So Many Choices

Mango-Raspberry Oats

Lately I feel like I’ve had so many choices when it comes to what I want to eat! I see this as good and bad: good because I’m sure to explore them all, and diversity is a great thing. Bad because sometimes I simply can’t make up my mind! That’s definitely what happened this morning. I knew I should use up the  mango I chopped up the other day, but the weather was making me crave pear or apple.

I decided to beat the rainy day blues over the head with my saucepan, and simmered and sauteed up some mango-raspberry-coconut oats. Letting the rain win this morning probably would have put me in a bit of a funk the rest of the day – and I hate being in a funk! Gotta  make the best of every day.

Seein' Red.

The Base:

Le Toppings:

And A Compote Of 1/4 diced mango and some frozen raspberries, in coconut milk and agave.

...even more red!

Not sure why I crumbled up a chewie into my oats. I know I don’t like soft-ish toppings (muffins, bread-like things) for my oats since it’s too similar in texture to the oats themselves, yet I did it anyway. A biscotti would have been a better decision. Oh, well. The raspberry-mango-coconut butter was killah.

You know this had to happen.

The biscotti was totally staring me down, and there was no way I could leave the house this morning without having a piece 🙂 So – I definitely enjoyed one as I finished my Green Mountain coffee and finished packing lunch.

Note to self: ORDER MORE K-CUPS!! I’m almost out! Folgers doesn’t cut it for this chicka.

Work was, to put it kindly, a bit of a drag today. Very slowww. And what’s with this gross weather?! I am so ready for tomorrow through Saturday. Hellloooo, 80’s. I’ll be frying eggs on the pavement with that heat wave!

I can't decide what I like more - the forecast or those sidebar ads?

That being said, I tried my hardest to not let myself get in the “the weathers gross so I’m gonna be grumpy.” mindset, and totally worked it. Phew! These past few days could have gone either way, but my mood has stayed up. The day is what I make it, and I’d way rather be in a good mood than a poor one.

trail power, almonds, mixed nuts, dried apricots, and dates.

I triiied to get a handle on my sweet kick and omitted the Yogi crisps for today 🙂 I was pretty successful – sure, I still had sweet things like dried fruit, fresh fruit, and those sorts of things – but otherwise did pretty well. Even my homemade oat chewies don’t have added sweetness – mostly just from the dates!

See? Some of them worked!

Hehe, actually – a lot more came out as squares as I initially thought. I guess I just resigned myself to having a terrible idea when it still sorta worked 🙂 And you know what these remind me of?! My beloved Woodstock Cookies! Since I ended up using such a wide variety of nuts and even some dried fruits, it reminded me juusst like a Weeds-N-Seeds or Dried Fruit and Nut Granola Bar. Just if they were a bit more dense…definitely something to play with, for sure! I admit – my bake granola bars voice definitely won over yesterday, weather I wanted to admit it at the time or not. These are so more like granola bars than cookies.

I guess my granola bar-loving self just won’t simmer down!

In case you're wondering - No, wraps NEVER get old to me!

Yep. You’ve seen this twenty times before. These wraps don’t get old! I debated gnocchi, but passed because I thought they’d be way better sauteed for reheating, and not lend themselves well to a microwave.

En la tortilla?

  • Athenos Garlic & Herb Feta
  • Cedar’s Garlic Lovers Hummus
  • hardboiled egg
  • sundried tomatoes
  • red pepper
  • red onion
  • spinach

And some everything pretzel crisps paired with hummus for side-consumption. Yum! This feta and hummus combo is heavenly. Sure, I’ve done it before. But this one in particular is a grand-prize winner!

Sometimes I wonder if work thinks it strange I eat the same wrap daily. It’s just that good! And easy to pack, travels well, and is filling, too. And hey, my mom loves them, too! It’s gotta be a winner.

This definitely got nuked.

I was so frozen at work today. I’m so sick of the cold!! I just want the sunshine again. But enough of the pity party. Soon I’ll be complaining about the heat, right?!

That being said, this baby was meant to be microwaved with some cinnamon and part of the granola chewie I had packed. I def. made my co-worker jealous. Smelled so good! I had to redeem myself for all the times I’ve nuked broccoli and salmon. They love me.

Looks like fall!

No wonder Spring has yet to spring – I’m still secretly craving fall! Look at all the sweet potatoes, cranberries, and pumpkin I’ve been eating! Now it all makes sense.

These gnocchi were so good leftover. I made sure to really get some color on them and it made a huge difference. I also decided to sautee them with some leftover broc & random veggies from Monday night’s dinner, as well as some frozen cranberries and spooned in some maple dijon mustard, too. And of course chopped with some topped mixed nuts for crunch!

Enough left over for one or two more meals, so hopefully you don’t get tired of these precious little dumplings. I’ve followed so many recipes over the past two days, it’s crazy! I need to do a little something rebellious to make up for it, no? Hmmm…that is what April Fools is for, right? Too bad I won’t be working…

That being said – can you believe March is over already?! I can’t. So much has happened! It definitely went against the old saying of in like a lion, out like a lamb. Pretty sure it came in like a lamb, and out like a lion. And we definitely had our fair share of April downpours a month early. What else happened in March?

  • I feel like I finally became a real person behind this blog after this post, not just another blogger. Meaning: I feel like my posts have become a bit more personal, not just “here is what I ate it was good.” I love it so much more!
  • I stopped being a teenager! Oh, darn.
  • I became introduced to tempeh and am still totally enamored with it! PB, J, and Tempeh pita, anybody? I’ll hook ya’ up!
  • I get stomach aches from eating old hummus and decide curry is still a perfectly fine dinner, regardless of whether there’s soup in the cupboard or not.
  • I tackled my longtime fear of cottage cheese and discovered it is actually heavenly. I still get grossed out when I hear “cottage cheese,” though.
  • I discovered Yogi Granola Crisps and may never be able to look at life the same again. I don’t think I lived before.  Other new obsessions? ginger jam, trail power, organic dried apricots, pitted dates, Clif C Bars and Gnu Bars, cranberries and sweet potatoes, sweet potato paninis, and egg and hummus wraps.
  • I also tried Kombucha and was surprisingly impressed!
  • I got my mom into healthy eating, while discovering I may not hate chocolate after all.
  • Best google hit? “chia gel on my face.”
  • Most random google hit? “Silk PureAlmond gives me gas.”

And, now, I’m really thinking about gardening this summer. I’d love to grow my own stuff. So – I’m off to do some research!

What was your favorite thing about March? Any big changes, new finds, epiphanies?



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12 responses to “So Many Choices

  1. Mae

    I always feel in the beginning of the summer like I don’t know what to eat. All of a sudden, all of my favorite foods are in season at the same time. As soon as lent is over, I’m totally ripping off your hard boiled egg wraps. I can never think of a good, vegetarian… gentle… protein to put in my wraps. Eggs would be perfect!
    I loved your recap of March posts. Your blog is seriously one of my favorites, and I can look at your archives for hours. 🙂

  2. i have a question for you. I’ve been following your oatmeal for a few days now and I notice is always looks .. dry or with a crust or something on top, not like a shiney gooey gloppy thick pastey rib-sticker-mass of greyish gunk so thick you could slice it and fry it .. that I always associate with a cooked grain cereal. Why is that?
    What did I like about March? Hmm, hard to say, it made me more worried than ever that the world is shortly going to end in environmental disaster and I won’t be able to protect my daughter and will have to watch her die or else die with her. Yeah not really pleasant thoughts or dreams here lately. It was so windy the other night I thought I would be roofless in the morning (didn’t happen, just worrisome). Had a few birds at the feeder that werent there before (the sparrows monopolize it normally so the nuthatch, redpole, and chickadee were a surprise) so maybe that was something “ok” about March. Yea I got nothin’.
    My garden is still covered with snow, but if you want tips, let me know. Tips like: if yo are starting seeds inside, its probably too late (esp for tomatoes and melons/squash) unless your garden is still covered with snow 😉 and you’re better off with bedding plants rather than seeds.

    • I think what you may be seeing as crusty/dry is the flax…? And it’s not grey because I don’t use water, i use coffee & milk 🙂 Hopefully that answers your question. They’re definitely not dry, lol. I like them on the liquidy side, actually! hahaAnd yikes – scary March!!

  3. Gah your oats always look so amazing. Would you like to come make some for me? Pretty please?!
    I get overwhelmed when I have so many options. It’s odd because I like options, choices are good, but too many and my mind goes on overload.Especially when I’m SUPER hungry but have tons of options but nothing really sticks out. Or maybe I’m just weird haha!
    I personally cannot even BELIEVE that march is over. It’s April… what?! I had a lot of changes in march; I dropped out of my college, decided to go to culinary school, got put on crutches… and I also discovered Brussel sprouts, kale chips, and that cottage cheese is not so bad either. But I still can’t eat it on it’s on, only in oats. The texture is just… BLECH to me!
    Your dinner sounds delish!
    Much love!

  4. I have such a hard time with the endless food options too! I can barely decide what to have for breakfast! And I agree with Jess, it’s even harder when I’m starving- then everything looks so good I can’t choose.
    I’m so impressed with your sweet potato, cranberry, and pumpkin dinner!! I’m such a fall meal foodie! Love those warm, comforting flavors!
    If I had one of your wraps, I’d eat it everyday too! You’re the wrap master!

  5. kelli!

    I love gardening, it is so fun..the best part is eating FRESH vegetables!!!! Me and my dad always plant a garden, but since becoming a vegiac it has widely expanded, sadly last year our garden did not grow at all! and the parts that did -my dog tore it up-. Hopefully you and I have good luck this season!

  6. *Andrea*

    love your mental thought with the weather. it’s so easy to get pissed off when it rains and is grey all day outside. i miss sun! but i hate when it changes my mood so instead i *try* and find joy in the rain .. 🙂 love nuked apples!! never thought of doing it before i saw it on blogs. my favorite thing in march was my spring break cruise…seems so long ago!

  7. I absolutely love reading your blog. Somehow it always seems to make me smile. Your photography is beautiful and your personality really is coming though. I even saw Yogi Granola Crisps in Whole Foods today and smiled because of your obsession. Haha.

    Have a lovely day!

  8. Can you pleasee just come and make that breakfast for me, pleaseee?! Now i’m craving fresh mango….and a chance at trying that ginger jam! I’ve been having warmed pineapple with my oats lately (since it’s supplied at the soror house most mornings) and have been loving it!

    I spy pretzel slims! And a wrap. My favesss 🙂
    Glad you’ve, too discovered a new-found love for the choc! I’m the same way…never cared for it TOO much growing up but now love a rich piece of dark chocolate or some chips melted in my oats from time to time!

    Oh, and guess what I plan on having for dessert tonight??–Yep, a warmed apple sauce mess with almond butter, granola and carob chips 🙂 It’s been a while!

  9. March has been a great month for you! I wish I could say the same for myself! That’s okay though, I’m still smiling!!

    I would love to garden! Unfortunately, I don’t actually have anywhere to garden. However, my basil plant in my window is doing quite well 🙂

    Happy April!!!!!

  10. Susan

    Haha your google hits are hilarious. You had some awesome things happening this month! I wish my life was that exciting haha!

    I don’t think it’s a prob that you eat the same wrap daily. I mean, look how fab it is! Would you dump your perfect hottie boyf just to add a little variety. The answer is no, my friend. Don’t mess with a good thing.

  11. I too still crave the flavors of Fall/Winter…my favorite time of year. Just made a giant pot of Sweet Potato soup. I can and will eat SP all year round. March was a fun & busy month. Learned a lot about setting boundaries with others….important life lesson stuff. Gotta take a look at your Woodstock Cookies!

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