Quick Qookies and Turkey Salad

Do you follow Carrots N’ Cake? If not, you ought to, because she crafted this heavenly concoction: a three minute oatmeal cookie! I had to give it a go, and came up with a fun little rendition.
2 Tbs. Rolled Oats, 1 Tbs Wheat Bran, 1 tsp. Flour, 1/8 tsp baking powder, stevia, 1 tsp vanilla jello mix, cinnamon, vanilla, 1 Tbs. eggbeaters, and banana.
MMMM, good! The perfect little snack. This is one of those recipes that you make differently every time, I think 🙂 Next time I’ll try it with quick oats, I think. And the raisins probably make it perfect, but I wanted banana. I love me some banana!
Mom made a turkey breast for dinner tonight, and with my serving I decided I wanted it in salad and pita form!
Turkey, carrots, tomatoes, hardboiled egg, red pepper, laughing cow, and dill pickles dressed in dijonaise and a dash of franks.
Have you noticed yet that I like to put my meals in pitas, wraps, or sandwiches? haha. The turkey was SO good, though. Moist and tender. I think she said it was a butterball? It was better than a t-givs turkey, I swear! Probably because it was so small, so it cooked more evenly? I dunno. But I ended up having a bit more with some mashed potatoes 🙂
Currently munching on another “cookie”, except this one is more of a banana souffle, if you will. Waiting for a storm we’re supposed to get. I want snow! I still have to work tomorrow, but I love getting storms. Especially when I have a day off, but it’s fun to work during them, too. Being all cozy inside while outside is hectic but beautiful is just so comforting to me. What do you think?!

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  1. Karla

    Hey I just came across your blog through sparkpeople. Your photography is great! I'm enjoying looking through your posts!

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