Sippin’ on Sunshine

Hey lovies! Hope everyone’s Tuesdays are going famously – and has sunshine as warm and beautiful as here in VT!

I’ve decided that Tuesdays are going to be my “lazy blogger” days. Meaning – I’m just going to post while I’m home on my break, rather than having to worry about upload photos, sort through photos, and write up a post since I get home so late on Tuesdays. By the time I can touch a computer it’s almost 9:00! And I just want to relax – especially tonight!

I woke up relatively early for a school day and prepared a stellar bowl of Banana-Strawberry Barley! The usual base (with Barley flakes this time) topped with flax, crystallized ginger, dates, and banana and strawberries sauteed in maple syrup and almondmilk. I’ve been using almondmilk lately to help them get a little mushy rather than water – and it makes such an amazing difference! You just need a splash, but they get nice and creamy and soft. Perfection!

Speaking of almond milk, my intake has gotten a little out of control. I used to be able to go a week with a half gallon. Friday, I had to stop at the grocery store frantically on my way home because I had run out earlier than usual that morning. And I just finished off that half gallon this morning!

This is my sad face.

Luckily, however, Price Chopper is up-to-date on their creeper technology, and has likely been profiling my shopping purchases.


I received a coupon with my friday half-gallon purchase! Yesss. At least I had enough for my morning coffees, oats, and tea.

You know what I forgot to mention was on my oats this morning? Um, hello – only the star of the show: Artisana Cacao Bliss! I’d been neglecting it in my cupboard – and this, shockingly, was the first time it made it into my breakfast! I don’t know how I let that happen. Especially because it. is. fan. freaking. tastic. There are no words. And you know what? It’s my birthday, so I can have chocolate for breakfast if I want to. But, chances are – I’ll only want to if coconut is in on it, too.

Rain Forest Nut. I think. It was a couple hours ago, but lately I’ve been jonesin’ for the “subtly, sweet, delightful coffee with tastes of vanilla, caramel, cashew, and Brazil nuts.” Ohh, you betcha. And you know what’s pretty dang cool? Green Mountain’s slogan: “A revelation in every cup.” I mean – who hasn’t had a revelation over a cup of coffee? Okay, I confess – I’m often just thinking about how much I love breakfast – but this morning’s revelation was that come 5:00 tonight, I’m going to be old.

My sister has unleashed a monster. Strawberries? Yes, please. English muffin? Yes, please. Rumi’s Hempspread? YES PLEASE!!!! Seriously love this stuff. Seriously love this stuff even more with a bit of sweetly tart jam. And a fluffy english muffin.

In case you’re wondering if I took the plate with me in my car – I did. In case you’re wondering if I took the cat with me – I did.

Eh, just kidding.

In case you’re wondering if I chose to wear sweats and mocs to classI did. Why?

Because it’s my birthday and I can be comfy-cozy if I want to.

I have a strict “waist up” rule. Meaning – as long as I dress civilized from the waist up, and put my face on like a normal human being, and maybe look a little more tidy than usual – I can wear whatever school-themed sweats/bottoms I want. As long as they’re long, obvs. Today was one of those days. Hey, everyone else wears pajamas to class on a daily basis at my campus. This used to bother me to no end – until I was forced to one day. And you know what? It’s comfy. Still – I do like to look at least a little put together – so it’s not a habit.

After enduring 90 painful minutes of sitting next to a loud-breather, I decided to sip on some sunshine and take a lil’ jaunt downtown. Yes – you read that right. This is our downtown. And I love it.

Afterwards, I hurried my way home, but not before making an emergency stop at P.Chop for my beloved almondmilk. You know what bothers me, though? almond milk is two words. Silk, however, terms it almondmilk. So I never know which to use. End of dilemma.

Ironically, I receieved another coupon: $2.00 off two half gallons! I get it, Price Chopper. I have a problem.

Once home, I made a snacky fruit-plate to feast on while preheating le oven and preparing the lunchage.

One thing I feel kind of narcissistic about while blogging is how often it appears I toot my own horn. I’m really not a vain person, and am actually typically pretty shy (which, may not be apparent since I have a blog where I’m always talking about myself. I’m still getting used to that fact.) – but I am pretty open when I eat some good food, aren’t I? I’m not sure if this is vain, though I hope not. I mean, I’m complimenting the food – not myself. Right?

That being said, I celebrated my birthday the right way with this lunch.

This may just be lunch of the year. I am not kidding you. Peep how gooey that cheese is. Smell how delightful that basil-tomato-turkey bacon panini pita smells. Oh wait – I’m sorry…imagine how good that fresh basil, tomato, mozzarella, yumlisciousness smelt as I cut through it hot off the panini press. I totes rocked this BSTM.

Deviled eggs? But aren’t I the girl who hates yolks? Ah-hah! Almost tricked ya. That is my version of a deviled egg. What does one do when there are just a few chickpeas left in the fridge? Make filling for deviled eggs, of course. I almost filled them with hummus – but then the lightbulb went off! So I just mashed the last of my chickpeas, mixed with some dijon & plain greek yog, salt, pepper, and sprinkled with paprika. Yes, Please.

But what’s a BSTM, you ask? a turkey bacon-spinach-roma tomato-almond mozzarella pita panini, of course! Crispy, yet chewy. Dijonnaise meets smooth almond mozzarella. Fresh basil wafting through the air. Are you sick of my corniness yet? Sorry. Anyways – have I convinced you to go have this for lunch, yet? I hope so. It’s right up there with my sweet potato panini pita…speaking of which, I need to get on that.

And that about brings me to now! I’m going to go have myself birthday dessert round one – some puffins or kashi & mango-coconut cupcake…warmed up…with strawberries…and dates…and whatever else I can throw in there. And then…it’s off to my midterm. Yum.

My mom is making her divine stew tonight! So I’m not sure if I’ll have that or the rest of my ‘zone. My poor ‘zone keeps getting pushed to the backburner! At least if I opt for stew tonight, it’ll make a perfect lunch for tomorrow. Dang, I plan a lot, don’t I? How about you – do you tend to plan out meals a lot, always excited for your next concoction?

I hope everyone has a simply superb rest of the day and soaks up the sun for all it’s worth 🙂 Catch ya’s tomorrow night.



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19 responses to “Sippin’ on Sunshine

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you had a fabulous day! Your eats certainly were fab, as usual! I will be soaking up the sun also! Thanks for the camera info, I need a point and shoot for now. I’m not even close to where you are in skill level so I need to stick with what I know for now! 😉

  2. ugh! i sat between a heavy breather and a guy who reaked of smoke @ my school library today! Happy birthday, queen of spectacularly delicious looking elaborate breakfasts 🙂

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Yay for Momma Stew!
    Glad to see you had a fab day!!

  4. defunktgourmet

    Happy Birthday!!! Mocs Rock Socks!
    and of course, you always make breakfast look regal and yummers. Ugh… sorry that was a rather Rachel Ray word to use.. But it’s already out there and I’m too lazy to go back and delete. Sometimes it’s just easier to continue typing. Hope you had a fantabulous day of mysticism and what not.

    • haha – I find myself accidentally using Rachel Ray word-age all the time. I think about changing it, but then realize – well, I can’t really think of another way to put it! haha. Thanks for the b-day wishes 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the divine stew!

  6. Happy Birthday!
    That looks like one sensational birthday lunch. 😀

    Good Luck on that midterm!

  7. Happy Birthday, Jessica. You are not old-so young you are!
    I’m glad you had a good day. Oh, and I didn’t know Silk makes almond milk!??

  8. okay..thats coming over for dinner ASAP!

  9. Happy Birthday!! Hell yeah, it’s ok to wear sweats and slippers today! Cute downtown 😉 Lunch did look pretty spectacular! I don’t think it’s vain to show off your amazing food delights! Keep it up!! Enjoy the stew!

  10. HAPPY BDAY!!!


  11. This post made me happy.
    Because like me you use the adjective “famously” (I so wish I was British, they say it all the time!), and like me, you like creeper coupons and appreciate them for their creepiness. Yay!

  12. Happy birthday!!!!! Yay!!! Love your lunch! How come you always make the most delicious wraps on Earth? Talent? Yes!
    And I hope your special day was all that you wanted it to be!
    I am in love with the pictures from town. So quaint and beautiful!

  13. A genius deviled egg if I may say so… and I think I may… I’m sort of an aficionado when it comes to eggs of the deviled persuasion. My buddy Seth makes them once a week.

  14. Pam

    Hope your stew was great….thank you Mom for taking care of our girl!

    Java, Java, Java…..yumm!! have to have our morning cup of joe with almond milk….sweet!


  15. I know I said happy birthday but I want to say it again!!! (belated version :P)

    Deviled eggs with chickpea filling sounds divineeee. And you are so stinkin’ pretty! ❤

  16. Oh my gawd I’m late! Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had an absolutely amazing day! 😀

    Also agree on the waist up rule, especially when going to school. I will be in VT next week to visit some friends and do a little skiing hopefully. Any suggestions on things I should stock up on??

  17. tangerinesandmarmalade

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’m late!

  18. I really like your template, its simple but easy on the eyes and easy to navigate was it a paid or free template?

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