A Let Down

Oh man – after all of your sweet comments on yesterday’s post – I’m almost embarrased for what I’m going to be posting tonight! Ah well – we can’t eat well every day, right? I should probably also clarify that yesterday wasn’t my actual birthday – tomorrow is! But, since Tuesdays are my “crummy days” (class until 6:50) and I work every other night, Sunday was the best night to celebrate it with a dinner. Works for me! I am kinda bummed I have a midterm essay to write on child abuse for my birthday, though.

After being apart from each other for a week or so, my love for ‘nanner oats has been rekindled, thanks in large part to the sauteeing of some of the nanner is maple sizzurp. Yes, please.

The base for this was the usual with some sliced nanner, but it was topped with chia-acai icing, flax, raisins, dates, Justin’s Maple AB, and some nanner sauteed in maple syrup with strawberries, sliced almonds, and raisins. And cinnamon!

So yum. So filling! Must have been my late-night bowl of Puffins that made it seem so 😉

Today was one of those days where you just weren’t meant to leave the house on time. For some reason, however – I can never be more than five minutes late for work, no matter how late I leave. I must go through some sort of time-warp or something on the drive. To start, my looming old age reared its’ ugly head when I couldn’t find my keys anywhere. Anywhere! And I don’t lose my keys. Then I remembered my mom had to move my car, and I finally found them thrown to the wayside in a random basket. Whoops.

Then, I discovered that I was almost blocked in by the man doing the work on our property, and I had to wiggle inch-by-inch to get around him.

And then, my old age kicked in again when I realized I’d completely forgotten I came home Saturday with just about an empty tank of gas. The nearest place to get gas just so happened to be the most expensive, as well as the slowest pump. Ah, well.

Luckily, my work doesn’t really care if I’m late. And for some reason I was only late by five minutes? Must have been my drive-time fuel:

Because I didn’t speed, either – promise! I’m not a very rebellious driver. Anymore.

Fuel was the rest of the huge nanner from breakfast, half a WW english muffin – half with Rumi’s Hempspread half with Blueberry Cherry jam, and Rain Forest Nut.

I am all about that Rumi’s Hempspread. So delish! It’s so interesting paired with a sweet jam, too. Definitely a good mesh of flavor. I’m a fan – can’t wait to try their other products!

I took the easy way out lunch-wise today. Initially I thought I’d have the rest of my calzone – but then thought it’d be best to save it for tomorrow night’s dinner when I’ll need something fast. So I decided I’d try out the new Yoplait greek yogurt! I’m pretty partial to my Brown Cow, but thought I’d give it a try because it was on sale for $1, and also had a $.50 off coupon – which, since P.Chop doubles coupons – meant it was free!

it's got the vitamins going for it. that's about it.

I threw some mango, strawberries, chia seeds, and grabbed the rest of my homemade granola to pair with it. I made a mean yogurt mess at work with some honey, too. But – the verdict? No me gusta. I kept getting weird cheesy aftertastes. Um, what? It wasn’t every bite, but it definitely weirded me out enough that I ended up trying to pick out the fruit and granola portions and aborted the rest. Oh, well. Has anyone else tried the Yoplait greek yogurt? What was your “ruling”? It definitely started off on the wrong foot when the entire portion slid out of the container in one tube, retaining its’ shape, when I dumped it into a bowl. Basically, a gelatinous lump. That was a little weird.

Had the usual orange for a mid-morning snack, and packed some crispbreads and sesame rice crackers, as well. Luckily, I also had the rest of my Woodstock Cookie from Saturday still in the car, which made up for a lackluster yogurt meal. At least I forgot about this until after, because otherwise – you’d better believe it would have been in the yogurt mess!

I had heard rumours last night that my mom was going to be making stew for dinner tonight, so I didn’t really plan a dinner for tonight – she makes a great stew! And driving home, I was so ready for it. I missed having veggies at lunch! So I was definitely thinking stew and some burnt broc or kale. Unfortunately – I walked in the door and immediately realized due to lack of delectable smell that her plans must have been aborted. They were. Oh snap.

Still jonesin’ for some veggies and having some chickpeas to put to use – I finally just decided to throw a whole bunch-a’ chick peas and broc in a frying pan and make cheesy chickpeas and broc with some nutritional yeast cheese. Some turkey bacon made its’ way in there, too.

I paired it with some toasted lavash bread and a spinach side-salad with raspberry-dijon mustard and called it a dinner! Hey – I baked all day yesterday. Cut a girl some slack? Maybe? hehe 😛 I will say – even though it seems I just about live off burnt broc – I’m not complaining. I love it so much!

Ironically, it took me about 19 years to realize broccoli is so dang good.

What’s a food you refused to touch for most of your life – only to find out it is actually really great? I wasn’t much of a veggie eater at all growing up – I loved peas and enjoyed a good salad – but hated corn, broc, onions, mushrooms, peppers, spinach, that sort of thing. Who’d-a thought I’d be such a veggie hog now?!

Not to sound vain or anything – but I’ve been making up some mean Puffins messes! Yes – plural. I had two after last nights’ post. No shame. It definitely has to do with the beautiful strawberries my sister brought. Last summer, I went through about 3 cartons of strawberries a week. Once I moved out, that habit got to be too expensive – and I couldn’t even remember the last time I’d had strawberries! Granted – they’ve been out of season – but I’ve been going to town on these puppies 🙂 Sooo good heated up with some milk. And puffins. And mango-coconut cupcake. And raisins. And cinnamon. And poppyseeds. Yeah.

Speaking of which – I;m pretty sure I kept referring to those mango-coconut cupcakes as muffins yesterday. I definitely meant cupcake. I guess I just blanked on the word. Either that, or I use muffin and cupcake interchangeably. Probably a little bit of both.

Phew – I am definitley glad to be past Monday! It sort of dragged on for a while there – slow day at work. I hope everyone else had a good day back to the ole’ bump-n-grind.

We are supposed to have beautiful weather all week, and I cannot wait. Which reminds me – did everyone catch that this morning’s breakfast pics used natural light?! That’s a first for a work-day breakfast! It was so nice to be cooking in natural light rather than fluorescents. I’m a geek.

Have a great night – I’m outt!



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8 responses to “A Let Down

  1. I admire your oaty creations so much!
    I haven’t tried the yoplait greek yogurt but the idea of it sliding out in one tube shape is a little weird… but if it were free I’d probably try it…
    Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!

  2. Not gonna lie, I still thought your eats today were awesome! I would gladly have eaten any and all of them!
    Glad to get your review of the newest Greek yogurt- I was wondering how that would be. I think I’ll pass on it!
    I never had brussels sprouts until this year and I cannot believe I waited this long to try them. They are my new favorite vegetable! Why was everyone talking smack about them for so long?
    Have a happy birthday tomorrow my dear!!! Yay!

  3. Susan

    I have not heard good things about Yoplait;s Greek. Dannon’s is supposed to be alright though.

    Gah I LURVE fresh strawbeezies too! I can’t wait until berry season.

  4. haha GIRL your eats still look amazing to me! I LOVE BRUSSEL SPROUTS! so gooood! i mean, they def make you burp grossly..but its so worth it!

  5. “What’s a food you refused to touch for most of your life – only to find out it is actually really great?”

    Wow… sadly almost too many to count. Marinara (!), shrimp, tuna, scallops, other white fish, almonds, other nuts, salad dressing, smoothies, ginger, curry, other spices, raw spinach, certain vegetables, mushrooms, etc.

    I still have work to do (eggs, other things), but it’s amazing how I’m still surprised every time I love another food after refusing it for so long.

  6. Pam

    What a day girl….thank goodness you survived it! Food still looks heavenly!

    Good luck on your paper and enjoy your birthday…..go grab a nice cup of joe and you will have that paper done before you know it………and then it’s time to par-ty for your birthday.. “smiling”!


  7. FREE yogurt is always good 🙂 good luck on the paper!

  8. Although I’ve read your descriptions many times, I still have no idea what you’re eating, but it’s such a beautiful mess. Looks strangely delicious.

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