Like Molasses in January

…but at least the food was good.

Can you believe it’s Thursday already? I cannot believe how fast the week has flown by. I was wondering why I was getting a little low on the produce selection this morning, and when it dawned on me that it’s already Thursday – it started to make sense ๐Ÿ™‚ I certainly can’t complain, though!

In tradition of throwback Thursdays, I flashed back to a good ol’ bowl of Cranberry Oats. Fun Fact? When I was still an oats n00b, after my apple cinnamon oats craze where I went weeks eating just apple cinnamon oats for breakfast – I went through a cranberry oats phase.

Looking back, it’s rather comical that I used to eat the same variation for weeks on end – whereas now I try to ย mix it up! It’s probably good, since – we all know my snacks tend to stay the same for weeks on end! I need to spice up my life somewhere!

And myyy, ohh, myyy, did I forget how much I love cranberries. I’m the girl who eats them no-sugar-added, and just loves the tartness of them. Anybody else that way?! mmm. These were probably the sweetest cranberries I’ve ever had, though – they’re an organic brand that I’ve never gotten before, and quite good! The almondmilk and banana adds enough sweetness so that they don’t make you pucker – but you still don’t need to add sugar other than the natural sugars you already use.

In the oat base was equal parts oat bran and rolled barley flakes, wheat bran, brewed coffee, almondmilk, trail power, frozen cranberries, orange zest, ground clove,ย 1/4 of a sliced banana, and vanilla extract. The toppings consisted of chia-acai icing, flax, almonds, ginger jam, white chocolate cherry almond butter, and frozen cranberries, 1/4 of a sliced banana, ground clove and orange zest sauteed/simmered in some almondmilk and water.

Oh, and of course crystallized ginger! And a side of Rain Forest Nut.

I think this may just win bowl of the week. I enjoyed this so much! I didn’t want it to end. I guess it was a craze for a reason – although I bet this bowl was a lot better than the ones I made months ago, hehe.

I savored it while blog-reading and news-watching. Apparently there’s some guy who’s making his alpaca learn how to surf. Has anyone else seen this?! I was actually a little off-put by it…I mean, they said alpacas can’t swim well and here’s this guy making his poor alpaca stand up on a dang surf board. Then the poor thing falls off! What the hay?!

Anyways. After being really weirded out about that in addition to feeling sorry for the poor thing (and I am far from being PETA – even though I love animals. I will say I’m not an alpaca fan, though) I took my time getting ready for school. Still totes not feeling school. But, alas – I’ve only got a few more ย months until summer, right?

I packed lunch and boogied my way in to school, planning what I would do during my break from 11-2, 2:00 being when I have photo class. I wasn’t in a very outgoing mood so didn’t really feel like doing another shoot, so I decided that getting my hair trimmed was an absolute must. And that is just what I did! After the longest – and only – class of the morning, I nommed on some snacks while driving into town.

Does anyone else hate how pitted dates look like roaches?

some almonds, dried apricots, and pitted dates

I should probably start storing chopped apples with cut oranges more often. It added fun flavor!

An orange and half a chopped apple. And oh boy, you’ll see soon where the other half was used. If you can handle it…

I also tried a new Sobe Lifewater.

Strawberry Dragonfruit?!

I think the excitement of there just being a new sobe lifewater flavor got to me before my logic did…I’m not a strawberry-flavored beverage or food kinda gal, much like I’m not a cherry-flavor kinda gal. Of course – I was just thinking “ahmagah! A new Sobe Lifewater flavor!” and in the basket it went. So, naturally – I much prefer all of their other flavors (especially fuji apple, mango melon, and cherimoya punch. oh and black and blue berry. But that’s pretty much all of them. hah!) over this one. It tasted very bubble gum-y upon first sip. It was, however, about room temperature when I had it, which probably wasn’t doing it justice. But I digress. If you’re a strawberry fan, you’ll probably love this. If you’re like me, you could take it or leave it. Funny how I love strawberries – but hate strawberry flavored bars, drinks, and especially ice cream. Anything like this for you?!

My mall excursion was quite successful, though the girl did go kind of short on my hair. Oh well – it feels so.much.better. to have all my gross ends cut off, and I think it was necessary for her to get rid of an inch or so. No big – my hair grows back wicked fast once it’s cut. I also picked up some cutesy headbands and some new clothes. I’ve been severely slacking in the fashion department lately. I haven’t bought new clothes in ever! I’m so stingy when it comes to buying myself clothes, but way too liberal with buying myself food. Go figure! But – I had some gift cards from my birthday, so I treated myself a bit ๐Ÿ™‚

By the time I was done, though – I was almost ready to eat my arm. Another 25 minutes and it would have been gone ๐Ÿ˜‰ Luckily, we have absolutely no tempting food opportunities in our mall. (That being said – we don’t have exciting clothing opportunities, either. Basically American Eagle and PacSun is all we have.) Food-wise, it’s Sbarro or Orientaste, as well as a cute little coffee botique. I’m not being funny right now. This is the sad truth.

Obviously, I packed a lunch anyways!

Fresh off the press.

This morning, I knew I had to have a peanut butter, tempeh, and jam sammie for lunch. Well, I took it to the next level. I wanted to eat this right after I made it so badly – but somehow restrained. Need Proof?

Amazingness En-Route.

Oh, hello, cinnamon-raisin PB, tempeh, honey-apple butter, golden raisin, and apple slice Joseph’s flax pita sammie, grilled with some cinnamon-stevia. It’s a pleasure to meet you, and we will be having many more close encounters.

Holy cow. This was beyond amazing. I feel like this was cheating for lunch – like, did this seriously count as a nutritious lunch? Uhm, yeah – but it certainly felt like dessert! Hey – protein from the flax tempeh, whole grains in the pita, healthy fats & omega & protein from the PB, and fruit! And hey, cinnamon is good for you, too ๐Ÿ˜‰

In case you needed one more glamour shot to convince you to go try this right meow, here you go:

...because I was so infatuated, I took about twenty.

Pure heaven. And obvs a carrot or two were consumed. Does anybody else crave carrots like I do? I almost wonder if it’s a thirst thing, too. Unfortunately – I never drink as much on school days.

Afterwards, I boogied back to school, with enough time to vacuum and wash el Jeepo. Thank heavens – it was looking like a bomb went off on the inside, and it was a pig in a pigpen on the outside. I’ve been half expecting to come out after class and see crude things drawn on her. Luckily – that didn’t happen.

Before going into the dreaded photo, I fueled with my next C Bar flavor – raspberry!

Introducing: The start of my next addiction.

Pardon the cheesiness, but this was, without a doubt, love at first bite. Ohh, Clif, how do you do the things you do? I did indeed enjoy this flavor more than cherry pomegranate – although, I’m not sure why it’s not called cranberry rather than raspberry! Cranberries are third in the ingredients list, and actually the only raspberry used is raspberry juice! I definitely tasted the tart yet sweet from the cranberry, too. Love! It wasn’t quite as sweet as the cherry-pom bar – it was perfect. Loved that hint of tartness offered up for cranberry junkies such as myself. I am definitely a fan of these. More flavors right meow, please! I only have apple cinnamon left to try (for some reason I didn’t get Blueberry?!) and will most certainly be picking more up this weekend!

After the longest and most unpleasant photo class of all eternity – I was more than ready to call it a day. I am not kidding you. If you want to learn how to hate photography, take this photo class. If you’re looking for something to motivate you to scratch out your eyeballs, take this photo class. If you want to feel like you’d rather be sitting in the dentists chair having your teeth drilled with a nail gun, take this photo class.

Has my message gotten across yet? Okay, good. I won’t dwell anymore. Besides saying that it’s even slower than molasses in January. The end.

After feeling like I’d been stripped of any and all personality and creativity I once had, I threw together a quick dinner once home. Because a. I had no personality, inspiration, or creativity and b. because if I didn’t take eons, I’d be able to eat with the fam. (Who was having leftover roast beef. blech!)

I’ve been seeing these Gardein chicken products lately, but kept passing on them – I’m quite the Quorn devotee, if I’m looking for a fake meat product! But, after seeing them pop up a couple times in the blogosphere, I decided I’d give them a shot. And I figured – no night better than tonight! I made up a quick chick’n salad with them – with some cubed sweet potato, walnuts, carrots, raisins, and red onion and dressed it all up in some greek yogurt, dijonnaise, lemon pepper, and salt. Simple but – hey. I wrapped it in a Joseph’s lavash with some almond mozzarella and panini’d away.

And a random hard-boiled egg. Heh! I made enough salad for lunch tomorrow, so figured I wouldn’t be using the egg for my lunch. Can’t have it going bad, now, can we?

How was the chik’n? Okay. Plain, it was just okay. I’d take my Quorn nuggets over them if given the option. That said, they were far from being bad – but I have high standards! I think it was the sauce that it was in that I found slightly off-putting. I prefer adding my own flair, if you will – and could have done without that. In addition, the texture was a little spongy.

That being said, it melded quite well into a salad. I am interested in their other products, still, but can’t necessarily say I’d buy these ones again, unless I couldn’t find any Quorn products.

I was super excited for my dessert tonight:

Banana-Cranberry-Acai softserve! I’ve been dying to do the “banana softserve” thing for a while, but have been way too lazy. Finally, since I had an early night and have been reading Nicole’s amazing concoctions daily, I had to have it! I didn’t let the banana freeze for very long – just while I made dinner, ate, cleaned up, and showered – so it ended up being more smoothie-like than soft-serve like, but it was sooo delicious. I added some frozen cranberries and acai powder and processed away! To Die. Much to my evening-news-watching parentals’ dismay, this may be a new addiction. Can’t wait to try it the real way – with a frozen frozen banana!

I’m on snack # 1 now – chia-cranberry instant oats, and I’m sure a bedtime snack will be coming ๐Ÿ™‚ My favorite part about early nights, as I said to my mom earlier – is that I get to have dessert and at least a snack or two! Hehehe…

I hope everyone has a great night – tomorrow is finally Friday! And we’re going to be having glorious weather. Too bad someone has to work *cough*Cough* uh oh…is that a sniffle?! ๐Ÿ˜›

What’s a food craze you went through that you haven’t had in a while?

Have you ever had to deal with an awful teacher for a subject you loved? heh, okay – hopefully not. Sorry if this has been a less-than-entertaining post. I honestly feel like that class took some of my soul.



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5 responses to “Like Molasses in January

  1. a. Love those oats, how long does it take you to make these pieces of artwork?
    b. I need it to be summer NOW.
    c. I have many classes that are so painful to sit through that I have to bring things to do/eat to keep me distracted/focused JUST to get through.
    d.I need it to be summer NOW.
    E. oh yea food craze…I’ve actually been craving it lately but refuse to buy more cereal/granola until my oh lets see…3 boxes of granola, 2 types of oatmeal, museli and 1 box of cereal are gone…I was obsessed with Kashi Go Lean Crunch, sprinkled with cinnamon, topped with a banana, blueberries and cinnamon and a cup or so of cold vanilla soy milk. I burned out on granola+fruit+yogurt one summer and turned to this for a very long time.

  2. “look like roaches” funny!!
    food craze right now muffins…muffins..
    school sorry it all sucks!!


  3. Pam

    Jessica, please come by and see me I have a surprise for you!


  4. I’m going to look for those bars so I’ll let you know if I can find them! ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t have price chopper or the other store, but I’ll check whole foods and TJS. Have you posted the chia acai icing yet?? i need that! anddd I’m glad you tried a concoction! how good are they???

  5. defunktgourmet

    I do the same, I spend more on groceries than on my clothes. I look like the little match girl at work. There are women who probably spend more on their wardrobes than on food and I’m wearing tattered garments but eating a super awesome meal. Hmmm…

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