I Eat the Color Spectrum

…forget about just the rainbow!

So, I definitely called in to work today. There was SO much snow, and it was still coming down like crazy. That and, all the forecasts were saying it was only going to get worse. So even once I got there, coming home would really be miserable. Luckily, I have bosses that are pretty understanding, and especially this time of year, when there isn’t so much work in the lab.

I pretty much figured it would be this way when I went to bed last night, so the decision was easy to make this morning, too. If I didn’t have such a long commute to and from work it wouldn’t be such a big deal – but I already drive an hour each way – gives a lot of places for me to wind up in a ditch!

For some reason, I didn’t have much of an appetite when I woke up – which is quite rare for me! Usually I’m raring to eat 🙂 So since I had extra time I just brewed some Golden French Toast and surfed some blogs for a bit, leaning towards a yogurt mess. I then all of a sudden had a quick change of heart and was suddenly ravenous for my usual – and the plums that I’d been complaining about being under-ripe were now begging to be used. So that settled that!

In the Mix: Rolled Barley Flakes, TVP, brewed coffee/almondmilk, goji berries, half a plum, vanilla extract

On the Top: “caramelized” plum with shredded coconut, Naturally Nutty White Choco Coconut PB, flax, icing, dates

In the Icing: greek yogurt, almondmilk, acai, chia seeds, vanilla

Whilst observing the great outdoors:

With Kaia, of course!

I seldom eat my breakfast in the living room – too distracting! I like to sit and enjoy my meals at the table. Eating breakfast while blog-surfing totally reminded me why I do that, too – it took me eons to eat! I was still able to enjoy every bite, though 🙂

Do you multi-task while you eat, or pay 100% attention to your food? I used to eat my breakfasts while surfing the web, snacks while watching TV, etc. Now I pretty much eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with no distractions, unless I’m slowly flipping through the free-press or something. I realize I am able to enjoy what I’ve made so much more!

Afterwards, it was play and shovel time! And let me tell you – that is some heavy, wet snow that we got. My arms got quite the workout, and I am definitely grateful that we have a snowblower so I only had to shovel the decks and portions of the walkway.

I started to make a biiiiig snowball, all the while Kaia watched me quite intently- then decided to take some pictures…when I came back, she was in the process of demolishing it!

I pretty much knew while I was shoveling that enough was falling, and going to continue to fall, for me to only be back out there in a couple hours – but I enjoyed running around with Kaia, and also knew it’d be much easier to shovel a couple inches in another hour, rather than 12″ all at once!

After my fingertips became numb, it was time for a warm-up.

Hint? Leave your breakfast dishes for after the shoveling. Your frozen hands will appreciate it!

Because what’s a snowstorm without hot cocoa and funky colored marshmallows? They were definitely essential 🙂

We also made it back inside in time for Rachel! Rachel Ray, that is. And yes – when I say we, I mean Kaia and I. She watched it too. She even took the good couch. About halfway through my mom and Henry came home from work, too – school closed! They both work at the college. We’re on break right now so it’s kind of weird that they closed anyway, but I don;t think they complained.

Foraging the day resumed, while I hopelessly tried to find television shows worth watching:

Lifewater & a baked apple with pumpkin and maple sizzurp.

I can’t help it. I love raw carrots. It’s hard for me to be making something in the kitchen without eating one. Seriously: I nom away on a carrot while making my lunch, making my dinner, baking, you name it. I better have 50/50 eyesight when I’m 80.

This is another used foods store item that I was beyond excited to find. There was a slight spark of hope that they would also have the elusive sugar cookie sleigh ride since they also had their Candy Cane Lane tea, which is another of their seasonals. But – no dice. Le sigh – Gingerbread is good enough for me, I suppose.

And boy, was it. I don’t think I’ve had an herbal tea this good. A lot of times I find the flavors to be too mild and muted – not with this! It is pure gingerbread, through and through. No “well, I kind of taste gingerbread…” which is what I love. May need to pick up some more 🙂 I can only imagine how good the sugar cookie tea is!

A short while later I decided it was time to go play again!

Are you all tired of Kaia photos yet? Sorry – should have been a forewarning that this post would be photo-heavy! We came back inside eventually, though, and I put together another amazing lunch – not to sound conceited or anything! haha. Seriously, though – don’t know how I live with eating away from home. Lunch is my favorite meal to be able to make and enjoy at home.

In the Wrap: country garlic dijon mustard, baby spinach, fried egg, sliced roma tomato, fresh basil, salt & pepper, and almond mozzarella.

With a side of sea salt and cracked black pepper kale chips, and two random slices of orange that was sitting on the cutting board. I’m thinking it had something to do with my mom’s knack of leaving just a small amount of anything.

Ohhh, so perfect.

I was pretty much useless today – but it was quite nice! Even though I have Tuesdays and Thursdays off anyway, it was neat having an additional day off to really take advantage of not having to do anything. Even my days off I do something – chores, clean, bake, shop, meet up with someone, run errands, etc. And the snow made it so much more enjoyable 🙂

At some point I also had another version of my “banana-pumpkin bread pudding” concoction of yesterday – but it was far from photogenic, and I’m sparing you the photo.

For dinner, I still had that craving from yesterday for a biiiig salad with a bunch of veggies and a veggie burger. Here is where I eat the color spectrum!

Not sure why I was craving this so much, haha. It actually ended up reminding me why I make so much of my own food, even though pre-made versions can be purchased. I can so make a better veggie burger than Boca. Sorry.

Regardless, it did end up hitting the spot. Does anyone else ever get cravings for food you know isn’t necessarily delicious – but for some reaosn you just want it? Yeah, I think that was me with this meal. I know frozen garden burgers aren’t anything to write home about – but for some reason I just couldn’t shake the craving!

This was a mix of baby spinach and butter lettuce, red onion, red pepper, Boca Garden Burger, sweet corn, and a toasted “garlic bread” pita.

I also whipped up some zesty homemade ranch dressing. I love making that ranch dressing! It’s based off of Clean Eating’s recipe – but I just add all the seasonings until I’ve got it where I want it. This time I added in some mesquite BBQ sauce, too.

Didja notice the natural light?! Yeah, I ate an hour and a half earlier than usual – but it’s also staying light out sooo much longer. Love it!

I’ve been dying to try the frozen banana soft-serve that I’ve seen frequently – just process a frozen banana – and decided to try it tonight, too. Unfortunately, I had to use my blender – so my results weren’t so successful. But hey, I still had a banana + greek yogurt + dates + coconut + maple sizzurp. So it’s not like it can be bad.

Even if I was too lazy to change my white balance settings.

And that, my loves, is all she wrote.

Do you ever buy pre-made food – like veggie burgers, baked goods, sandwiches, etc -even when you know you can just make it yourself at home? If so, what? (not basic things like bread)

I don’t often, but even when I do I ask myself why I’m wasting money on it when I can do it myself and do it better! Granted, they are good to have on hand for when I come home and just want to eat.

Alternatively, what’s your favorite pre-made food to have on hand?

I admit the veggie burgers would be easy if I was in a rush or the craving hit and I didn’t have time to make my own.



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19 responses to “I Eat the Color Spectrum

  1. your photography is stunning! i’m so happy i found your blog – LOVE IT!

  2. Your photos are stunning! And I love the pictures of Kaia! Keep them coming! 😉

    I just started a blog 2 weeks ago and I realized that meant I would have to take pictures of my food, a LOT of pictures. Being the perfectionist I am, I decided to buy a camera and start a new hobby. I am very inspired by your work and very excited. I have always loved Photography, everything about it. 🙂

    Feel free to stop by and check out what I am doing. Any feedback/tips would be greatly appreciated! I think my first pictures with the new camera should be up next week.

    Thanks for the yummy food shots! I am going to eat now…yumm

  3. Forgot to answer your question. My growling tummy was distracting me, your shots are just too good looking!

    I never buy any pre-made food. I guess the reason is that I did not grow up here and none of the foods are familiar to me, except the produce/basics.

    And I never had a good reason to just try things. There are so many things to chose from…and in general I just feel more comfortable making things from scratch. Even when that means that when I am not in the mood for cooking, my husband and I are both starving and grumpy. haha

  4. I know you’re into healty eating, but you know, that actually looks wonderfully and reassuringly unhealthy. I wouldn’t mind having that for breakfast AT ALL! Next time I have some plums lying around, looking pretty, I’ll try this…. or something close 😀

    • hehhe, good, I’m glad! I get a kick out of creating things that are surprisingly healthy for what they initially may seem to be, ya know? 😛
      I couldn’t believe the gorgeous color the plums turned out to be either – it was super ripe, and sauteing it for a few minutes really made the color pop even more. I may or may not have taken many more photos just oogling at the pretty color 🙂

  5. Okay I need photo lessons from you !! seriously the outside shot of the road beautiful!! Your food always looks goregous, but I am so glad you are inclusing so many of your personal pics, I love them!! Yes I buy veggie burgers and those veggie nuggets becasue sometimes…my day is sooo loonng I just can’t bring my slef to cook. But I am glad it’s not too often.


  6. Wow these photos are outstanding! Great job! I don’t think it’s possible for me to get tired of Kaia pictures! So beautiful!
    I usually multi-task while I eat, I’ve found that it helps me slow down. If I just sit and eat, I eat really fast.
    Have a wonderful snowy day!!

    • Aw, thank you 🙂
      And I agree – I prefer reading a paper slowly or something while I eat because – like you – I eat slower, so I don’t feel so grossly stuffed after eating my whole meal. I don’t feel like I forget I’m eating though, lol. I just hate doing something that requires a lot of concentration, like driving or if I’m absorbed in a movie or something, and eating. I’d rather enjoy the food!

  7. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. I have a new goal to not eat distracted. I’m always reading the newspaper, answering emails, or worse… In the car!! Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Professional photographer?? If not, then become one now! I’m in love with your photos. And Kaia. And Kaia’s eyes. You are in a winter wonderland over there! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pics!
    I love your day of eats, so fresh and delicious! I do like a good pre-made veggie burger, though I usually hate that they have so many weird ingredients. I just recently made my own lentil barley burgers and froze a few.
    Have a great day!

  9. Did I ever mention how much I love your posts and photos! What a fun snow day! Kaia makes me laugh, she went after your snow ball! Some serious food eats there! I do buy those veggie burgers when I know making them can be better. I also buy pricey bread sometimes. I really try to make my own bits way better too! When I say I, I mean the bread machine, ha! Enjoy your second day off! 🙂

  10. You’re pictures are amazing and you’re food looks so good! I just started a blog 2 nights ago, i’ve been using my iPhone camera because my digital one isnt working, so I have to get a new one! I usually read a magazine when i’m eating or im guilty of reading food blogs haha but I noticed that I enjoy the flavors in my food so much more when I just relax and focus on my food! You’re dog is so adorable, my favorite pre-made ready to go foods would have to also be veggie burgers, and the birds eye plain steam-able vegetables for when im in a rush and don’t have time to cook them.

    • Thank you so much! I’ll have to go check out your blog 🙂
      Oh yes – those birdseye steamers are awesome to have on hand! I didn’t count those as “pre-made” though…I mean, they’re just vegetables in a bag! haha. Although I think they do have some with sauces.

  11. Haha yeah thats true! They do have a few brands with different seasonings I haven’t tried them yet though! Thanks, if you have any suggestions for me let know 🙂

  12. It is so easy to fall into the pre-made trap! I try and make everything myself but sometimes Subway is an easy way out! After reading the book Miserly Moms I am now inspired to make everything from scratch—hmmm we will see.

  13. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I think I’m becoming an addict to your blog! I absolutely love it! When you make your chia/acai frosting are you using powdered acai? I haven’t been able to find chia seeds but I have heard/read about them everywhere. I’m also a granola junkie and have been dying to make a batch, yours looks delicious! All of your food looks amazing, I look forward to reading more 🙂

    • Thanks so much! And yep – I use powdered acai. I can’t find Chia seeds around me either – I have to buy those and the acai online, and pretty much any other health food/powder/supplement, were I to want it. Even good nut butters! I’m pretty much limited to Skippy at my grocery store, with a small selection of PB & Co, haha. Kind of a pain, but oh well :\

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