Blown Away

Hopefully you all weren’t thinking I simply baked and ate granola all day – while I may or may not have had my fair share of granola – I’ve actually been mia due to losing power shortly after dinner until now – 3am! I shouldn’t complain because at least we have it back now, but man, I was getting cold! haha. I think this is the windiest it has ever been…no joke. So – since I’m wide awake after falling asleep at 7pm, I’ll post the pics I uploaded when I did the granola recipe.

Stay tuned for my awesome dinner recipe! Hey, maybe if tomorrow’s dinner is boring, I’ll just pretend what I had tonight (uh, last night? it is Friday already…) is what I have tomorrow night. Or, to make this really confusing – tonight. I bet this post makes a lot of sense, eh?

Funny story? Before I discovered the whole wide world of oatmeal, I had apple cinnamon oats just about all the time. This bowl was made particularly amazing with the addition of my honey apple butter Hannafords find:

um, yum. I’d definitely say my oat-making skills have risen since then, too šŸ™‚ That apple topping, cinnamon raisin peanut butter, or milled flax wouln’t have been there a couple months ago!

Oh, and of course, crystallized ginger and raisins. And pumpkin icing! I almost forgot that these were actually pumpkin-apple oats.

A mango lassi? Maybe?

mango, banana, greek yogurt, almondmilk, dollop honey, splash vanilla, flax, cardomom & chai spice blend.

topped with additional chai & ezekiel.

The beverage was delicioso. The Ezekiel was not.

Lunch was a carbon copy from yesterday. Hey, I’m allowed!

Yum. I tried finding my favorite feta at the store today – but they didn’t have it! I’m really starting to miss it, as much as I love mozzarella.

I may be messing around with blog layout in the upcoming days – I really want to find a template that looks clean and neat, but lets me display caption boxes. This template doesn’t support that function. So if you see funky things happening – just hold on šŸ™‚

I’ll leave you all with this awesome message from Yogi:

Mental happiness is total relaxation.

What brings you total relaxation?



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9 responses to “Blown Away

  1. Susan

    Glad you got your power back! And Yogi most certainly knows best ; )

  2. Katharina

    IT’S SO WINDY!!! My hair actually blew from the draft coming into my room. I must say.. your description of everything in this post is INCREDIBLY delicious. HONEY apple butter?!?! I use to be a huge honey connisseur. A friend even got me a box of honey comb that I loved eating with fresh farmer’s cheese. I also got this jar of honey once from a tiny health food store out in Lexington, VA. The owner’s husband is actually a beekeeper so it was local and so interesting–tasted like honey + molasses! I LOVE LASSI!! Ezekiel cereals always tasted rather bland to me :/ You should try topping it with your coconut-chai granola šŸ˜‰

    Total relaxation for me…. is corpse pose.

    Have a wonderful Friday m’lady!

    • Thanks so much! I realized this morning that honey is becoming a new obsession of mine, too – it is so good! The honey + molasses sounds so interesting and YUM!
      And I know – wouldn’t the lassi + coconut-chai granola been an amazing combo?! Unfortunately, the lassi pre-dated the granola baking. ALthough – that was the Ezekiel tasting experience that triggered the granola baking, haha.

  3. Oh my goodness- that bowl of oats is painfully beautiful. I would love that!! Thanks for the idea of adding honey apple butter and cinnamon raisin pb.
    And even if lunch is a repeat, I still love seeing it because it’s gorgeously photographed and looks mouthwatering good!
    Have a wonderful Friday!

  4. i hate the wind! its windy here too!
    that bowl of oats looks SOOOO GOOD!!

  5. I love the yogi teas (& those fortunes…) I love grilled wraps and yours always look so beautiful. Glad the power’s back on!

  6. Wow, I am just blown away by your pictures. GORGEOUS!

    I wanted to let you know that my camera came today and I am happier than a child at Christmas! haha

    I am a complete noob and tried to get some good pictures all day. It is so much fun! I have so much to learn… My hand hurts because the camera is so heavy, I guess when you are good it does not take you an hour to get a good shot. šŸ™‚

    I love the quotes on the teabags. Sometimes I slip them into my husband’s pocket, but sometimes they are also just plain dumb.

    One thing that always brings me complete relaxation is when my husband gives me a massage. It always works!

  7. Oh, crystallized ginger and pumpkin icing on your oats? No big deal.

    Sense my sarcasm? šŸ˜› Girl, you seriously inspire me. I hope I can come even close to your level of creativity one of these days!

    Bummer about the power going out. We’ve gotten 4 huge snow storms so far this Winter (which is a lot for eastern PA)….I can’t believe our power didn’t go out once! Every night we pumped up the heat just in case it did, haha.

    • Aw, you’re too kind – really! Give yourself more credit, I’ve seen the amazingness on your blog, especially recently! And I am a crystallized ginger junkie, especially when paired with pumpkin šŸ˜›

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