The Funk

Hey loves!

I’m going to be super quick and boring tonight, and let the pics do most of the talking. I’ve been in a bit of a funk all day, and kind of want to unplug for the night πŸ™‚

pumpkin-apple oats

Naturally, pumpkin oats – of the apple-cinnamon specimen for today. That’s not a chickpea in the lower right, it’s a chopped cashew.

I forgot about the flax until everything was piled on already! Ruined my artistic flair.

This was a lovely bowl, as per usual. Gosh, looking back, my day started out so promising!

the snackage.

The rest of the (HUGE) apple from my oats; an orange; some almonds, pitted dates, and apricots; broken up wasa; and some of those absolutely amazing granola crisps.

Hummus & egg wrap.

Paired with leftover polenta and carrot sticks, naturally.

My mom took most of the leftover polenta from last night with her lunch, but I snagged a little that was left – I didn’t eat much of it due to my stomach blech-ness which I’ll get into, and I also felt it was way better last night. The first thing she said to me when I walked in the door tonight, however, was “That polenta was even better today!!” One person’s trash, the next person’s treasure. I probably just wasn’t feeling it.

Possibly the best C-Bar flava yet.

It's love, is what it is.

Ohhhh, this apple C-Bar was sosososos amazing. Have I gotten through yet that these bars are heaven sent? No? Uhm, okay – I’ll rephrase. These C-Bars are the best thing since Z-bars, which are the best things since my birth date. So, essentially, Clif C-Bars are even better than my being born. Follow? Okay, maybe not. But, these are amazing.

I loved the raspberry flavor, and before that the cherry-pomegranate, but I think apple has slightly edged over raspberry. It is pure apple-cinnamon deliciousness. So real. And it’s no wonder why when you peek at the ingredients. Yum. That is all. The perfect size, the perfect taste, the perfect consistency, the perfect sweetness – and the perfect ingredients!

And this is where the photos stop.

Surprisingly, I actually ate just about all those eats even though mid-morning I started feeling so bloated and gross. Sometimes I can’t tell whether eating will help or hinder, so usually I eat πŸ˜‰ I wasn’t sick, just blah. And then the weather got so dreary, cold, and wet that it really made me blah. I’m sure you’ve all felt that way – just in a funk. I was sooo cold, blech, and I actually started worrying maybe I was catching some sort of stomach bug (and I sneezed twice. I don’t sneeze unless I’m catching something. haha) but I’m feeling fine now. I think just sitting for an hour helped – but all I wanted when I walked in the door was a hot shower and my cozy bed, and a warm bowl of something. I wasn’t really hungry for anything, but just wanted something comforting, you know?

My stomach was feeling much better and I overall felt better after my shower, so I made a random bowl of spelt hot cereal/rolled flakes with some cottage cheese and jam, and a big ol’ spoonful of almond butter. Random, but I’m glad it happened because I discovered I enjoy cottage cheese oats πŸ™‚ I had a bagel thin with some Olivio, too, and am sipping a green tea latte…and am feeling fine now. Still just kind of want to disconnect from the comp for the night, though. Still feeling “eh,” but much more awake and my stomach feels fine. Maybe it was the oats πŸ˜›

Ever have one of those days? I hope it’s not just me, at least!

And since I’m so boring today, here are some things you should check out:

****The lovely Mae has started a super cool blogger-take on the Food Network show “Chopped!”. Being that we’re all fun, experimental foodies – I feel like you all would enjoy this, too! So if you haven’t heard, check it out here. I know I am way excited – except, the first challenge is going to be a challenge in itself. Apricots and pretzels?! The way I’ve been going at my dried apricots, they’ll be gone before they make it in the dish!!

****If you want a booty like Eva Longoria, apparently you can get one by doing this. What I find most ironic is the fact that Eva Longoria was used as an example in the e-mail I received, yet a male is demonstrating the exercises. Okay?

(haha, sorry – couldn’t resist.)

****Getting in touch with my sensitive side, should I admit that I think Colbie Caillat has the best female voice ever. [haha, no, those lyrics are not a hint as to why I’m feeling “bleh.”]

****Apparently you all love yourselves some sweet potato panini’s – my blog views over the past few weeks and today now look measly compared to yesterday’s thousands. This makes me feel strangely accomplished and inferior at the same time.

****One of the top search hits for my blog coming from google is “maple sizzurp recipe” and “bagel threesixty.” There are also a lot for “what does sippin’ on sunshine mean?” Shnoopsies.

****I just found a company called Kaia Foods. I wonder how my Kaia feels about this?

This is Kaia's disgruntled look.

Hmph. Though lately, Kaia looks like she should be eating more Kaia Foods Kale Chips, and less Henry’s Foods Hamburgers. If you’re pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down.

Alright kidlets. I love you all, and I will be speaking with you tomorrow!

...these dead roses are my gift to you for putting up with me tonight πŸ™‚



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4 responses to “The Funk

  1. I do enjoy your posts…..Your food always looks so beautiful.

  2. I have been there! It is never fun to feel “off” 😦 and I hope you feel better tomorrow! I find this happens a lot with the weather/ when something happens that I just can’t shake. My advice: start tomorrow fresh and TREAT yourself to something. It could be something so small (like buying a new nut butter…haha…but actually) but it always puts me in a good mood to do something just for me….probably why I blog/cook/run! Those oats look AMAZING (I hope they didn’t make your stomach hurt!) I have been dying to try those C bars, they look right up my alley! Take care girl!

  3. Pam

    I know what you mean about the funk feeling. Hubby and I was feeling like that yesterday too and some really weird things happened!

    I toast to “funky days and them passing on”… to join me?…..ha ha!

    Hopefully today is a better day!


  4. You were on the Food Buzz top 9!

    Hope you’re feeling better today!!

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