Cured with Curry

It’s Friday! As if you all didn’t know and weren’t already celebrating that fact 😉 I hope everyone’s week was an easy one and you’re able to look forward to the weekend and don’t have to work tomorrow, like I do.

The last time I visited Hannaford’s exotic fruits section, I decided on what I thought was a cactus pear. I have this thing where I like to try at least one new food a shopping trip. This includes a main course kinda deal, as well as a new fruit and/or veggie. I get a kick out of new fruits. This wasn’t, however, a cactus pear. This was an apple pear. I discovered this after the fact, and the ironic part of this not-completely-necessary story is that when I tried it first, I thought “Hm. Tastes like an expensive apple.

Pretty sure most “exotic fruits” are really just grocery stores’ and farmers’ way to get consumers to spend more moolah on something that is supposedly drastically different. Meh well. I do still want to try a prickly cactus pear. At least now I know what they look like and I won’t be taken for a fool.

Regardless: I decided to saute my almost neglected apple pear in some almondmilk with some raisins, and addded half of it to the oatmeal base, as well. I really like pears, and I also really like apples. You know what else I like? Cinnamon Raisin Swirl, dates, and crystallized ginger. I like a lot of other things, too – but not everything I like goes this well in oatmeal.

After this bowl, I about finished yet another half gallon of almondmilk. This led me to compose an open-letter to Silk.

To whom it may concern at Silk Pure Almond:

To cut down on so many un-neccessary frantic grocery store runs in order to feed my Silk Pure Almond almondmilk addiction, I feel you could take one to three of three possible actions:

1. Hire me. I promise I’ll only drink approximately half of the profit.

2. At least give me an ad campaign already – I need money to fuel this addiction somehow.

3. Start producing ten-gallon pails. I don’t have room in my fridge for twenty half-gallons, but I could clear out some space for a ten gallon pail no problem.


Just Another Health Junkie

P.S. Thought I would ask – when is your coconut almondmilk coming out? I feel this would greatly add to your already highly-qualified lineup.

P.P.S. Feel free to chose to take all three of the above actions.

Rumi’s, the best plum ever, and Irish Creme. I thought I was being clever and making my own “jam.” That didn’t last long. I ate it separately.

Pretty sure today marked the beginning of mud season. Que? Yes – Vermont has five seasons. Maybe more like six if you count the minor detail that we really have two mud seasons. Oh, praise the months where we clean our cars, only for it to be brown in a matter of hours. Where we can’t walk from our porch to our desired destination without muddying up our entire wardrobe and/or wearing big ol’ clunky muck boots. When you can step outside and rather than smell beautiful spring air – you come to the realization that the smell of mud is the smell of beautiful spring air. When you can’t make it down a dirt road without needing an alignment and a winch-out.

Enter: Why I drive a Jeep. Gas-hogging, environmentally unfriendly, but lovely.

Enough about that.

I finally jumped on the PopChip train.

Would anyone mind telling me what I was waiting for when I passed on the PopChip craze? Actually – I think it had mostly to do with the fact that I couldn’t find them anywhere. I would always look, and always fail. I finally saw that Hannaford started carrying them last I was in there, and gladly picked up the BBQ flavah. Oh. Muh. Gaw. They are perfect. I have been hunting for the perfect chip replacement, and thought I’d found them with Kettle chips. Granted – I am not a huge chip fan, but sometimes they just really hit the spot, ya dig? Kettle is still fine by me – but I love how popchips are sort of like a cross between rice cakes and chips, and have ridiculously amazing flavor. I like that they’re not so potato-chip-y the most. Definitely my kinda snack! Have you tried them? What’s your favorite flavor? I can’t wait to try the others!

Lunch was a hummus & fried egg & veggie wrap. I’d noticed I’ve been being lazy packing lunches, and almost was again today by grabbing a yogurt again. I decided I should really use up some veggies, and reminded myself that I don’t find yogurt nearly as satisfying for lunch as a delicious wrap, anyways. So I panini’d up one after eating breakfast.

This tasted great. However, I am fairly sure the hummus was on its’ way out – my stomach was not quite right for the rest of the day! Yuck. I know, I know – hummus should be chucked if not used within a week. I hardly ever have it last that long, but for some reason haven’t been eating it as much lately – probably due to my drastic wrap consumption reduction.

This hummus was probably nearing its third week. Hey – the date said April 9 2010 so I didn’t want to chuck it. I find wasting food incredibly difficult. I should have chucked it.

However, I take a different “upset-stomach” remedy than most. I remedy myself with food.

Especially Z Bars. Especially S’mores Z Bars. Because my stomach may have been angry, but my taste buds didn’t need to suffer. I have a difficult time differentiating between “eating more will make you feel better,” and “eating more will make you feel worse.” Luckily, usually eating more makes me feel better. Strangely.

Sure, a S’mores Z Bar was an odd choice, but my dinner choice was even more upset-stomach unfriendly.

Am I the only person in the word who decides that a  honey-curry tempeh & sweet potato dinner is a good idea for an upset stomach? Maybe. Strangely enough, I started feeling better shortly afterwards. Guess it just goes to show, the cure lies in the curry! Or the sweet potato. I always knew sweet potatoes deserved my complete love and affection.

I know, I know – it seems like you just saw this dish. March 5, to be exact.  I can’t help it! I love this honey-curry sweet potato idea, and had to try it with the tempeh! I also made it with kale again, which – even though I said it was what I didn’t like about it last time – really worked this time, haha. I don’t know, I just wasn’t feeling it with the chickpeas and apple I used last Friday.

Pretty sure tempeh may become a new addiction. It’s so fun to play with – I’m pretty sure you can do anything to it and it will still taste good.And I’ve come to love the texture. Isn’t it strange how the things we initially dislike about something new – become what makes us really love it?  Maybe not true for all things – but something I’ve observed a couple times with myself, at least. What’s one example of this in your case?

I’ve still got bunches and bunches of photos to go through, and am working tomorrow, so won’t have a bunch of time to play with them this weekend – So i’m off to try to get as  much as I can done tonight! I hope everyone has a fun weekend planned, and has a great night!



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8 responses to “Cured with Curry

  1. totally had tons of tempeh today and LOVED IT! soo good w. hummus!! ahhh!!!
    your eats look beautiful as always lovely!

  2. I think I would have went with rice or pasta for an upset stomach, but hey if tempeh does you good, then go for it! I am going to try to attempt the english muffins this weekend! thanks for thinking of me 🙂 and I think that hummus and fried egg looks incredible. don’t work too hard tomorrow!

    • haha, i know, right? I didn’t even realize until I was eating it, that curry was probably the WORST possible idea. I was a little worried I would pay for it. But, luckily not! haha. I was thinking about honey-curry sweet potatoes all day that I didn’t even think to boycott the idea, lol.Can’t wait to hear about the English muffins! I’m sure you’ll do great 🙂 Can’t wait to give them a try, myself.

  3. Mmm amazing dinner. Tempeh is so incredibly delicious. I love the fermented taste and the texture. I agree with you- some foods start out being weird and then you just love how weird they taste. Greek yogurt was sort of like that for me years ago. At first I was put off by the tang, then I craved the tang!

  4. This looks really wonderful, Jessica, and so healthy. Oh, and you just reminded me that I keep forgetting to put Tempeh on my grocery list-thanks!

  5. HAHA! Your letter to Silk is priceless! I for one think you should have an add campaign as well, it seems fair. Here I thought I was the only one with the almond milk addiction!! I’m happy to know I am not alone. Here I get almond breeze which they sell in quarter gallons. I always get a look from the cashier when I check out with SIX of them. I also discovered chocolate almond milk which just made the addiction worse.
    Also would not have thought to eat curry on an upset tummy?! Brave girl! Tempeh used to freak me out too but now I likes it.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. I love the exotic fruit section. In addition to helping everyone spend a lot of money… they’re also useful in helping immigrants find fruits from their native lands. 🙂

    I’m not that into almond milk, I totally nominate you for heading their ad campaign!

  7. I like this content so much.Imagination is more important than knowledge.

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