New Finds & Old Friends

Happy Tuesday!

Who wants to play a game of new finds and old friends?

Today I reintroduced myself to some of my old food obsessions, while finding new ones!

New Find? Artisana Coconut Butter and mango oats

Old Friend? oat bran

In the Mix: oat bran, rolled spelt flakes, wheat bran, coffee&almondmilk, 1/4 diced mango, goji berries, couple dices pineapple, chai spice blend, vanilla

On the Top: 1/4 diced mango sauteed with pineapple, coconut, and macadamia nuts, ground flax, chia-acai icing, strawberry-pom jam, and coconut butter

Can you even imagine how good coconut butter is?! I think I died and went to heaven twenty times today, and it all started with this bowl right here. Just look at how melty it gets!

Like with the cacao bliss, when I tasted it alone I was a little hesitant as to its’ slight grittiness. But once thoroughly heated it was amazing. I can;t even think of the words. This bowl was perfect for it, too.

Pretty sure it had an affect on mother nature, too – it was supposed to be snowy today, but instead it was warm and sunny! I’m not complaining…I’ll take snow, or warm and sunny. No rain or dreariness!

I play with my food.

Today was a school day, and one I could come home for lunchtime, at that. In-between class snack included an old friend, a Kashi cereal bar! I thought I’d finished these guys off, but found one in my backpack. I have random bars in my car, in my purse, in my coat pocket, and in my backpack. Ya never know! haha. I also had some butter snaps leftover from yesterday.

For my drive-in snack I had two old friends: a banana and a WW english muffin with PB, honey apple buttah, and granola. And a relatively new find: yogi tea! I wish all teas had the Yogi tags. That tag seriously made my morning!

I forgot how much I love english muffins. Yum.

I got out of my later class early because we had a test, so I stopped at the discount foods store for what – second time this week? I no longer have any shame for shopping there. They have perfectly legit food, and I have been dying to get my hands on Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride! As well as those S’mores bars – which is why I stopped there in the first place.

They have a good stock of the Celestial holiday teas – Sugar Plum, Candy Cane Lane, Gingerbread, and the mysterious Sugar Cookie. All good until June 2010 – anyone need me to hook ’em up?

First they come through with having canned pumpkin, next they come through with gingerbread spice tea and S’more Z Bars, and now Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride? Why do I bother going to the grocery store?! They even have a bunch of Kashi products – all, you guessed it, in date, just a little scuffed up! I don’t discriminate 😉

I hustled home for my screaming stomach and nommed on an old friend – a carrot – while making another old friend:

Egg panini wraps will never grow old.

This one involved a vine-ripe tomato, though – and this made me realize how much better roma/plum tomatoes are. Seriously.

Fried egg, homemade ranch dressing, spinach, tomato, red onion, and freshly shredded parmesan.

With a relatively new friend: kale chips with smoked salt & pepper and some pineapple.

Deee-vine! Just like the weather today. I went for a nice walk to the bank after my last class, and another short one after lunch.

But not before having dessert with this new find!

almond butter & jam bran muffin with blackberry honey creme and sugar cookie sleigh ride. This was what, the twentieth time I died and went to heaven today? I drank a sugar cookie. I am not kidding you. I do have to say I still prefer their gingerbread spice, but I also prefer gingerbread over sugar cookies 🙂

As for the blackberry honey creme? Oh. My. God. It’s rivaling the jams in my fridge, and we all know how I feel about my jams. I just had it again on an english muffin, and it is just…I don’t even know how to say other than perfect. Comprende?

I was then able to begin my nature tour.

fuzzy wuzzy!

seems to be a common theme.

shooting just to shoot.

...until Kaia got jealous and came to model.

I think she signs her contract tomorrow or someting...

Oh yeah! Food and stuff...

An old friend Barbara dropped by – I used to be a cereal (namely puffins) addict. I wouldn’t use it for bowls of cereal – but ontop of my oats, on top of yogurt, by the handful – but then it suddenly disappeared. I was thinking today how I couldn’t even remember the last time I just had a bowl of cereal…and so a star was born, thanks to my knack of stocking up on food items when they’re on sale. This puffins box had been sitting unopened for a good couple months, I think! Wanting cereal but not quite wanting cold, I decided to nuke this for thirty seconds, and I’m pretty sure magic happened in that microwave. Came out with parts mushy, parts crunchy, and all-around amazing. I put some honey apple butter and cinnamon a-top, as well.

It was actually kind of funny: I was thinking what else can I add? but then realized: it’s cereal. you don’t need to add anything. So for the first time in quite a while – I ate food [almost] as it was meant to be. And it was deerish. I think I’ve only had cinnamon toast crunch once in my childhood, but I think this is what it would taste like. Only this was “more better,” as they say.

I could not have been more grateful for my leftover strata tonight. We were kept up to the last minute, which meant getting home at 7:30, and I was starved! I packed an orange and still had a couple pretzels left – so I thought I would be fine since I munched throughout the day. But I was definitely ready for some dinner.

A carbon copy of last night! Just as good, if not better, than last night. Although – that’s the first time I’ve just microwaved some brocolli – usually I do my burnt broc method – and burnt broc is definitely the only way I ever want to eat broc. Okay, maybe it’s not that severe. But it’s just so good!

Anyways. Sorry for crushing so much into one speedy post – but it’s late and I really want to go relax! It’s just how my tuesdays go, I suppose.

Have you found any new friends, and rediscovered any old ones lately? Do you tend to go through food “phases” like me?!

I hope everyone had a great day! Have a good night 🙂


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17 responses to “New Finds & Old Friends

  1. saw your comment on Pam’s blog re my maple ginger dijon salad dressing, i hope you got the recipe!

    the artisana coconut butter is divine…i am a huge coconut oil and butter girl the past few mos myself !

  2. Oh goodness! You have a day full of amazing eat!!
    And you found Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride!!! Have you tried it yet?!?! Do you love it?! I’m obsessed 🙂

    As usual, beautiful photos!

    • Oh, I love love love it! I still like the Gingerbread Spice better, I think – but I like gingerbread more than sugar cookies, haha. But it’s SO good with some milk and a splash of vanilla – really enhances the vanilla of the tea. And I am OBSESSED with how it SMELLS! haha. Send me an e-mail if you want me to get you a box 🙂

  3. Love the close-ups of the horse – I’ve always had a minor obsession with horses even though I’ve never had one :-(. And I’m jealous of your discount food store with Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride (I need to try that sometime!). I would definitely shop there :-).

  4. GIRL i want your full day of eats!! that coconut butter-im dying to try!!
    im not a tea girl but i DID like sugar cookie sleigh ride!

  5. Wow it sounds like you had the best food day ever!!! And seriously- your photography needs to be in a book on my coffeetable or framed on my walls stat. You’re so talented!

  6. Looks like such a tropical breakfast!! I have the habbit of burning broccoli until it is done too…I just LOVE the crunch and the burnt taste, weird? Maybe. I still haven’t been able to find coconut butter but that is something new that I am looking to try. Every time I go to the grocery store I feel like I pick of stuff “just to try it”. I kept seeing those sprouted grain Ezekiel breads on peoples blogs and picked some up (my room mate doesn’t really eat bread, so it was perfect that it was already in the freezer) and they have become a new go to for me. Old favorites I have been revisiting are peanut butter/jelly/ banana sandwiches and Kashi heart to heart cereal (because I ran out of my other long time favorite GoLean Crunch). Cool pictures of the dog too, such beautiful eyes! I love seeing all of your shots, they are stunning!

  7. Your pictures are AMAZING!!! I’m pretty sure you could make a card board box look delicious. Your blog is SO beautiful! Hope you have a fantastic day and I can’t wait to keep reading your posts!!

  8. Your food looks mouth watering! Especially the oat bran mixture at the top.

    Your photographs are absolutely gorgeous – you have a gift!

  9. Pam

    That is one fuzzy beautiful coat and I love Kaia’s eyes. When I had husky’s the one had these amazing blue eyes also!

    We love sugar cookie tea….yumm!


  10. Susan

    Gorgeous pictures as always. And I cannot express how jealous I am that you were able to find Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea in March! Drink a cup for meeeee please : )

    • Aw, thank you :)And if you’d like me to get you a box, it’s no problem – just give me an address to ship it to! Of course, I can understand how you might be creeped out by that so no offense taken if you decline, haha. I’m enjoying a cup right now, actually 🙂

  11. Hooray for coconut butter!! I can tell you, it’s amazing in baked goods as well. I am completely obsessed with it already. Did I miss the recipe for Chia-Acai icing? It looks yummy. Also, where are you getting this straw-pom jam?!

    Also hilarious, I have some sort of healthy bar in about every purse, backpack, oversized wallet I own. I am always are the ready in case hunger strikes.

    Your doggy is a great model. 🙂


    • hehe, the Chia-Acai “icing” is really just a quick yogurt-almondmilk-chia mixture I make up to put over my oats. I don’t much care for a thick yogurt on them, but like to use the chia seeds that way rather than in the oats. And it’s a little extra added protein! So I just make a more liquidy mixture by combining plain greek yogurt, almondmilk, chia seeds, acai powder, and whatever sweetener I’m feeling. Icing was just what came to mind! haha. But I usually add a dash of maple syrup and some vanilla extract, maybe some preserves.The strawberry-pomegranate jam is a Central Markets brand – which is Price Chopper’s higher-end store brand. Not sure if you’ve got access to a Price Chopper where you are? It is quite good! I was thrilled to find it :)And yep – always gotta be prepared! haha. I’m always that girl in the back of the class randomly busting out some sort of food, not sure what everyone thinks of that 😛 haha.Also – totally with you on finding pleasure in baking/cooking your own stuff rather than buying! I’m still hooked on my crazy nut butters so I don’t think I’ll venture into that realm – but I definitely want to start baking more breads! I did for a while but then started buying this awesome Spelt bread from a local cafe. So when it’s locally made I don’t mind so much 🙂 Lately I’ve had the urge to make my own english muffins, though! haha. Anyways – let me know how the tortilla making goes! Though I’m sure I’ll read about it :)And thanks for the compliment on Kaia – the problem is, she knows it :PHave a great night-Jessica

      • I like it! It adds protein to the mix making it a more complete meal 🙂 (this is the future nutritionist coming out in me) I’m gonna have to make me some. We do have Price Chopper here but I don’t know if we have Central Markets..I googled, we don’t. BUT I did find a recipe to make some. I know what I’m doing this weekend..:P

        I totally cracked up when I read the “I’m the girl busting out food in the back of the class”! I am always the girl sitting in the library busting out some wacky food (see quinoa and kale pilaf, amazing greens bars, hard boiled egg wraps) while other students eat their McDonalds and various fast foods. They stare.. but with all the funky greens, they probably can deduce that I am in nutrition. 🙂 Hence why I am in love with your site! Amazing pictures and yummy food any nutritionist would love!

        Crazy nut butters…do tell! I bet I could throw some cocoa powder into hazelnut and make my own nutella. (light bulb – eureeka!) I have never forayed into making breads. I need a proper mixer first. I will keep you posted on the Tortilla Adventures!

        I miss having dogs. We live in condo here in the city and I feel like it’s just not right to put a dog in a small space. To satisfy my animal needs I have two cats, who are also good models 🙂
        Have a great night as well!

  12. I think you need to do a full post dedicated to your chia acai icing – I saw what you wrote up there, but do you have exact measurements – I am SO not creative when it comes to crazy foods, I need a recipe. ah-mazing jess!

  13. Do you want to do a bloggie exchange for some suga’ cookie tea?? haha it sounds like a drug deal! I make some mean nut butters, so let me know! 😉
    Your photography today is gorgeous. (Who am I kidding, it is every day!) I like the central market brand too, their stuff is really good!

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