I cannot.believe. that it is 8:00 pm on Saturday already! Where on earth has my day gone?! I haven’t even done anything worth anything! Oh, my life…

I guess it was filled with some preetttyyyy delicious eats, however πŸ™‚

Ohhh, plum oats…how I love you so. Has anybody else done this yet? Please…do yourselves a favor. I know I say this about all my breakfasts lately: but I can’t get over how beautiful the plums turn! Which reminds me…totally forgot to buy more today.

In the Mix: rolled barley flakes, TVP, wheat bran, brewed coffee & almondmilk, vanilla, 1/2 diced plum, goji berries.

On the Top: chia-seed acai icing, crystallized ginger, flax, Β 1/2 diced plum sauteed with sprinkle of sun crystals, shredded coconut, and sliced almonds, and Naturally Nutty White Choco Coconut

Ohhh, words cannot describe πŸ™‚

I woke up to a surprise snowfall this morning! I wasn’t sure if this would put a damper on my plans to run into town – but I decided it wasn’t enough to postpone the trip. That and, I wanted to get cleaning over with – and most of all, wanted to get my bloggie give-away items and have a Bed, Bath & Beyond rendezvous.

Grocery shopping and BB&B = my life-long loves.

I figured I would start with cleaning the office before the “fun stuff.” Otherwise, I’d never want to clean!

And while there, I became infatuated with a pinetree out front of the office. Don’t mind me:

You guys didn’t come here to read about food or anything, did you?

Oh, phew! I guess I’ll just continue with the pine tree obsession, then.

Or maybe it’s more a nifty-fifty obsession.

But finally, I moved onward and upward.

And knew a nanner was in order before tackling my missions, even though I found it strange I wasn’t hungry. It was a foreshadowing of the day ahead of me – my appetite has been nearly non-existent! Not cool, not cool.

The verdicts on shopping? BB&B has the coolest dishware sets, but I’m bummed that so many have to be purchased as such! I just want individual pieces-parts of each πŸ˜› Which is really strange for me, because I like things to match. I used to want all the dishes to match. But now the foodie in me wants a different plate or bowl every time! Why am I so weird?

Hannafords verdict? ohhhhh, you’ll see πŸ™‚ Tomorrow I do believe I will be posting a giveaway that I have been promising all week! Just for kicks πŸ™‚

I decided to take the scenic route home since I was out of the house early and finished everything I needed to do in town early, too: by 11am! Again: what kind of college kid am I?! Remember: there was a one hour commute each way involved here – not ten minute!

Fueled only by the best. Because who doesn’t want an Almond Butter and Jam Muffin, whether you’re hungry or not?!

Came home and caught up on blogs, while messing around with my own layout. I started getting really frustrated because I wanted to change up the layout, but just had too many dilemmas! I’m too picky when it comes to graphic-design-y things. Everything has to be perfect. So I’m leaving it at this: I’d really like to have a layout that supports the caption-box function, but couldn’t really decide on one that met my other requirements and the foodbuzz publisher requirements. Ohhh, well.

Eventually it was lunch time, and since I wasn’t really craving anything (okay, veggies, as usual) I figured it”d be best to work on using up some of the crab and shrimp meat I opened last night.

And it was quite good! I made a quick little salad with the meat, some greek yogurt, lime juice, dash of mesquite BBQ sauce, parmesan, diced tomato, diced red pepper, and diced red onion, and s&p. With spinach in a wrap.

And some quick burnt broccoli, carrots, and couple leaves of baby spinach left in the container – prepared with some dijonnaise and lemon pepper.

BBQ sauce may have been weird (I’m not really sure) but it tasted really good, actually!

The rest of the afternoon consisted of ANTM, watching and listening to the snow melt, playing with the puppers, and bloogie stuffs. A kiwi with yogurt and granola was also consumed but I accidentally formatted my card thinking I had gotten them on the computer already. Shnoops.

The snow was so beautiful this morning – but now it looks like we never even got any! It got quite warm by the time I was getting home from running those errands even, so it didn’t last long. We may be getting another on Wednesday, though. Works for me – snow day Thursday?! Hah – wishful thinking. My college just about never cancels. Really stinks for commuters.

Dinner was another dilemma: Ready for a story?

Remember these meatballs? AKA – my favorite meatballs ever? Well, I made a batch of them with the other half of the ground turkey meat from the asian meatballs since they are so good. I thought I’d make a noodle dish with them, too – but then decided I wanted a meatball sub! This becomes a problem when you only have spelt bread, pitas, whole wheat wraps, sandwich thins, and english muffins to work with. So I settled on “italian meatball enchiladas” – a yours truly concoction.

But – as I was making the sauce for them – thought it’d be fun to instead try it with tvp in place of the meat! So that is what I did πŸ™‚

These were seriously delicious. Like, ten times better than I was expecting. It almost reminded me of lasagna for some reason, too? But – a definite make again, for sure πŸ™‚

But – that is all for me!

What’s a meal that you’ve randomly thrown together that ended up being one of your favorites?

p.s. Kristen is having a Newman’s Own Organics giveaway! Who doesn’t love NOO? So head on over to Change of Pace and check out her great blog πŸ™‚



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8 responses to “Dilemmas

  1. Wow – seriously amazing photos! And I haven’t been throwing many meals together lately since I’m eating in my college caf. pretty much 24/7, but I did heat up cottage cheese to put on my pasta noodles once and it was pretty tasty and quite easy :-).

  2. Wait a second…rewind! Did I just see the words “white chocolate coconut?” Tell me moreee!

    I think you’re layout is looking phenom, if I do say so myself. It’s probably one of the best wordpress.com themes I’ve seen. Actually, I don’t even recognize it as a wordpress.com theme!

    I would say the “meal” that I randomly started making and became obsessed with is loaded yogurt (or as the blog-world calls it, a “yogurt mess”). Yeah yeah, it’s on blogs everywhere, but I had no knowledge of that when I first started making them! I became hooked on greek yogurt a few years back, and over time it turned more into a base for adding tons of cereal, fruit, nut butters, etc. I’d say it’s still one of my top five favorite meals, for sure =)

    • OH yeah, girl – It’s Naturally Nutty peanut butter and it is, hands down, THE BEST peanut butter EVER. I mean, granted, I’m a coconut fiend. But it is to die for! The white chocolate isn’t super prominent (which I like) but the coconut + pb is just perfect πŸ™‚
      And that’s funny about the loaded yogurt (which I prefer that name over “yogurt mess”, btw – can I adopt that?) – because I did the same thing, thinking I was just really weird… and then started seeing it everywhere! I was both relieved that it wasn’t as gross as I thought people might think it to be, but at the same time a little disappointed that I wasn’t as original as I thought I was, haha.

  3. OH MY GOD!!!
    First- plum oats with crystallized ginger sounds lip smacking good.
    Second- As always, gorgeous photography- so much beautiful white footage
    Third- That dinner!!!! How creative are you?!? Delicious girl!
    Have a wonderful night!!

  4. Pam

    Love the photos…can’t wait for the giveaway!


  5. saturdays are supposed to be lazy!
    WOW that lunch and dinner look aweesome! plums in your OATS?! super creative girl!

  6. I think it’s so funny you added BBQ sauce because I was actually CRAVING it yesterday. I think anything that incorporates it has to be good! Your wrap looks fantastic!

  7. I deffinately don’t just stop by for the food pics! Glad that pine tree distracted you!! I seriously just buy one random bowl or plate as I see them. I want all my dishes to be different πŸ™‚ each piece has a story too! I think this all started when I worked at pier 1 growing up. Too many beutiful dish sets to have just one!

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