I Even Burn Butter

Neglected Nectarine

Hey punkins! I hope everyone safely made it through April Fools Day. Holy cow – it still hasn’t hit me that it’s legit April already.

Luckily, I had no need for fruit indecision this morning: I realized I had three nectarines that were almost to the use it or lose it stages. Luckily, it wasn’t too late for them, and were still at the stage of perfectly ripe mushy sweetness, even if they lacked a little in the looks department. One was destined for oats, of course!

Raspberry-Nectarine Oats And NATURE, finally!

I finally had enough light and dry weather to photography outside this morning! I thought the day would never come. These oats certainly reminded me that sometimes it’s best not to overthink it. So simple, yet so amazing. This nectarine couldn’t have been better


Except for the burnt coconut butter...

The Base:

The Toppings:

  • chia-acai icing
  • milled golden flax (I tried to hide it this morning – I don’t want people thinking I eat crusty oats!)
  • crystallized ginger
  • Dundee’s Ginger Preserves
  • Artisana Coconut Butter (That I BURNT!!)
  • and a compote of the rest of the ripe nectarine, shredded coconut and some frozen raspberries in coconut milk and agave.

And Cawfee, Of Course.

Actually, a Wild Mountain Blueberry Latte, to be precise. Not quite what I was feeling this morning – but it’s the only flavor that I have more than one k-cup left of! More are on there way 🙂 Close call!

So, what’s this burnt butter story entail?

I accidentally nuked my coconut butter for too long, and it got brown and hard! I don’t know if I permanantly ruined it or not- has anyone done this before? It was weird – I stopped it at 45 seconds, which is usually what I do…but it was not melty enough so put it back in for another 20 or therabouts, and things took a turn for the worse! It didn’t taste bad, but wasn’t drizzly at all.

After the fact.

This is after it cooled down a little. Doesn’t look so promising. Hey, maybe I’ll create a new trend of toasted coconut butter? Anybody? Anybody?

Uh oh, another dreary day?

I was a little concerned that the weatherman was lying to us about having sun when I woke up and it was still a bit overcast. But, no rain! Better than previous mornings, I supposeee – and that stellar bowl of oats talked me out of being bummed to be going to class on what was supposed to be a beautiful day.

Hey, Jess - think about cleaning your lens, eh?

I love driving by the lake every morning, but it is especially gorgeous when the water is so smooth and glass-like. I can never get over the reflections of all the houses.

Risky Business.

That cliff is huuuge. They actually had to tear lose rocks off last year because it’s a road with watch for falling rocks signs all over, and they kept falling into the road. Hey, where else was I supposed to park and take pretty pictures for you guys?

Of course, if a rock fell on Gertrude I wouldn’t complain. She’s becoming quite the problem. Typical girl.

I am so over school right now. It took my logical side so much convincing of my lazy side to get to class. At least I’m on break next week. I hardly even have classes and I slack. I just really need to get my drive back. I am only focused on photography (well, and food and nutrition, but I’m not sure I want to do that?) and that’s not good.

After sitting through eons of boring talk about…something…I bopped into Rutland to go on a quick Hannafords rendezvous. I am all out of veggies! For some reason, I went through them fast this week! I don’t think I ever went on my big veggie trip last week.

Use it or lose it #2

I was worried this would cause for some serious car mess – but it ended up not being an issue. I usually cut my fruit up – but alas, no clean knives. Woe is me. Luckily, it was soft enough and delicious enough to be easy to eat out of hand. I may be a new nectarine addict. I feel bad I forgot about these babies, but I think they tasted better that way.

Note the sun, bee tee dubbs.

It's always sunny in Hannfordville.

A secluded Vermonter’s Whole Foods is what this is. At least, I think. I’ve never been lucky enough to get my booty in a TJ’s or WF’s. Woe is me.

I just had to quickly pick up a couple things – I was meeting someone for lunch at 12:30 and only had 30 minutes. Not much time for fun browsing – probably for the best.

Oat Chewie!

Afterwards I was pretty hungry – and munched on the rest of a chewie I had packed. I gradually nibbled all morning, as you can see 😛 Just something to tide me over for 40 more minutes before lunch deliciousness ensued.

Sun, Glorious Sun!

I boogied my way back into Castleton, where I was meeting a friend for lunch!

This depot has my heart.

I may be a wrap lover, but deep down I'm nutty for bakery bread.

This was the.best.bread. I have had in the past…ten years. Hands down. I wish I could whip out a fresh loaf of that every morning. It was so hearty, fresh, chewy, and perfect. I think this is why I prefer wraps: when it comes to bread, unless it’s fresh bakery bread as amazing as this, I don’t want it. End of story.

I enjoyed half a veggie sandwich on fresh-baled multigrain bread with some of their amaaazing homemade honey mustard that I raved about last time I talked about dining here.

My belly was a happy camper.

sandwich face.

We took our sandwiches to go and drove just a short ways down the road to a pull-over parking area. It was far too gorg out to eat inside, and there was no where else! I had a good time catching up on stories pertaining to who moved into my old room – this is one of my ex room mates. He and his girlfriends were the sane ones. Don’t get me started on the other one.

Jiggy Monstarrrr.

Photo class was over in minutes since only one other girl showed up, so she told us to just go shoot some photos. So, naturally, I did. So glad! Don’t think I could have sat through 3 hours of nothingness .


He’ll do anything for a cookie or a carrot. Most horses will. Jiggy Bows. I played with these guys for a little bit before lounging around in the sunshine, with some obvious visits to the kitchen thrown in there.

Are you sick of this birdfeeder yet?

haha – it’s like Jess’s weather-o-meter! Today was sunny with a certain chance of optimism and joy. Tomorrow? Even better – Sunny, seventy, and bound to be fantastic. Even if I do need to work. I need to work Saturday, too – which is supposed to be the best day. Woe is me. As Henry would say, “well, you better get used to it.” haha. Thankfully, I love my job.

New find!

While quickly browsing at Hannafords (because,  lets face it – even if I don’t have much time for browsing, I’m still gonna browse!) I found this delicious-looking brand of glazed nuts: Sahale Snacks. I could hardly decide on one flavor to try! It took a considerable amount of self control to not put each flavor into my cart!

I opted for these pecans, but for a short while had these in my cart, too!

These. are. to. die. for. Holy cow! You must try them. They are not like some glazed nuts that are overly sweet – instead, they’ve just got a wonderful hint of sweet from the cranberries, and a unique hint of cracked black pepper. Yum!! I can’t detect much orange at all – which is a little disappointing, but not enough so that I am in gneral disappointment of the product and brand. In fact, I cannot wait to try the others! Those almonds are seriously calling my name, as are these cashews. They also have so many more products on their website that look amazing that I don’t think Hannaford’s has! bummer 😦 Mayyyy just need to order online, I am that impressed.

Oh yeah, I went there.

Okay. Total throwback. I used to melt cheese on pretzels all the time back in my highschool and freshman year days! It was my go-to snack. I’d like to think this is a bit healthier with the use of almond mozzarella and these amazing Snack Factory Everything Pretzel Crisps, however. And obvi, garlic lovers hummus. Don’t know why I haven’t done this in a year or two. So yum.

Side note: one of today’s google hits? “Is garlic lovers hummus bad for me?” NO, silly google-er, you should consume a tub or two a day to live ten years longer! Everyone knows that!


And Kashi Berry Crisp GoLean Granola. It didn’t knock my socks off – but I still love Kashi. Though I did notice there is a lot of soy products in this Go Lean ingredients list. Not a fan. But – if you want a free Kashi sample, hit up their website! I received this from them that way – and glad I did. I discovered I much prefer Heart 2 Heart!

Use it or Lose it #3

Okay, so none of this was use it or lose it status, but I couldn’t think of when I would want the leftover chix sausage from Monday next, and knew I wanted Gnocchi tonight. There was too much for just me for a meal, and my mom and Henry were having pulled pork. After much deliberation, we decided I’d just sautee up all of the gnocchi, the chicken sausage, some broc, and some spinach. It was a great meal for me, and they could get in some veggies and have it for a side, too!

Good thing, too – there was way more gnocchi leftover than I had initially thought! I ate a little more than half of all of this, and have enough left over for lunch tomorrow, too! I threw in some frozen cranberries and sauteed it with some maple dijon mustard and threw some of the pecans on top, too. Yum! Love that gnocchi!


AHHHHHHmygawd. Uh, yeah…finally found the Oikos Caramel!! It’s pleasure…on the bottom. I am so ridiculously happy that Hannfords has these!! I dug into one for dessert, and oh man. It. is. pure. heaven. Words cannot even express. But – why are the cups so small?! Come on,Stonyfield. Don’t be silly! haha. I enjoyed it with a bit of biscotti. It was, no pun intended (okay, maybe pun completely intended) pure pleasure. End of story.

But, tha twas a while ago, and now I want some banana soft serve. It’s hot up in hurr! It’s nice to be hot rather than frozen, though.

Did you play any good April Fools pranks, or have any played on you? I didn’t play any, and got through the day alive, too! I guess the weather man this morning said we were supposed to get 2 feet of snow on Sunday though, haha. Usually, I watch the news and weather every morning, but for some reason – didn’t today! Probably good, I would have cried because I am so gullible.


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4 responses to “I Even Burn Butter

  1. you might have burnt butter, but i tell you what, so long as you don’t tell anyone. I made a salad once and set the smoke detector off …. and no, that isn’t an april fools prank

  2. Ahhhh so much to comment on!!! Ok chilling out now… he
    1. Your oats look amazing! Ok, so they always look amazing but that nectarine just takes it to a whole level. Fun fact about me, or not so fun, I’m a nectarine NUT! but fresh, good nectarines. I work at local farm in the summer and they grow peaches, strawberries, nectarines, among other things, and holy crap, I eat my weight in nectarines!!! YUM!!!!
    2. I have debated buying those nuts forever!!! I might need to give in…
    3. The bread looks insanely good. I LOVE some good, fresh bread. Hence, why I am addicted to Great Harvest. Best bread EVER.
    4. You live in the most gorgeous place ever (when it’s not raining). Those are beautiful pics!
    5. Your dinner looks the BOMB!! YUM!!!!!
    6. Caramel Oikos are amazing. Try them over a microwaved cinnamon apple. I swear it will change your life…

    Love ya dear!

  3. Pam

    Holy Cow…..that supper dish looks awesome! I love that you take photo’s of your surroundings and your little trips….so much fun…….Oh!…did I mention that I love the horsey pic’s too!..he he!

    Happy Good Friday Sweetie!


  4. I’m not sure what to do about the coconut butter. Dang, that’s a bummer. Maybe just use it up in some cookies or as crunchies in your oats. Not knowing what you want to go to school for, or do….that was me exactly. Now, I work in a medical office and still don’t know what I want to do.
    The broccoli and gnocchis looks amazing. I especially like that you added the cranberries and pecans!

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