And The Livin’s Easy…

Okay – so it’s not quite summertime yet, but today sure felt like it! It was nearly 80 degrees and sunny alllll day. I couldn’t get enough! I hope you all were able to enjoy some beautiful weather, as well?

Pear Oats

This morning I was greeted with slight fruit indecision yet again – oh the woes! haha. However, I knew I wanted PB&Co Cinnamon Raisin peanut butter, all nice and melty – and also know that that lends itself very well to pear oats!

Note: don’t think you’re being innovative by using up a super ripe pear in your oats – while this works with many fruits, pears just make it taste kinda watery :\

Fortunately, this bowl had so many other things going for it that I didn’t let it bother me too too much.

The base:

The toppin’s:

  • chia-acai icing
  • milled golden flax
  • Dundee ginger preserves
  • PB & Company Cinnamon Raisin PB
  • trail mix
  • and a compote of diced pear, strawberries, and raisins in coconut milk and agave.

To drank? My last Green Mountain French Vanilla K-Cup! Sad day. Not for long, though!

Yum! Even if the base itself was a bit bland from the pear, it’s safe to say I load it up so much that it was easily disguised when I found it necessary! Of course, that giant glob of PB was left for last – once it’d become as melty as melty gets. Love those last couple spoonfuls!

Here comes the sun.

I knew it was going to be a great day before I even got out of bed, and seeing that the sun was sure to shine certainly didn’t change my mood! Even though I don’t consider myself a depressed person, I am just a million times more “up” when the sun is shining. I think the same is true for just about everyone, though!


Geared Up.

I munched on an oat chewie and brewed some more coffee before heading in to work. It was a wonderful drive. I took the detour, of course. That’s what sunny days are made for! Don’t worry, I was still on time.

Work was slooooww today. Not so bad at first, but I actually left at 4:45 rather than 5:30. I’m not complaining! I was lucky enough to take a detoured walk down to the post office after lunch to enjoy the warmth, too. Love my job!



Love these Sahale Snacks pecans! They are, straight up, addictive! I enjoyed the pecans, sea salt almonds, some dried apricots, and that deliciously ripe banana for my mid-morning snack. The nectarine sadly got tossed. I bit into it driving home, and it was all gross brown! It didn’t taste like much, either. I was surprised – it looked fine and was in between firm and too soft. Oh well. I really don’t think I needed the extra fiber, anywho.


Heaven in Bar Form.

Because Gnu Foods totally hooked me up! I received the best package from them the other day – and get to sample all the flavors! Can. not. wait. Not to mention – I smell a giveaway! Stay posted, you don’t want to miss it – trust me!

It was hard to chose one to take with me today, so I resorted to the “close your eyes and grab” method. And wound up with orange cranberry! I seriously think this company tapped into my brain when they were developing flavors. Every single one is something I am absolutely crazy for to begin with! Think: lemon ginger, oatmeal raisin, banana walnut. And, of course orange cranberry!

This company amazed me yet again with this bar. The second I opened the wrapper I was hit with the best smell: think freshly zested orange. Same as the banana walnut! And it’s not a gross, artificial smell by any means. With the banana walnut bar, you could have sworn someone had just baked a loaf inside the wrapper. This bar had the same great texture as the banana one. Crunch from the flax seeds, but otherwise perfectly soft and chewy. And some seriosuly rockin’ ingredients. The folks at Gnu Foods know what’s up. Grainy, fibery goodness and delicious flavor!

As for taste? Once again, ten stars from me! It was definitely moreย orange than cranberry. I was a little disappointed, but I’m also a cranberry freak. It was the perfect level of sweetness, which is such a relief – I hate ending up with bars that are overly sweetened! In a duel between Orange Cranberry and Banana Walnut, however – I think I’d opt for Banana Walnut.

I don't make a habit of crunching my Pretzel Crisps - that's the last of the bag! Sad face.

Yes, that’s a hardboiled egg with feta and hummus. Yes, it was jaw dropping amazing. Do it. For me!! Can you take a wild guess which of the following main courses I enjoyed this with for my lunch?

Egg, hummus, veggie wrap.



Aw yeah, I was the leftovers! They reheated quite well, actually. And yea – you guessed it – I was little suzie homemaker once again and made my mom another kickin’ hummus, egg, and veggie wrap! *insert awwws here*

Call me a momma’s girl. Don’t mattah to meeeee! If you come over, I’ll make you egg hummus and veggie wraps, too. Not to mention oatmeal. Oatmeal partayyyy!

Blueberry salmonnnnn!

Since I left early, I was able to walk in the door shortly before the folks sat down, but didn’t have much interest in a hamburger. Not to mention, I had salmon thawed out in the fridge, so had to cook it tonight one way or the other. I whipped up some blueberry salmon real quick so I could dine with them! Not my best efforts (okay, I was really lazy – I just dumped blueberries & some balsamic in a pan with the salmon) but tasty nonetheless. If you’re grossed out by the concept of blueberries with salmon, don’t worry. I was too. And then I tried it. (No guts, no glory, right?) And I was astounded.

and melty mozz.

Rather than laughing cow, this time I just used some almond mozzarella and sauteed it in some spinach, too. And I used a whole Joseph’s lavash rather than a pita. Or, is that technically 2 lavashes? I’m not sure, but I hate that the “serving” is half a lavash. Or when companies say the serving size is half of anything. If it’s sold as a whole, by golly, I’m probably going to eat it as a whole.

I enjoyed this with a quick spinach salad with some yummy feta and red onion and humnut dressing! But, made suuuuree to save room for dessert!

AHHHHHH Caramel Oikos!!

Caramel Oikos with galaxy granola, fresh strawberries, and a biscotti. Yes, I realize the biscotti isn’t pictured. I forgot about it until after I added everything. Rather than pass up on delicious biscotti, I obviously just had one in addition to. Yeah, uh, almond molasses biscotti and caramel oikos? Yes , please. I’m debating banana softserve after my shower. Pretty sure it’s gonna happen, too. What can I say?

I have to work tomorrow! Not too happy – it’s supposed to be gorgeous, and my sister is coming down for her Birthday and Easter. I am so looking forward to Easter Brunch, however ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you have any easter traditions? What are you most looking forward to?



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7 responses to “And The Livin’s Easy…

  1. Ok so blueberry salmon… where have you been all my life!? I have to try that! How do you make it? I’ll try anything once and I love both blueberries and salmon so together.. how could you go wrong?!
    And Gnu bars, oh dear. I love love love those things. Almost as much as Clif bars. And so I am INSANELY jealous that you got free samples!!!! I have yet to try the Banana Nut or the Cranberry Orange. I’m all about the cinnamon raisin though!
    And i totally need to try strawberries with a Caramel Oikos, yum!
    Too bad about work tomorrow!! That really sucks. My Easter traditions just involve church and then lunch with my family, love it!
    Love ya girl!

  2. I totally agree with you on the coconut milk. I was expecting more coconut flavor :/ But considering how good it is for you and the decent creaminess factor, I’m pretty sure I’ll stick with it!

    My family’s Easter tradition is actually to have Easter brunch at our house ๐Ÿ™‚ We go to church in the morning and then the relatives come over. That’s about it! I don’t even get an Easter basket anymore, wah ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  3. stop teasing me, i’ll come over. haha! and lord have mercy stop being my twin. i already told you i tried your hardboiled egg and hummus combo and loved it…well i’m also on a feta kick right now…guess who’s about to make your same combo!!!

  4. Salmon and blueberry? Sounds delicious! You are going to have to cook for me sometime..seriously. And oatmeal party…count me in! Usually we go to church and then do a brunchy thing. My family is oddly having a 2pm meal on Easter…not sure what to make of it but there is a possibility that I am making quiche for the morning so at least that’s exciting haha.

  5. cant even comprehend the DELICIOUSNESS on this post!!!!!!!!

  6. It definitely feels like summer here! I got sun burnt walking to the farmer’s market!
    I’ve never tried Gnu bars, I think I remember seeing them in a store once. I’ll look out for them.

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