I’m Still Baking.

I know, I know. Me again. What can I say? After this whoopsie (and knowing they were’nt going to be well-received!) I had to think of something else to make. That and, I just wanted to keep baking.

…and I’m a biscotti lover. So is my mom. Perfect! However…I’ve not been known to successfully bake biscotti. I last made Lemon Poppyseed Biscotti, which tasted fantastic the first day – but then got strangely soft the next day, and molded quite quickly? I dunno. But anyways – I was quite intrigued by this recipe by Anja.

We all know I love ginger. We all know I love almonds. We all know I love gingerbread/molasses-ish things. And I don’t care for super-sweet things. Given my love for all of these things in addition to my love for biscotti, what could go wrong? Not only that – but it’s a butter-less biscotti recipe. Oooh, even more interesting!

I take absolutely no credit for this amazing recipe!! And so that’s why I’ not posting the whole thing. I’ll just mention what I switched 🙂

I once again, pretty much followed the recipe to a T, except chose to (almost!) veganify it. I think. So – peep the recipe! It is ahhh.maaa.zingggg.

flax egg, molasses, vanilla, agave, & honey.

I wanted to try the recipe with a flax egg! I’ve never really baked using a flax egg, and figured why not give it a go? In addition to that, I didn’t want to finish my bottle of agave, so I used 1/4 cup agave and a small drizzle (half a tablespoon?) of honey. I figured I would cut back on the sweetness anyway – so it worked out well.

If I had thought about it at the time, I probably should have slightly cut back on the dry ingredients. For some reason, the dough was still far from too dry.

dry ingreds

I also chose to use white whole wheat flour rather than whole wheat, in hopes that my mom’s complaint wouldn’t be “they’re too wheat-y.” I also think I used more like 3/4 cups slivered almonds. I didn’t feel like chopping the whole almonds I had. Aaand, I doubled the amount of ginger and nutmeg – which came to 1/2 tsp for all the spices (though – nutmeg was closer to a scant 1/2 tsp)

This is definitely visually pleasing, right?

I had to bake the log for closer to thirty minutes…

Sliced after first bake, ready for round two!

And baked them again for about 15 minutes standing as seen above, 5 minutes on one side, and 5 minutes on the other side. The recipe didn’t really specify, but this is how my mom’s always done it successfully, and it worked well.

These are to.die.for. They have such an awesome molasses flavor and just the perfect level of subtle sweetness. Will definitely be making these again!! I think I’d leave the sweetener at 1/4 cup, too. And – I’d love to add some chopped crystallized ginger next time! I almost did this time, but held back. I wanted to challenge myself and mostly stick with the recipe, haha.

Make sure oyu enjoy some fresh from the oven – even better with a bit of warmed milk! Okay, okay – coffee is standard, but coconut milk is more fun 🙂 Here’s a hint – the nubby ends are the best parts!


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7 responses to “I’m Still Baking.

  1. These look great!!! O love biscotti and so does my family. My parets sometimes order their favorite from callifornia haha ! Over the holidays I knew that many of the hings I was making wouldn’t won them obver so I made “holiday biscotti” with orange zest dried apricots dried cranberries pistachios, almonds etc and it was such a hit! I never realized how easy they were to make and the best part is always eating the ends haha! That’s y I love baking… Hot out of the oven treats 🙂

  2. Pam

    Jess, those look great…they would go very nice with my homemade mocha frappe…right now…..care to join me?….he he!


  3. Dude they look awesome, they turned out great! I have never baked with flax egg either but would like to try as well. I too love biscotti because they are sweet but but not over the top.

  4. Love love LOVE biscotti!! And good call on the white whole wheat flour. My parents are the same way when I use regular whole wheat flour, and I hate to just bake for myself, you know? Wouldn’t it be fun to dip half of the biscotti in some melted dark chocolate…? Just sayin’ 😉

  5. what great biscotti–oh with coffee…too yummy!!


  6. Looks awesome! I’ve never made biscotti, maybe I should try to make it soon.

  7. Hey Jessica, this biscotti looks wonderful. I like the sound of ginger and almond too-I’ll check out Anja in a minute. By the way, your’e cute with your little oatmeal addiction-just don’t start trying to snort it or anything (smile)!

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