Farewell to February

The last day of February already? Where on earth has the month gone? Crazy business, I tell you. I’m not ready for it to be March yet. I become an old lady in March :\

This morning started off with a lesson in serving size versus modern-day cereal bowl size:

So, I have two of these bowls. I know they’re big, so I’ve never used them for breakfast oats before because I thought it would seem like there was so little. Well, I was really diggin’ the green this morning and it was one of my finds from yesterday so I bit. And lookit how pathetic my oats barley looks! This is what is coined a “standard cereal bowl.” That is a normal serving size of rolled barley & TVP: 1/4c. PLUS 1 T. of wheat bran, and all the toppings. Even though a serving of normal oats is 1/2c, I find the barley actually gets more voluminous anyways.

Meh, just something I found interesting considering all the media involving serving sizes, portions, obesity in america, etc. I mean – if I were to think I was eyeballing 3/4-1c of cereal, I certainly would not stop there! And if I was to help myself to oats from a bulk batch? The bowl would be at least half full! Goes to show how plate, bowl, and cup sizes can really have an affect on us psychologically. -End of geekery-

What you’re looking at for this morning is pina colada oats.

In the Mix was rolled barley, TVP, wheat bran, brewed coffee & almondmilk, vanilla, slice of pineapple (diced), and goji berries.

On the top was milled golden flax, acai & chia seed icing, crystallized ginger, White Choco Coconut PB, Strawberry-Pom Jam, and pineapple sauteed with coconut and macadamia nuts.

mmm πŸ™‚

Got my giveaway stuff straightened out (be sure to enter!) and pretty much bummed around for the day! Lets take a peek:

Made more granola...

cranberry-almond maple granola was made – a mix of spelt flakes and oats, dried cranberries, sliced almonds, cinnamon, and mapple sizzurp. Yumm.

...Put the granola to good use without skipping a beat...

banana, granola fresh from the oven, chia & acai icing. with some chai spice blend!

...kept up with my vit c intake...

pineapple needed to be used…and I wanted it, of course.

...spelt toast lovin'...

and honey-apple butter lovin’. pepita lovin’. dried cranberry lovin’.

...lunch was had...

and a great lunch, at that! a Flax pita, toasted, stuffed with spinach and an egg “omelet” with 1 egg + 1 egg white, diced roma tomato, red onion, crab & shrimp meat, freshly shredded parmesan, and the clincher: mesquite BBQ sauce.

Sound random? I’m not sure. Maybe. But I think a mesquite BBQ sauce obsession may be overtaking my mustard obsession. That, and: totally forgot how amazingly freshly shredded, good quality parmesan chez is. And how heavenly it smells as it is melting and getting all gooey.

Do you want some freshly shredded parmesan now? Oh, I thought so.

in accent: "hit zee spoott!"

and Kale Chips con salt, pepper, and limon peppah. I’ve got my mom hooked on these babies, too.

Blueberries were had...

...but only when paired with vanilla bean latte mix and almondmilk...

...cookies were microwaved...

Remember this puppy?! The quick cookie?! Oh, I had almost forgotten, too. But today was time for a re-appearance! a dark-choco chip oatmeal quick cookie with some pumpkin-chia seed icing, applesauce, butter snaps, and wheat germ. Just because!

...snacks were nommed...

Loving these sesame rice crackers. Who’d a-thunk? Not I. But I’m glad that meatball recipe prompted me to discover them! Salty. Sesame-y. Crunchy. Crispy. Addictive.

...mas tea was consumed...

the highlight being raspberry-pom green tea with some blueberry honey.

...and dinnah was served!

Yep – more shirataki noodles. If I hadn’t had half a package to use, this was definitely a recipe deserving of real spaghetti is it was available, but it was good nonetheless. I made a quasi-bechamel!

For the “bechamel” I just whisked almondmilk, white bean flour, shredded parmesan, salt, pepper, mashed garlic, and basil until it was a good consistency.

I poured it over the noodles, which I had sauteed with red peppers, parsley, basil, roma tomatoes, red onion, garlic, spinach, Β salt, and pepper. I also used my favorite meatballs, which I ended up having to make with the shredded parmesan this time. I may just like them better as such!

Topped with more parm and slopped up with some garlic-ish bread. I was going to put more effort into it – think cheesy garlic bread – but I forgot about it til dinner was plated! Ah well.

And that about wraps up February! Actually, that’s a lie because there is definitely granola in my future. And mayyyyybe a cinnamon roll that my mom made today πŸ™‚ I only got a little nibble earlier – not fair! February’s gotta go out with a bang, you know.

What was the highlight of everybody’s February? I was going to do a fun little Feb. Favs wrap – up. But…I have too many favorites lately. hah!

And, back to my little serving-size versus bowl-size observation, do you find yourself influenced by plate size, psychologically? I know when I plate stuff on our biiiiig plates, I hate it! I know I’m giving myself enough – often, more than enough – to eat, but it looks like so little.


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8 responses to “Farewell to February

  1. I love using small bowls and small utensils. I hate it when I use a big plate. The food never looks as good with so much open space. That blueberry honey looks really tasty. I love honey–I should try a flava’ one sometime.

    The highlight of my Feb. was a great visit from family.

    I love rice crackers and always forget to buy some–thanks for the reminder.

  2. WOW all your eats look so incredibly amazing!! mmmmm. i cannot BELIEVE its already the end of feb! crazy stuff!

  3. What is a flax pita?? How did I not know of this? I still have to try barley…I wish I had the patience to make oats that good. I don’t know why I dont ! I need someone to do it for me!

    • Joseph’s Bakery < those are what I use πŸ™‚ They've got two kinds (well actually way more than that – but I've only been able to try two, haha): my grocery store seems to bounce back and forth between carrying the thicker ones and the thinner ones. The thinner, flax and oat bran whole wheat ones (shown), are really quite thin, so that's why often times I don't bother to use them as a pita pocket and instead just fold them over and then panini them, haha. I kinda like them better than the thicker ones, though! If you want to use them as an actual pita pocket, the secret is to toast them first – they hold stuff so much better.
      Their lavash bread is also really good, but again, my grocery store only has them occassionally. I have yet to try their wraps and other products, though!

  4. Oh my goodness- pina colada oats sound delicious! It is funny how the deep new bowl size can make what you’re eating look like nothing! I don’t know if I really feel any different about my food amounts on smaller versus larger plates. I think I sort of feel the same way about setting clocks fast by a few minutes- I’m only fooling myself. Ha. But I can see the point of using a smaller dish- it makes the presentation so much better and helps with portion control.
    All your meals looked wonderful today!
    Have a great night!

  5. Kale chips – yesss! I made some of these this weekend as well. They satisfy ma salty crunchy cravings..although I ended up eating the WHOLE bunch of kale.

    Agreed on portion sizes v. plate sizes. I actually, at one point, took the time to measure out servings. It’s nuts. 8 oz of juice looks like nothing in my tall glass. 1/2 cup of cereal looks like nothing in a regular cereal bowl. I almost felt like I NEEDED to have two servings to make it look normal! haha!

    Am thinking of trying out homemade tortillas (wrappers), any ideas?

    • Oh yeah – drinks are another thing! All my glasses are huuuuge, too. I drink mostly water though, where small cups are just a pain, haha. And yeah – I felt like I needed to add more just for it to look normal – even though I know it’s almost too much food to begin with! lol.
      I’ve never made tortillas before! I went through a phase where I really wanted to make some roti – and indian tortilla type thing, and it worked out okay, but they weren’t soft. I made some naan a little bit ago that I ended up rolling out flatter than your normal Naan, as well. But as for tortilla – I’m the wrong one to ask, I guess! haha.
      And I’m sorry about the giveaway 😦 I do feel bad! If only the shipping cost wasn’t an issue… (though that’s where you get back at me and say “That’s your cover-up: you’re really just afraid I’ll discover that Canada has better maple syrup.” – tee hee!)
      (p.s. I’m going to laugh if your comment is the random number generated, btw. lol)

      • I might have to embark on a tortilla making mission. I am finding lately that I get a lot of satisfaction out of making my own stuff as opposed to buying it ready made. Good thing I can make nut butters now, I am saving myself a ton of moolah! πŸ˜›

        Weeelll Canadian Maple Syrup IS pretty legit..but I am an American after all so USA MAPLE ALL THE WAY haha!

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