My goodness…third time today! I’m on a roll πŸ™‚

So after my wonderful morning – all that baking and blogging was such a nice use of a day off! And I still got to watch some fun talk shows while blogging. I think the thing I miss most about working and classses is the fact that I miss random little talk shows like Rachel and Ellen. I love Ellen! I got to watch her today, but that doesn’t come until later.

I met up with my friend/former trainer/riding buddy Adrienne at a lovely little local coffee shop/bakery/deli. I love coffee shops. They just have the best ambiance, don’t you think? This shop in particular is also a train depot (which, don’t imagine some hustling train stop – this town has about five people.) so it’s got a lot of neat old train relics – and, of course, wonderful food and quite possibly the nicest owners ever. I love supporting people like that whenever I can.

We each got a cup of creamy chicken vegetable soup and a dakota roll, as well as a salad. I got a simple garden salad with ham, and some of the best honey mustard ever. Sometimes I feel strange just asking for some honey mustard when they don’t have the actual dressing, but it was no big thang. And the roll…the roll was to die for. Β I don’t go out for lunch often, but this served as a nice reminder that sometimes it’s nice for someone else to make a salad for you πŸ˜›

We chatted it up for a good couple hours – we got there at 12:30 and stayed right up to their close at 2:00! It was quite nice to catch up, and hopefully will become more of a habit.

I am terrible at keeping in touch with people, and wish I wasn’t so awful about it. I have no excuses now, though, with my schedule this semester.

Driving home we were already starting to get quite the accumulation of snow. The flakes were so big! I loved it, but could tell the roads were already a bit slick. Thinking about the possibility of being snowed-in, I made a pit stop at the (lovingly named) used-food store and snagged their last two cans of pumpkin πŸ™‚ And they are biiiiig cans. I guess this is it until October 2010 :\

Once home I decided it was time for a random snack! I was feeling rather fruit deprived (and still am!) with my lack of fruit with breakfast. I had some Pomegranate Raspberry Green Tea and what I’ll call banana-pumpkin bread pudding. Disclaimer: If you’re easily grossed out by strange looking but delicious tasting food, skip past this.

This ridiculousness started out normal. Banana and pumpkin, some jam, some PB, some cinnamon. Then came the dates. Then came the cinnamon. Then came the thought to make a quasi-bread-pudding concoction. What? Okay – the spelt bread I buy at the Back Home Again, my favorite little cafe ever that I’ve also raved about in the past – gets kind of crumbly. I think it’s because I keep it in the fridge – but regardless. I always have a bunch of crusts and larger crumbs in the bag! So – I decided to put them to good use and put them in the banana & pumpkin mix and add in some egg beaters. Microwave, and – what do you know – it was good! My favorite part was when I got a good ol’ bite of everything – especially PB.

And the whole get-up was made even better when I looked to my right…

That and – Ellen was on! Did everyone see it – with Gordon Ramsey cutting his fingernail? It was too funny – but I was almost embarrassed for him. He kept saying “I haven’t done that in ten years!” over and over, haha.

After Ellen?

biiiig flakes. So beautiful. Snowstorms also create the perfect ambiance. I love how quiet it gets outside during a storm like this.

Soon it was time to think about dinner – I had been thinking something simple (Strange, considering it’s me and you’d think I’d have been thrilled to be able to put together an intricate dish with my day off – but oh well!) like a biiig salad with a veggie burger or crab. But then Henry made himself breakfast for dinner and honestly – who can smell bacon cooking and not begin to think that breakfast for dinner is a darn good idea?

So I played too! This is my sorry excuse for crepes (sorry only because I failed at their execution – not taste!) Once again the wonderful Jen came to the rescue – this time with her milled flax crepe recipe. I changed it up quite a bit by making them savory – I used WW flour and oats rather than all AP flour, added some salt and pepper, garlic, fresh basil, and some sundried tomatoes. Would have been perfect if I’d had some feta cheese – but alas, no dice. Bummer! Oh well – the mozzarella proved to be just as good.

Also was feeling a quick veggie scrambletwo eggs, baby spinach, red pepper, garlic, basil, turkey bacon, and broc.

And an orange πŸ™‚ Simple. Good.

aaaaandd, that’s all from my end! It’s still coming down really hard – and it’s really wet snow! I am supposed to work tomorrow, but I’m not so sure that will be happening! We’re supposed to get 8-16 inches by this time tomorrow.

What are your favorite things to do on a day off? Would you rather just relax around, or do you need to be doing something?

I’m definitely a “happy medium” kinda gal. I’m fine lounging around for a little while, but then need to do something at least a little productive.


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7 responses to “Ambiance

  1. Such beautiful photography!!! I’m in love with your pictures of the snow.
    I too love coffee shops, especially the small, unique ones.
    And I’m terrible at keeping in touch with people that live far away. It’s just so hard. But I know how important it is to make a better effort, so I’m always working on it.
    Oh, and your dinner crepes look delicious! I adore breakfast for dinner!

  2. Pam

    OMG…such beautiful black and whites….lovely!


  3. Lovely photos!
    sounds like you had a great day off!! We haven’t had a whole lot of snow but I heard on the news that we’re supposed to get a lot this week. No hope of being snowed in though… in the history of Cornell, they have had 3 snow days… crazy right?

  4. Your snow photos are so gorgeous! I want to print these and frame them. Great job!
    I like days off in the summer because you CAN do things. In the winter, the roads are too bad to drive and I don’t play any fun snow sports. Though now I’m watching the Olympics, I think I’m going to take up curling. haha

    The instant bread pudding is such a great idea. I will be trying that!! (As soon as Lent is over.)

  5. Katharina

    Oh my word. So I just saw all your baking posts. I am such a fun of baked goods and have ATLEAST one a day hehehe πŸ˜€ Your posts make me hungry, and this is a good thing lol. Shows that you’ve skills girl! And the photos of the snow are so beautiful. I love how tranquil the world seems to get when it’s snowing.

    I’m a happy medium girl as well. I love tackling recipes I’ve been eyeing and baking something while I’m at it.

  6. How come you switched to wordpress??? It looks great though! Your pictures are too amazing – they look great anywhere. You have such amazing food choices for a college student – mine did NOT look as creative as yours did when I was there (which wasn’t THAT long ago!). I love breakfast for dinner – just had it tonight (but made it a panini!)

    • Thank you! I try to keep mixing it up πŸ™‚
      I switched because it’s jsut way easier to use, and much more flexible. I wasn’t sure beforehand, of course – but everyone was saying to switch earlier on rather than later. So I jsut went for it and couldn’t be happier!

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