An Outline for the Best Lunch of your Life

Alright, alright – this is another one of my “this is hardly a recipe” recipes. So you’re probably wondering – why post it? Okay – while this is quite a simple panini, it is also a quite amazing panini. The Sweet Potato panini. Oh, yes. Last time I made one, I tried finding the quickie recipe I posted the last time I had made it, but apparently I had been slacking in the recipe department, and never posted it.

Not wanting to waste time hunting through individual posts, I decided to wing it based on vague memory, and while it turned out fine, it was no.where.near. the delicious level of the last one I made.

Having the inkling for my beloved sweet potato panini today, I tried finding the recipe again. After hunting through posts, I finally found it, and set to work. And so as save myself the hassle of hunting through days and days of sweet potato usage, and so you guys can bask in the glory that is a sweet potato panini – I present to you this lovely outline.

Why an outline? Because – if you are at all like me (and bless your soul if you are) you don’t really follow recipes anyways. I mean – I got this idea from one calling for avocados and a lemon dressing and other stuff I declined on. But really – there are some essentials in this “recipe” as well as some “totally up to you”‘s. So, here you are. The essentials and the whatevers.

For the dressing, gather your essentials:

Plain greek yogurt

-some sort of sweet dijon mustard (I get Maine Maple Dijon mustard by Taste of Inspirations from Hannafords. I consider this to be absolutely essential to this dressing, but I don’t know that everyone has access to something similar. Worse comes to worse – mix real maple syrup with some regular dijon mustard?)


For the dressing, your optionals:

-cracked black pepper

-curry powder (I buy mine in bulk and honestly can’t say what spice level or whatever it’s called is. But – it’s not very spicy, and is more sweet. I love it!)

For the Sandwich, your essentials:

Some sort of pita or flatbread. (Or, obviously, you can use bread-bread, but I think that’d be disguising the sweet potato too much. I’ve tried this also as a wrap – but I much prefer the Joseph’s flax pitas beccause they’re thin enough, but not as thin as a wrap. Just use it like a tortilla and fold over!)

-a small sweet potato, sliced into rounds

-the dressin’

-curry powder, cracked sea salt, and cracked black peppah


Your optionals (but definitely suggesteds):

-red onion, sliced

-red pepper, sliced

-baby spinach

-shredded parmesan or mozarella cheese (i’ve done both – prefer good parmesan, but mozarella is just as nice if you want a more mild flavor)

-fresh basil

-roma tomato, sliced

To make!

1. Take your sliced sweet potato rounds, and place on a george foreman grill/panini press of some sort. Season with salt, pepper, and curry powder and start them cooking on the one side while you gather the troops for your dressing.

2. Select your dressing victims.

Line up the troops.

and then combine approximately 1 Tbs. of greek yogurt, 1 tsp. mustard, and a good sprinkling of poppyseeds, as well as the black pepper and curry powder, if using.

Obvis, I don’t typically measure, but that’s how much I used. Hey – I warned you this was an outline. Hah! P.S. – that wasn’t enough. I mixed together another half tablespoon’s worth or so upon this realization. Just a heads-up.

Select your carbohydrate of choice

and spread all of the dressing onto it’s open face, like so:

Poor lighting, my apologies – but there is more on there than it looks, haha.

By now, it should be about time to flip your sweet potatoes. Flip, and season the side now upwards.

You may not need to shut the top this time – depends how long you cooked them for. I didn’t, though usually I do. Eh well. Also – if you cut them really thick, you probably won’t even need to flip them at all, depends on your press. and stuff.

Regardless – in the meantime, gather your next victims of choice:

baby spinach, fresh basil, red pepper, red onion, roma tomato, parm

and set to work with the assemblage. It’s a delicate art. Season with some salt, pepper, and curry powder, too:

and then add your taters:

If you don’t want to dismantle all of your hard work, I suggest you press down on the tater rounds with a knife while bringing the top over. Carefully transfer to the ‘nini maker, and voila!

it's a beautiful thing...

Plate up real pretty, put your bib on, and dine!



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28 responses to “An Outline for the Best Lunch of your Life

  1. that looks delicious! yummmmmy!! xxx

  2. Looks fantastic!! I had a flat bread sandwich for lunch too via the barnes and noble cafe. Looked nowhere as good as this though! Should have brought my lunch today, and def want to give this a try I love curry dressings!

  3. Susan

    Loves it! But you already know my feelings about sweet potato sandwiches, so it was kind of a given ; )

  4. Susan

    PS – I LOVE the idea of mixing Greek yogurt and dijon to make a dressing – genius!

  5. That looks incredible! Good idea adding the taters to the sandwich. Those flatbreads look really soft… Do they stay soft? Everytime I get flatbread I eat one and go back for another and they are all hard 😦

  6. This look delicious and I love the dressing you chose!

  7. OMG! I found those pitas ONE TIME and they were the best pita breads that I have ever had! Ever. I am so jealous!

    Hey, “not hardly a recipe” recipes are sometimes the best! 🙂

    I got your package today! Wowzers…I have already dug into the crackers and those bars. Both amazing! Those bars…words cannot describe the dense and moist taste/texture! Thanks again! 😀

  8. Hmm! Looks delicious, I have to try it !

  9. I wish I had some sort of wrap in my kitchen so I can make these! I love grilling my sweet potato discs on the panini press. So quick and easy.

  10. Photos – WOW. Sandwich – Double WOW. Some dishes are truly beautiful because of their possibilities and this is one of them. Cheers ^_^

  11. Well this just looks plain delicious! I want to try it!

  12. Sweet potato is one of my favorite vegetables, I adore the flavor in it! Nice shot btw.

  13. wow this looks sooo delicious!

  14. Dixi

    Looks awesome! Can’t wait to try.

  15. this sounds soooo good! headed for groceries this aft. and i think i know what i’m getting!

  16. Great photos and the sandwich looks fantastic!

  17. Wow I never would have thought to put sweet potatoes on a panini! YUM!!

  18. Oh man! I’ve never made a panini before (I know, gasp!) but these look incredible! I have almost all the ingredients, so I need to make one. Maybe a good weekend meal? Thanks for sharing yet another one of your great eats

  19. Elic

    Can’t wait to try this one!

  20. Wow! This looks fantastic! I can’t wait to make this for my daughter’s lunch!

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  22. fs

    How long do the sweet potato rounds take on the panini maker?

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  24. The idea of sweet potatoes in a panini is novel to me! A great idea.

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