fun knick-knacks.
  4. Tell yourself you will not even walk through the bar aisle so you won’t be tempted, but finally cave a decide to just take a quick peak, where you may or may not allow yourself one or two interesting finds.
  5. Set a $3/item spending limit unless it’s something really cool. Then realize that $2 items add up almost as quickly. And “really cool” pertains to nearly everything in the organic section.
  6. Tell yourself you’re glad you worked extra hours this week, but not feel bad because you can’t wait to play with all your new produce and grains. And at least you’ll die happy and healthy. I mean that in the most optimistic of ways. You get my humor by now, right? I hope?

Then, of course, there’s the drive home. Introducing:

Jess’s Entertainment While Driving:

  1. Laugh at liscense plates that say “Tilapia” and then look around and see how many others have funny letters. Including, “ELK,” and “BGPAPA.”
  2. Think about food. Think about the food you just purchased. Think about what to make for lunch. With said purchases.
  3. Realize you’ve been listening to static or a really terrible song for the past 5 minutes, change the station to a better one – only for the cycle to repeat itself over and over throughout the drive.
  4. Get angry at drivers that can’t find the gas pedal even though the weather is perfect and no other cars or police are in sight.
  5. Think about food. Still.
  6. Wonder if other people are as weird as you are.
  7. Think about why things happen the way they do.
  8. Randomly burst into song at the most random-est of songs.
  9. Think about ponies.

a banana peel? Jess, why did you buy a banana peel?

Co-Op goodies. I got a little hungry on the way home. Whoops.

FREE SAMPLES?! Oh, okay.

Question: Do you think I can put these in oats? I don’t make smoothies that often. There aren’t even really instructions stating what they are.

Edit: I found my answer. This Barleans company sounds neat! Can’t wait to try these now. Anyone have an experience with them?

Of course, here are some goodies I found. My realization of the day? Soy is in so.many.foods. It’s like the HFCS of the natural foods world. Ugh. I mean, as mentioned – I’m not going to be super paranoid about it, but if it’s in the first couple of ingredients – it’s a no go. It’s strange – when googling soy lecithin – there are sites praising it, just as many sites as there are condemning it. How does a consumer know what to think?! But I guess it’s not so much the lecithin part – it’s the soy part! Okay, I gotcha now. So, my conclusion: if soy lecithin is at the tail-end of an ingredients list (as I have found it so often to be) it won’t be a deal breaker like soy protein as a primary ingredient is. Now I wish I had gotten those Ginger Creme Newman-O’s. Drat. Guess there’s always next time. End of Spiel. (p.s. sorry for spieling on soy so much these past couple of days.)

Refrig. goods from Hannies.


Too much produce to display on my kitchen table. Easier to put away if I could carry it all straight to le fridge. Sorry kids.

I stopped at Hannafords and the co-op. I do love the co-op…but it is just so much more expensive! I’d certainly rather give them business though – so I get stuff I can’t find at Hannafords there, as well as some stuff I can. Just because it’s nice to do business locally. Still – I am a college kid. Anyone else have this dilemma?

Why, what a beautiful multigrain loaf you have!

Oh, yeah – I made BREAD today!! Isn’t that loaf BEAUTIFUL?!?! Bow down to me. My mom was mad impressed.

Yeah, hi apple rum walnut conserve. I finally was unable to resist your $5+ dollar temptation, and I'm so relieved you're worth every penny.

HAH! Just kidding. I didn’t bake that beautiful multi-grain loaf. You didn’t think I was that vein to talk myself up that much, did you? I hope not. Pulled the same trick on le madre, too. Anyways – totally stopped at the Green Mountain Depot on my way in today, to see if they did, in fact – sell their bread. And hells-to-the-yeah they do! Just my luck – totes stole (as in, paid for) the last multigrain loaf. I am enamored. They also had honey wheat and sourdough. I’ll probably try honey wheat next.

Obviously, this delicious loaf had to be used in lunch. Introducing:

How to Pollock-ify your Lunch, and Discover that the term “Open Face Sandwich” Was Invented For a Reason:

  1. Cut slices for sandwich. Steal a couple nibbles of the loaf while sauteeing pear slices over medium heat in some cinnamon.
  2. Spread delicious apple rum walnut conserve liberally on one slice.
  3. Shred some almond mozarella cheese and tempeh for the sandwich. Add some baby spinach to the pear slices, and cover to wilt. Sprinkle almond mozz over the walnut conserve.
  4. Flip pears once they’re golden, and add your tempeh to the pan. Cook until lightly golden.
  5. Once the tempeh is ready, place on top of le cheese, followed by the pear and spinach mixture. Think to self “oh, crap.” but just keep piling it.
  6. Lose half the mixture to the cutting board. Don’t panic – just pick it up and pile ‘er on.
  7. Once everything is sort of stabilized but not really, place the second slice on top of the sky-high tower, and press down as you sort-of-successfully cut the sandwich in half.
  8. Be proud of yourself for being able to plate the  monstrosity in one piece.
  9. Consume contents, and wonder if you’re about to explode upon completion.

You are Stellar.

Uh, yeah. Not my brightest of moments. But dun good if you ask me. They were the “butt ends” of the loaf, so I figured I’d just to a small-yet-gigantic sandwich rather than cutting the loaf right in half and stealing the biggest slice(s). If that makes sense. It probably doesn’t – but it does in my head.

Peep the goods. Not so pretty, but like Pollock's works - it has abstract beauty, no?

Tribe, you have nothing on Cedars.

I couldn’t find Cedars hummus in the store – tear!! Had to go for Tribe. Funny Fact? I used to be a Tribe fan and disliked Cedars. Now, however, I am a total Cedars fan, and really don’t care for this Tribe hummus. I kind of can’t wait for it to be done, even though I just opened it. I want my creamy Cedars deliciousness back. Luckily, I have a little bit left at work.

What a lovely date. With myself.

All Enjoyed con Kombucha and Clean Eating. A little unimpressed that Clean Eating seems to be falling into the media trap of proclaiming “Low Calories!” all throughout the magazine. I don’t remember always thinking this about it – I noticed it in this most recent issue, though.

New Kombucha brand and flavor.

Ingreds not as simple as GTs or Synergy.

Oo effervescence!

Not bad – but I preferred Gingerade from yesterday.

Marry me, Moosewoods.

After getting wicked antsy, I decided to put my recipe following skills to the test. AKA : my first marriage proposal to Moosewoods. Enter- fruit & date truffles. I’ve been entertaining the idea to make my own sort of date bars/balls for a while now. And – what better day than today! I had a recipe right in front of me, and was fully stocked on dates and dried fruits and nuts. Of course, when am I not?

I knew you all would want to see this action shot.

I was pretty successful, besides the fact that I didn’t have an orange or a lemon to zest. Sad face. That and, I accidentally skimped on the ground nuts. I halved it in my head, forgot, and halved the halved number. Shnoopsies.

That being said – these are amaaaaze. My mom enjoyed too. And they will certainly be made again the right way, haha. I think they’re just a bit stickier, and I think the orange zest would really make them fantab. Anyone want to cook through their Cooking for Health cookbook with me??


Obviously, I had a little of the date mixture leftover, and while the truffles chilled, I thought of the perfect way to use it up, along with the remaining toasted coconut.

With greek yog, of course! Didn't stay that pretty for very long...

These won over my mom, too. Gahh, so good.

My culinary flair continued into dinner, where I yet again realized Moosewoods and I were destined to be together. Enter: Tempeh Gyro. Okay, so they called for a Seitan gyro, and I omitted a key ingredient for a gyro, but typical gyros also contain lamb or beef, so I think that’s acceptable.

Le mixture.

I picked up an avocado today to try and give it another chance. Never was an avocado fan. After flipping through the book, was inspired by their Seitan Gyro recipe. I’ve been feeling like a total carnivore these past couple days – I’m kind of over meat, really. I just wanted something veggierific and most of all, fresh!

For the pita filling:

  • diced red onion, avocado, and tomatoes
  • diced flax tempeh
  • crumbled feta cheese
  • salt, ground black pepper

To be dressed with:

  • heaping spoonful of plain greek yogurt
  • small dash of garlic hummus
  • drizzle of balsamic vinegar
  • sesame seeds
  • dried oregano, salt, and pepper

Stuff into toasted pitas with spinach and dine like a Greek!

Enjoyed con nooch broccs.

Um, okay, lets review: to say this was fantab would be an understatement. Yum! So fresh tasting, loved. it. Meat doesn’t make me physically feel gross, I guess…but I just love light, fresh meals like this one, I guess is the best way to put it.

And of course, finish the course with some Purely Decadent Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Ice Cream. And a fruit and date truffle. Together. In the same bite. And cry.

Ohh, I love you.

Never had before. There’s a $1.00 of coupon at one of the sites I mentioned earlier. Uhm, you don’t need to beg me to try coconut milk ice cream!

Seriously in love. This is, honestly, better than any dairy ice cream I’ve had. I was glad the coconut flavor still came through, even though it’s Vanilla Bean flavored. It was like the most heavenly combination of each! And it’s not bad price-wise either. I think if you go to their website you can get coupons, too!

….aaaand, if you made it through this beast of a post, I’m giving you a blog-web-hug right now. If you skimmed, here’s my life, in a nutshell: work. sleep. eat. grocery shop. read cook books. cook. rinse. repeat.

Do you have a local co-op that you frequent, or do you stick to big stores, or do a little bit of both?

Are you a big meat-eater, or an “almost” vegetarian? (or, well, a vegetarian? I’m not discluding anybody!)

P.s. I’ll be posting a giveaway this week – likely Thursday. Until then, though, boogie on over to Katie’s blog for a Larabars Giveaway!


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14 responses to “My Inner Pollock

  1. hey girl -thanks for stoppin by!

    i guess everyone always says don’t you miss meat!??! and i just finished reading your HUGE post, with beautiful, amazing things, and none of it had meat… doesn’t look like you’re missing anything, does it? eating meat for me cuts out a chance to eat heavenly things like refried beans, cashews (!), more cheese, whole grains, etc. i’m not missing out… i’m MAJORLY gaining 🙂

  2. defunktgourmet

    Dear Jess – random. Made steel cut oats last night and thought of you and your extreme sense of tasty healthy! Just made some more. Also, because of your love of it, I will be buying almond milk some time this week. I am very excited. Will let you know how it goes. Hope all is well.

  3. Oh wow, girl I don’t even know where to start!!! I just want to give this post a hug, I love it so much!
    Your cherry blueberry oats inspired me to a. make blueberry oats in the morning, why have I not had them in oh FOREVER? and b. need. frozen. cherries. STAT!
    The Bob’s mill cereal sounds amazing!! I LOVE that company, they haven’t failed me yet.
    Your Ways to Spend Too Much Money.. yeah i’ve got that one down pat. I walk in Whole Foods and it’s goodbye to my money… I surrender you. I go in with the best intentions and well, I see a new flavor of yogurt that I just HAVE to have or a bar that sounds yummy and well… out the window goes my best intentions. But you know, we may die broke, but hey, at least we are healthy and have eaten some amazing foodie deliciousness!
    And the way you entertain yourself while driving…yeah. Me too. Food consumes my thoughts like at least 50% of the day. At work, in class, driving, whatever… and people who drive slow for no apparant reason… OH. my gosh. That is one of my hugest pet peeves!!!!
    And all your finds sound delicious!!! I’m jealous. I’m living vicariously through you since I can’t go grocery shopping right now….
    The bread, I totally believed for a second that you made that and I was about to be SUPER impressed. haha. Because I am a bread maker failure.. I can’t make bread for the life of me. But that bread looks the bomb and your sandwich…OMG. You should like package that and sell it, no joke.
    As well as your dinner, YUM!!! I love avocado! I used to hate it too but i’ve now crossed to the dark side…

    Sorry for the extremely long comment…ha.
    Love ya!

  4. Nicole

    Before I forget, I need to comment on three pictures from your previous posts:

    1) The bread you ate on Easter!! Not only does it look reaaally good, but it looks so cute and spring-y!

    2) The horse pictures– so cute!

    3) The lake picture taken through the trees– I love it. I’m pretty sure the last time I commented on your blog it was about how much I love another lake picture you took, but I’ll say it again! That lake looks so nice, and your pictures are beautiful!

    It makes me laugh that your post is about buying a lot at the grocery store. I went yesterday and could not believe that I left with so much when I’d originally intended to only buy a few things. 🙂

  5. I seriously thought you made that bread…nice truffles..I almost bought that mag but put it back..ha

  6. gaaawd, everything looks delicious. nice photog skills. I seriously need to learn how to save money when it comes to grocery shopping, I am out of control. And that almond cheese is amazing, I LOVE the jalapeno pepper jack one, it’s really spicy too.

  7. I love having days when all my food is just THAT good! My days usually revolve around food/cooking/finding new recipes. I thought it was so weird because yesterday my room mate goes “I can’t even tell you what I’ve had to eat in the last few days.” and I was like well I can and I can tel you things I plan to make too! The truffles look fantastic! ‘m going to have to make them. I may or may not have picked up that magazine too 🙂

  8. I just ate and your photos make me hungry! I need to pick up some of that Bob’s Red Mill grain mix. I want to start playing around with different cereals in the morning with my oats! I will have to take a look at that recipe for the gyros. I have never been an avocado fan, but I feel like I need to give it another try. I am with you on the soy thing. It seems to be in everything! I discovered that I am allergic to it last summer and am sad that I can’t have tofu anymore! Everything looks so delicious!!! We are a mixed meat/no meat family here. My boys all eat meat and I am a vegetarian.

  9. I was very happy to read your “Ways to Spend Way too Much Money at the Grocery Store”. It is so good to know that I’m not the only one with this affliction. I’m trying my best to eat items I already have in my pantry and not buy anything new, however, when I come across something that looks good I can’t seem to stop myself from buying and trying. ESPECIALLY in the bar section. No matter how many I have I can’t seem to stop buying them!

  10. *Andrea*

    love cherries! especially frozen or dried. beautiful photos, as usual 😉

  11. *Andrea*

    haha love your tip to think about ponies too 😉

  12. geeeeez that sandwich looks ridiculously good! i love pears in my sandwich!

  13. Seriously, are you a professional photographer? If not, become one. You take amazing pictures. Not just amazing, better than most professional ones I have seen! You make food… er… sexy…
    Love the blog and your eats! YUM to all!

  14. I got so excited when I saw the loaf of bread because I’m ready to make a loaf! Even though that wasn’t your personally baked bread, it still looks amazing!

    Jess’s Ways to Spend Way too Much Money at the Grocery Store… definitely apply to Karla too.

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