Oh, Kale…

…I can’t believe we’ve never met before, but believe me, we will be spending a lot of time together in the future.

Can you all believe tonight was my first time having kale?! I know, I know – it seems like something I’d have been eating nonstop. But for some reason, as long as I’ve been saying to myself “I really need to try Kale.” it just gets pushed off my grocery list “until next week.” Truth be told, I was minorly afraid of it. I honestly had no idea what to expect. Was it like spinach? And what did you do with it?

I decided the best way to test the waters was with kale chips and sweet potato balls with kale.

Yes, I just said sweet potato balls.

After foragin all day, I pretty much wanted a gigantic plateful of veggies for dinner. The kale chips were basic enough : toss with olive oil and seasoned salt, bake at 350* for 10 minutes. And oh. my. god. New addiction? I think so. I have seriously been missing out before this.

In addition to the kale chips, I found an almost forgotten about broccoli crown and sugar snap peas, and had a couple slices of tomato left from lunch. I did a good ol’ burnt broccoli sautee – except this time with mesquite barbeque sauce rather than mustard. The BBQ was good! I didn’t burn/crisp it quite as much as I normally do, and it was a nice switch-up from the usual burnt broc I do.

And sharing the spotlight with the kale chips? Sweet Potato and Kale Balls.

I had to bust out our biiiig plates for this dinner.

I saw a photo & title for Sweet Potato and Chard Balls and from there thought “well, why not Kale?” and decided to run with it. It was scary, considering I had no idea what Kale even tasted like. But I’m thinking they were a success.


-1 sweet potato – boiled and mashed.

-1 sprig Kale, washed, dried, and torn into small pieces

-1 slice turkey bacon, diced

-1/4 red onion, diced

-1/2 T. nutritional yeast

-salt and pepper


-chili powder (optional)

-1/4 c. cornmeal


Combine all ingredients, leaving out the cornmeal. Once mixed, roll into balls, and roll individual balls in cornmeal. Bake at 400* for 15-20m.

(er…that’s actually a guess…I baked them with the kale, and 10m at 350* was wayyy not enough time…so I ended up tossing them around in a sprayed frying pan real quick. I wouldn’t recommend this – give baking them a shot. heh…)

What’s your favorite Kale recipe?

Do you have, or did you have, any foods that you want to try, but at the same time are almost afraid to try?



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5 responses to “Oh, Kale…

  1. Woah! New blog! WordPress! My kind of lady!

    Kale is amazing!! I have a friend who recently discovered it too and loves it!!!

    Do you think the sweet potato balls would taste good w/o the bacon?? They look amazing and I think I have all the ingredients at home to make them (except bacon… cause I don’t eat meat…).

    • Yep! And so glad I made the switch, too – I feel so much more streamlined already! haha.
      I think they’d taste fine without the bacon…honestly, I hardly even noticed it, because I only used a piece, and turkey bacon isn’t as…well…bacon-y as pork bacon. It was more of a “hey…bacon…why not?” sort of thought, lol. I’m sure I’ll be playing with the recipe again, too – figure out the baking time & temp and such. Let me know how your experimenting goes if you play with it!

  2. Pam

    Oh…love the idea of Sweet Pot Kale balls…..looks like heaven to me!


  3. Hahaha–yes kale is wonderful! I don’t think I ever met it until I was in my twenties–took me awhile too šŸ™‚

  4. I love kale – and this looks like a yummy preparation.

    Thanks for stopping by my site earlier today and for the lovely comment!

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