It’s All Textural…

Guess who’s alarm didn’t go off this morning…
Yep. That’d be me. Only by about 40 minutes or so; I was actually up for maybe 15 of those thinking “Wow, I wonder why it’s so light out…” hah. Luckily I leave myself  lot of time to be able to take my time in the mornings so I ended up right on schedule, but I was rushing around the kitchen to get breakfast before realizing it wsn’t necessary!
However, it did cause me to resort to the usual breakfast!
I didn’t have much Greek yogurt left though, so I relied on some fried egg whites to make up for the protein! Does anyone else like to burn their eggs? I love my eggs to be all crispy, crunchy, and golden! I think that’s why I hate yolks so much – by the time the whites are perfect, the yolks are so dry and blah.
Also got to try the new Spelt bread I picked up! It’s good! However, I don’t feel like I really got to enjoy this breakfast since I felt like I had to scarf it down. I hate having to eat in a hurry. It makes me feel like I never ate at all regardless of how full I really am! I prefer eating slow and enjoying meals, by far.
That being said, this held off any signs of hunger well into the day! Before I knew it, it was noon and was just starting to want a snack. I don’t usually eat my lunch until 2:00, but get hungry for a small snack around 10-11.  When it was lunch time, however, I got to enjoy delicious leftover tilapia that I packed with some leftover  fried bulghur from Wednesday. Just as good the second time around!
I actually was debating between having this for lunch or dinner, but the deciding factor came down to lunch because I didn’t want to show you guys a repeat meal! I am so enjoying blogging, because it encourages me to eat balanced, healthy, and new meals. Love that! I became so lazy last semester, and even started missing way too many meals. This was moreso due to a horrendous living situation though, which I obviously have, luckily, resolved by moving back home for the time-being.
For those of you with your own foodblogs, do you feel it encourages you to keep trying new things?
I’m not saying I’m breaking new ground with this bulghur and bean burrito:
…but lets remember that I could eat the same hummus and veggie sandwich day after day and be thrilled 😛
This delicious dinner involved 1 high-fiber whole-wheat La Tortilla Factory wrap spread with 1/3 Laughing Cow Wedge, remaining bulghur, and 2 fried egg whites, to bulk it up a bit. Thrown on the George Foreman, and paired it with a small side of romaine and a lovely dill pickle. And don’t think that measly amount of Frank’s was enough…I was just getting too frustrated at how long it was taking to get it out of the bottle and really wanted to manja! So I took the picture and dug in 😛
I know I say this all the time, but this was so good! Definitely a fan of these wraps. At first I was disappointed, thinking they were way too small, but apparently I just have eyes way bigger than my stomach. I was stuffed after this! They have a great texture, especially when on a panini press – it’s a great combintion of chewy and crunchy. I love crunchy and chewy together! The texture of food definitely plays a huge role in how much I like it.
Will a food’s texture determine how much you like it, too?
The fried eggs were definitely key.
Check out the day’s dessert!
Okay, so I never said these cookies were the prettiest things, but I certainly love them! I think cookie my be the wrong term, now that I’ve solidified my method to making them, too. I prefer them more crispy-crunchy and bran-flavored than any normal cookie would be!
For the poppyseed citrus oat-bran cookie, I mixed 1 T. rolled oats, 1 T. wheat bran, stevia, cinnamon, 1/8 t. baking powder, lime zest, vanilla, and ~1 T. egg substitute. Formed into a cookie shape and nuked for about 1 minute.
For the almond butter bran cookie, I mixed 1 t. smooth, unsweetened almond butter, ~1 t. wheat bran, stevia, splash of egg substitute, and a “splash” of unsweetened applesauce. Nuked for about 1 minute.
I’m probably wierd, but I much prefer them this way – but they may be too dry for a “normal” person, haha. I’m also the one who likes burnt food and loves the smell of toast, especially when it’s almost burnt. Just a random little Jess Fact, for your entertainment! What’s one of your quirks?!
In almond butter news, I am a little disappointed! While I love it when made like above, I don’t when it’s just plain and I was imagining it was something I could enjoy regardless of its’ preparation 😦
However! I think it may just be because it’s the unsweetend kind, and thanks to the heads up from Karla at Foodologie, I learned that Barney Butter will send you free samples! I hopped on that train as fast as you can say almond butter! Thanks, Karla! And if you haven’t already, be sure to check her blog out – I mean, just look at all of these delicious eats!
And lastly, speaking of challenges and blogging encouraging me to expand my tastes, does anyone want to start a “new food product” challenge with me? There’s so many food items I have yet to experiment with, such as the TVP I picked up yesterday. I would like to begin picking up a new ingredient every week/every other week and figuring out what to do with it. Anyone game?

Whew! I can talk a lot. Hopefully I don’t bore you all too much!
Have a good night 🙂 The weekend’s here! Unfortunately I have to spend half of my day tomorrow waiting in Midas…this Jeep will be the death of me!


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5 responses to “It’s All Textural…

  1. bonnie

    Those cookies sound yummy and quick! love your dishes.

  2. Karla

    I was looking at your last blog entry, I randomly bought that same spelt bread yesterday since it was on sale at the store! I tried a piece and really liked it! Almond butter might be an acquired taste! Wait til you try your Barney Butter sample… pretty delicious!Have a great weekend!!

  3. Jess - Healthy Exposures

    Isn't it great? I love Spelt bread.I also realized I put the wrong name – all fixed! Yesterday was Marla! I am so sorry, I felt awful the second I thought about it…sort of like "Uh oh…did I say Karla or Marla at Foodologie?"

  4. ncl117

    I think your cookies look pretty haha I bet they taste even better! and i love burnt toast and crunchy eggs to so your not alone!

  5. Karla

    No worries 🙂 Trust me I've made worse mistakes! Like calling someone by a completely different name… yeah I've done it (Betty instead of Jessica… oops)

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