Mix It Up

Something different!
Trust me; this tasted way better than it photographed. This is french toast using an Arnold WW Sandwich Thin,  a mixture of vanilla, eggs, cinnamon, and soy milk with a blood orange cut up and sauteed in stevia, lime juice and maple syrup. Then some ricotta cheese with lime zest, stevia, and syrup. Hey; it worked! I made a similar breakfast like, two weeks ago but used an english muffin and blueberries instead, and stuffed the english muffins with the ricott mixture. I prefered how I made it that time and almost used a WW english muffin this time, but opted last minute to just use the sandwich thin. I don’t think I let it soak up enough of the egg mixture. Oh well! As long as it still tastes good, right?
Unfortunately when I went to photograph it I realized it looked like some curdled concoction involving canned diced tomatoes, burnt old bread, and curdled milk or cottage cheese. Sorry kids, guess you’ll just have to take my word on this one! haha…
Cleaned up and went into town to clean the office. I took the long way and dilly-dallied so I could maybe find some neat photos to take. It sort of  worked 😛
Alright; nothing impressive yet; just the first shot I grabbed.
Soo, at least this will keep me entertained for the majority of the day!
And this flickr gallery can keep you entertained, if you’re looking for entertainment!
A selection:


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