It’s Raining Chocolate

I know what you’re thinking. “Where’s Jess, who are you, and what have you done with her?!” But, I’m here to report that: this is indeed, me…the “mreh chocolatewhatever” bloggie that you have come to know, and – whether you realize it or not – love. (okay, maybe not. But, I can hope, right?) What you are indeed looking at is, 100% honest truth, my breakfast. And this post is, indeed – about raining chocolate. Sometimes, it’s just a chocolate day, whether you like it or not.

And today? Today was one of them.

I guess I should clarify that after today, I’ve realized it’s not so much that I dislike chocolate. I guess I dislike your average, sweet, run-of-the-mill chocolate. Too sweet, too…well, chocolatey. It is not for me. Even as a kid, I would far prefer gummy candies over chocolate. The exceptions? When it was with either a. mint or b. coconut. Oh, or almonds.

My epiphany today, however? I don’t know what real chocolate is. I like raw, organic, relatively bitter chocolate. End of epiphany.

Today’s base:

oat bran, Bob’s Rolled 5 Grain, wheat bran

-brewed coffee & So Delicious Coconut Milk

splash vanilla, drizzle agave, and 1/2 Tbs. unsweetened cocoa

1/2 sliced banana, a couple sliced strawberries

1/2 Tbs. Chia Seeds

trail power

Today’s toppings:

-chia-acai icing, milled golden flax

-slivered almonds

-trail mix (dried fruits, nuts, choco. chips)

cacao bliss

-shredded coconut

and a compote of sliced strawberries and shredded coconut in almondmilk and agave.

Does this spell trouble for Silk?

I finally broke into this coconut milk I picked up at the co-op, since I was finishing my beloved almond milk in my coffee. I was so pumped to try! Let’s peep the goods:

healthy fats extravaganza!

I was so excited when I saw this at the co-op. No where else carries it, and hi – I’m a coconut junkie. But how does it compare to the Silke PureAlmond I have come to know and love?

Well – I think I may go so far as to say I prefer Silk! Sure – I love the slight coconutty taste of the So Delicious milk. Yum! And loving all the healthy fats it offers. One of the major setbacks, however – is price. Over $5 for that half gallon! I’ve been getting so many coupons for Silk that it comes to around $3, and I even have a coupon for one free half gallon. Even if they were the same in price, though – Silk is a bit creamier in my milk, and offers a slightly sweeter taste to it, which I prefer. The So Delicious was a nice change – and if it was cheaper I would probably alternate between the two, but I’ll probably be sticking to Silk. I’m sure I’ll buy this coconut milk again, but I won’t make a special trip to the co-op for it. I will certainly be enjoying it while I have it, though. It is not bad by any means.

Choco Craze

I surprisingly, loved this bowl of chocolatey oats. Not overly sweet or chocolatey, the banana balanced it out perfectly. I wasn’t a fan of the chocolate chips in the trail mix, though – made it too cmuch chocolate! Go figure, right?

Today was another rainy, dreary day. Luckily – it should be nearing 70 degrees towards the end of the week though, so I met the day with a smile upon my face regardless of the weather. That, and – even if it is only Monday – that means I’m starting the week with a clean slate. I figure Mondays can be looked at with dread, or optimism. Optimism makes life easier, though ๐Ÿ™‚

I have a dating problem. Er - I mean, a date problem.

So – survey says I’m not the only sweet-snack-aholic! I was quite relieved – I won’t lie! So, I’ll just continue to snack away on my [naturally!] sweet favorites.

I also have a Yogi problem.

Still loving this mix of trail power, Yogi crisps, almonds, granola, and more dried fruit. Namely, those amazing organic dried apricots. Except – I got one with a whole seed in it today! That wasn’t too impressive, however.

Two new stars!

Mmmm – got to break into my new Cedar’s hummus and it’s not lying when it says garlic lovers. Holy creamy, garlicky goodness, this was seriously killer. Paired with the garlic and herb feta and red onion, I was a force to reckon with for the remainder of the afternoon at work. It’s a good thing I kick *butt* and take names when it comes to retouching a photo or ten ๐Ÿ™‚

This wrap never gets old.

…and it’s been so long since I’ve had feta that I’d almost forgotten how amazing it is! This wrap was probably the best hummus, egg, and veggie I’ve had lately. The Athenos feta was insanely creamy, sort of lacking the sharpness that feta I’ve had previously had. But, I really liked it! Thatt and – I love seasoned fetas.ย Paired with the super-creamy Cedar’s, it almost got a ricotta-like texture and just oozed with amazing. Other essentials to this killah wrap was sundried tomato, spinach, red pepper, and red onion. I’m a Cedar’s fan – what can I say? And, apparently – a new Athenos fan. Slap an olive on me and call me Greek.

The popchip flavor of the day? Sour Cream and Onion! Sour Cream & Onion used to be my favorite chip flavor as a kid, but then I think I burnt myself out with them. That was so long ago, however – and these popchips have the. best. sour cream flavor. Not to be corny or anything, but they…well…they just pop! Yum. I tried original the other day and wasn’t a huge fan – but my mom loved them. I’ve just never been an original flavor chip fan. They weren’t bad – but I had other snacks I preferred.

So, I’ve realized I have this thing. This thing involved psychologically thinking I like something based on the consensus that a large majority of the population does. This includes immediately thinking “oh, yum!” when someone says something like “chocolate,” or “cake,” or the like. This also holds true when it comes to reading flavors of things. Case in point?

Buying a dark chocolate snack bar when I'm not a chocolate fan.

This also varies greatly when someone says something in an excited voice to me. Someone could probably tell me, in an upbeat voice, that someone died – to which I owuld respond “Oh, cool!” before thinking “wait a second…”. Anyone else? Am I making any sense? I digress.

Main ingredient = dates. Hey, I'm bound to like it, no matter the flavor!

I won’t dwell on a review for this baby because, well – Clif discontinued it. This is just plain depressing. Why? It was fan.freaking.tastic. Any company who makes me go nutty over a dark chocolate bar should not discontinue the line.


The chocolate flavor was beautifully subtle and slightly bitter, with the perfect hint of sweetness, which was beautifully complemented by the dates and walnuts. It was dark chocolate walnut heaven. Dang, maybe I do like chocolate – I just haven’t been shown what real chocolate is. I live under a rock.

Anyways – even though these bars are discontinued, I guess the C Bars are what took their place. So – this gives me hope that more C Bar flavors will be coming! I did grab one other flavor of this Cacao line – and definitely need to grab a couple more before they’re gone for good!

Work went by super-fast today, and I was in such a great mood. Seems to be a general consensus, lately! Luh’dat. I was almost in a prankster mood – I’m all ready for April Fools! haha. Not to mention – it’s almost Easter, guys. I’m ready for kielbasa!

…but I was also ready for dinner tonight. That works, too.

Mae meets Rachel Ray

Oh, yes – a take on the lovely Mae’s corn cakes (made with oat bran & coconut milk rather than oat flour & water, and I added some rosemary) as well as this Rachel Ray recipe! The honey on the corn cakes?

To. Die. For.

Simple and delicious. This was definitely a comfort meal for me ๐Ÿ™‚ We’d never have extravagant dinners growing up – but they were always simply delicious. I think we had a lot of sausage, too…haha.

Honey Oikos!

This was my first time trying a flavored Oikos. Usually – I just get plain and flavor it however I want! And…after eating this – I remembered why. Why did I pay extra for them to add honey, when I can do it myself? Not sure – I guess I just get easily caught up in marketing. Hey, it was really good (although – I didn’t pour all the honey out, I don’t think – and had I, I think it would have been too sweet) but nothing I couldn’t do myself. Oh, well. You win some, you lose some. At least it was a cute container.

What kind of marketing, if any, do you find yourself getting caught up in? I do it all the time in grocery stores with flavored stuff. Yogurts, oats, flavored salmon/meats, frozen veggies, grains, etc. Usually, I realize it before buying anything and save myself the money, though I can’t tell you how many times I’ll have something almost in the cart before going “Jess…you can do that yourself for way less money.” and then put it back. Anyone else?



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11 responses to “It’s Raining Chocolate

  1. I looooovvvee nectar bars! You just reminded me it has been SO long since I’ve had one! I’ve been having quite the chocolate night with TWO desserts hahaha Rainy days need comfort food! I’m with you on the greek yogurt, flavored ones do not compare. I get caught up in trendy items and flavored everything. I swear there if there is a new “bar” that comes out or that I find I HAVE to have it despite the collection I currently have. Why do companies always have to boast “NEW FLAVOR” and “NEW RECIPE”? I’m a sucker haha.

  2. Ok, I seriously have got to try me some chocolate oats like NOW… haha. Yours look amazing! I’ve tended to avoid them for breakfast because while I do love chocolate, not so much for breakfast you know? But I think dark chocolate with some coffee..yeah I could do that. Mocha Oats. Yum!
    Ooo I picked up that coconut milk last time I was at Whole Foods but put it back in place of Coconut Kefir (which is awesome!).
    And that bar sounds great!!! I love all thinks chocolate… milk, dark, swiss…. you name it, I’m on it. I haven’t had that bar though, darn ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I do love the Cliff C bars though!
    OMG, your dinner sounds awesome! I need to try those corn cakes! I love cornbread with honey butter so I can only imagine how good that must be! My family meals when I was younger were the same, simple but delicious. I love a home-cooked meal by my mom.
    I fall for Marketing Gimmick’s too. For sure. I also fall for any new brand of Nut Butter or yogurt… I have tried like every kind of yogurt out there. I’m a sucker for them.

    And thank you so so so much for you comment on my post tonight. It really touched me and I appreciate it more than you can ever know!!!
    Love you girl!!!

  3. I love those nectar bars…coconut milk…man you always find the coolest stuff..gotta look for that….love the corn cakes…take to bed


  4. Mae

    I’m so glad you liked the corn cakes! It’s good to know the coconut milk isn’t as awesome as Almond milk. I can’t believe Clif would discontinue the nectar bars. I like them so much more than the new gooey fruit ones. (They’re too sweet for me!)
    Dates are so good! They’re caramely and chewy- like a candy with fiber. Your oatmeal is a work of art, as always! Masterpiece. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I thought the flavored containers cost the same as the plain, no? Guess it’s probably cheaper to buy the big container.
    I know this is going to sound weird but every time I’ve had chocolate oats I feel like I’m not as full as when there’s no chocolate in there. Weird, right? Exact same combo as always but the tbsp of cocoa powder seems to get rid of that full feeling I get from oatmeal.

  6. I’m generally partial to almond milk as well (unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze is ALWAYS in the fridge!) but I would loveeee to try coconut milk. Have I mentioned that coconut is one of my favorite flavors? Yeah, it is =)

    When I’m at the grocery store, I always fall for the NEW products (or flavors, like you, for that matter!). If something is NEW, I basically grab it without even thinking!

  7. I just tried Cedars for the first time, too, and loved it! I tried both the garlic lovers and the spinach artichoke. Both are awesome!

  8. I’m with Gracie. I usually have unsweet vanilla or chocolate almond milk but I would also like to try coconut milk and even the coconut yogurt (it’s just so expensive!).

  9. Wow! I need to get to the store and make some of those chocolate oats!!

  10. i’m on such a feta kick right now..ahh going to eat some for lunch on my salad yesss!!!

  11. Lisa

    Wait a minute: Are you saying that ALL of those things you listed are in that little breakfast bowl? It sounds and looks incredible!!! I prefer So Delicious coconut milk to Silk PureAlmond, but it is a bit pricey, so I usually wait for a sale. (There’s one going on right now at my local supermarket, and it’s only $3.99.) But here’s some great news: So Delicious is coming out with a quart-size aseptic container! You can also get some dollar-off coupons at their website right now:

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